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Our first mod and another warranty issue

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I took a page from @csevel and copied her window vent idea. I did add a couple of small twists. I used a thicker/softer automotive weatherstrip where the window meets the vent. I also put some of that weatherstrip across the top so the vent panel kind of springs in like the screens do (press upward to install/remove). Note: you do have to release the bottom edge of the window shade to get the vent into place.


Then I added some EZ gutter over the window, leaving a 1/4" gap around the frame for future recaulking. Hoping this will allow us to leave that window open in light to moderate rain now.


On the downside, we've had another warranty issue. The RV Lock electronic lock failed. Examination revealed that the lock was improperly installed in the door cutout. The installer simply let it rest in the bottom of the cutout instead of centering it vertically before drilling the holes in the jamb edge (or the cutout hole is too big).


This left a tiny gap at the top edge of the exterior lock body where water intruded, causing the lock electronics to fail.


OTT is sending another lock, but the jamb screw holes are already drilled too low so I'll have to install the new lock in the same spot and run a bead of clear sealant over the top edge of it to keep water out in the future. 😕

Still waiting for our replacement toilet flange, too. OTT shipped the parts via ground rather than overnight or 2-day. Somewhat miffed at that since we can't camp until I fix the toilet. Between the Dexter axle recall (not OTT's fault), the toilet, and the lock, we're losing a lot of our camping season. And, camping time has suddenly become very precious to us.

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