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  1. We have the same setup and it has worked well for us. But haven't tried it out at high elevation. But a/c probably not needed in the mountains.
  2. We had the identical issue with our AC pulling too many amps. Of course that was the last thing we checked - after rechecking the Easy Start install, checking both old Honda 2000,s with bad stators (that contributed to diagnosing the problem). Finally paid attention to the amp draw with both Honda’s in parallel. Took TT to local RV shop who communicated with Oliver and replaced the AC unit. After testing with two borrowed Honda 2000s, one at a time, at the Rally the issue was gone. I then purchased a Honda 2200 and added a propane kit to it. AC runs without a problem.
  3. We also just had the DC Step-up Converter stop working which supplies power to the WiFi Ranger. Now there is a WiFi Ranger Company Technical Service Bulletin regarding the issue. The Tech Bulletin will allow you to enter your WiFi Ranger ID, found on the unit, to determine if your Step-Up Converter needs to be replaced. It also indicates that it is possible to damage the WiFi ranger if the Converter overheats. I haven't installed my new converter yet to test if mine was "toasted". As you can see in the pic the V2 is much more robust. I plan on using heavy duty velco or 3M adhesive to secure it
  4. I also installed the Hutch Mt kit. Mounted the large regulator on their Extended Distance Bracket and I clamp that to the front storage basket using a large wood clamp. Propane hose plugs into the optional front propane outlet with Honda 2200 in basket. Will run a/c with Micro Air Easy Start at 650 Ft elevation, at less than max rpm. The regulator bracket can also set under the generator if you want to set the generator on the ground or use the generator with a portable bottle away from OTT, or hook up to natural gas at home as a backup generator. If purchasing be sure to get their RV-1/4-to-3
  5. Thought I would add today’s project while on the road. A suction cup, tent pole clothes line / towel rack. Easy to hang up for use - and put away when not needed. Tent pole from Acadamy Sports.
  6. It is possible you are having the same issue I had with our new Oliver. The detail is in the “Micro-Air” thread. But to summarize: At pickup and shakedown at the local campground my old Honda 2000 would not work with EasyStart installed by factory. It would startup fine and run several minutes and then the generator would shutdown. Returned to the factory the next morning. During the next three hours they checked the EasyStart install (it was correct) and reset the EasyStart. Still didn’t work. Scott Oliver brought his old Honda 2000 to factory but his generator also shutdown. Thought it may
  7. Thought I would add my completed curtain rod project. I used Overland's style so the rod would be a little higher to decrease the chance of another mark on my bald head. I drilled a 1/16 inch pilot hole, used a countersink to smooth hole to a little bigger that 5/32 inch. Then drilled a 5/32 inch hole in center of countersink. 5/32 inch is the suggested pilot hole for a # 10 machine screw. Sealed everything with 3M 4200. The machine screws worked perfect with no cracking of gel coat and everything pulled up tight.
  8. The Oliver is our third travel trailer. All of our camping has been in parks. I installed an Atwood tankless in our second trailer and it was just OK. The Truma is spectacular. Previously and without the Atwood I always showered in park’s facilities since I enjoy a real shower. Plus someone else had usually already used up the hot water in the trailer. All that said the cheapest method is the standard tank, use parks electric to heat water, and use parks showers as much as possible. But we really love being able to use our own shower with endless hot water.
  9. Have not really had it long enough to evaluate. Three months and all is good. Mopeka's FAQ answer: The sensor battery lasts over 1 year but may last longer or shorter depending on the outside temperature. The battery will generally last longer in warmer environments
  10. I am using the Mopeka product. Works well. I the monitor and sometimes the phone app. It may not be clear in your research but the monitor can also be set to read the 30# tanks now. Their original monitor only read 20# tanks accurately. http://mopeka.com/products/
  11. Where https://www.thehardwarehut.com/catalog-product.php?p_ref=297731 And what SUG-MC-JMP45 Sugatsune Sealed Counterplate - EACH (White) SUG-MC-JM45WT Sugatsune Sealed Magnetic Catch - EACH (White)
  12. OK - I will try the pic again [attachment file=Bath Door Magnet2.JPG]
  13. [attachment file=Bath Door Magnet.pdf] [attachment file=Bath Door Magnet2.JPG] We used the magnet method also. Ours are a little flatter. Used the 3M Adhesive/sealer Oliver used on trailer. Not near trailer right now to take pics but attached is where I ordered. Bath-Door-Magnet.pdf
  14. An update to my A/C, Honda generator issues in previous posts. We were at the 2018 Owners Ralley - and with Matteo from Micro-Air, we were able to test both my generator and Scott Olivers generator again with my new A/C unit. This time mine would still not work but Scott Olivers did. Also, after many months of testing by Matteo of another generator with the same issue as mine, Matteo was able to pinpoint the issue to a bad stator in the generator. So, the initial failures of the two generators at factory pickup were primarily caused by the A/C issue. Since Scott Olivers gen works fine after A/
  15. I saw a Lagun table topic regarding extended post and mod that allowed table to swing over nightstand. That topic seems to have disappeared now. I just dropped our Oliver at factory for some additions and told Jason about it. Was wanting additional info about the mod. Also when I search for Lagun I see a topic "Upgraded foldable teak lagun table top" in Modifications that was posted to yesterday but when I select it I get a "...page no longer exists..." message. ??????
  16. Thought I would give an update on my EasyStart/AC/generator saga in earlier posts. After camping in 100 degree weather it became obvious that the A/C had an excessive amp draw issue to the point of tripping circuit breaker. A/C replaced under warranty and that problem solved. But continued testing of A/C with Easy Start and 2000 Honda generator resulted in generators shutting down. I now believe the issue is old generators. Mine are 10 and 14 years old. I know others have been successful using Honda 2000's but is anyone using old ones? Note: I have been testing them in single configurati
  17. In researching options, my plan is to utilize a Valterra Rocket ABS tank sitting under the cross bed toolbox in back of truck. The model R8060 30 gal. fits perfectly in the space. Since it is a rigid RV water tank it can be used to haul extra water while traveling to site as well as for refills. The bladder tanks do not appear to be designed for road travel.
  18. We had the standard 6 gal tank on last two trailers. Replaced the one on trailer two with an Atwood endless water heater, it was just OK. We have the Truma in Ollie. It is spectacular. I actually enjoy getting to take a hot shower in trailer instead of campground shower or waiting for my 6 gallon allotment to heat up. Although we normally stay in full hook up campgrounds, I tested it a couple of times showering in water saving mood (aka spit bath) as if we were off grid. Truma worked great.
  19. We have used a macerater and the Sewer Solution on our last two trailers. Both work OK. But the previous posts cover the macerater issues. The sewer solution is slower and can be an issue at a dump station especially if others are waiting to dump. My bottom line now is keep it simple. With the big hose always hooked up, end cap on hose, and stored in bumper I am loving it compared to the hassles of previous experiences.
  20. The A/C is brand new. Just picked up trailer in May. It is clean and seals are good. Capacitor tested good. Jason and team talked to Micro-Air when we were there trying to diagnose. I also talked to someone at Micro-Air after I got home and started testing some more. Everyone at Micro-Air and yourself have been very helpful. I think we have all narrowed the problem down to something with the A/C unit.
  21. I am also thinking it is a A/C issue. During testing everything else was turned off including the charger/converter. The trailer was also sitting in shade and only 75 degrees
  22. Just wanted to add our very positive trailer pickup experience here. The actual trailer orientation and pickup was very professional and informative. I did not reveal our previous RV experience and feel like a newbie would walk away very comfortable and ready for a night or two at the local RV park. We spent two nights at the local campground testing everything and going over trailer construction. The only issues we found were the screen door didn't latch which was an easy hinge adjustment and I wanted a little more chalk around the bathroom vent. On our way out of town we stopped by Oliver an
  23. Is anyone having trouble running their Penguin II on a Honda 2000? The Easy Start was installed by Oliver before trailer pickup. Since I couldn't the gen to work properly, the Oliver team spent hours ensuring the Easy Start was installed correctly. They also tested with my generator and even had Scott Oliver bring his Honda 2000 in to test with it. We left thinking it may be an "old generator" problem since both of them were 10 plus years old.I don't have issues with the Easy Start starting up the A/C. But after a few min. the amp reading on the Progressive Ind EMS monitor climbs to 18-20 amp
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