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  1. CSE Congrats on the new knowlledge you have gained. Some RoF (Retired Ole Fart) tips: Do any under trailer work or axle work only with your Ollie attached to your TV. Just make sure no body drives off with you under it. Some of us raise our OEII's high and then jack stand/crib them. Doing so allow you more space under. However, when you have your OEII so elevated and attached, grease the zerks when the tires are off and you are doing the wheel bearings. No need for creepers and creeking joints from under trailer efforts. I also use a bucket to sit on and that saves even more soreness. GJ
  2. For the Newer Owners: Absolutes always bite me in the wrong place every time.... Another "time" is when your LiFePO4's could be subjected extreme cold and could themselves freeze. Frozen Litho's for sure do not like to be at full charge, and "absolutely" should not be charged by any system in that state. GJ
  3. I have three 100 aH Battleborns in our Ollie. It is stored covered in OK on top of a mountain in a dark barn for about 8 months or so a year. Per Dragon Fly, in my situtation I was told to fully charge and balance the batteries, then discharge them to 60% SOC. Their recommendation was as a result of hard freeze and long duration conditions. Point is if you have Lithium's, recommend you call your MFG and get the procedure for your storage situtation. GJ
  4. Steve: I posted last year another surce of what you documented. Mine only required a minor adjustment to the window track water mlanagement strips. Between your and my posts I think we have complelmentary things to look at when suspecting a leaking window area. GJ
  5. Is there any chance that the existing Dometic drain system could be used or modified to work with the Houghton's? That would be really grand! GJ
  6. I also like the front a bit higher. In addition to water drainage in shower, I sleep head forward and like it to be higher than my feet. It also helps me keep the refrigerator door from getting away from me and swinging back to the entrance area. That can break the door hinges if it lock out too many times. Thanks for the tip. GJ
  7. The answer appears to be: To give us something to ponder. ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. It is nice that we now have three options. Dometic, Truma and the Houghton. From experience I know that each owner has his/her unique perspectives. Some of them maybe: Group One: Hard of hearing and would perfer the Dometic with it's 80 DB rating on high and 75 DB on low fan setting. Group Two: Those who don't like talking to their significant other, or who wear head phones may prefer the Truma with it's 77 DB rating on high annd 60 DB rating on night setting. Group Three: Those of us who like to converse and sleep in a quiet environment the new Houghton AC is available with its 56 DB rating on high and 47 DB on low ratings. This summer we ended up chasing Katanga PIlot and his lovely bride across much of Alaska. I recalled his great posts about upgrading his Ollie (Hull 628) and asked if I could see their trailer. When I steped up into their OE2, I assumed that the AC was not running as it was to my ears totally silent. He smiled and said it was running at the High Setting. For the first time I realized that I could be a Group Three member. OTT may want to consider updating their video and A/C Options so the Group 3 folks can also be happier. ๐Ÿ™‚ GJ PS: Here is a video that shows how they achieve their class leading DB numbers as well as their Owner's Manual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zQkBDPOLW4 2010454645_HOUGHTONRP-AC3400LowProfileAirConditioner.pdf
  9. 2019 F-150 3.5 EB, 10 Speed, FX4 Lariat: Houston to OR to AK and back over four months, 15,500 miles, 61 fuel stops (Love the 36 gallon tank!), 1,149 gallons of fuel (87 octane 10% ethanol) costing $6,097 USD, and ran speed limits minimum and almost always higher. Got 13.5 overall MPG. 90% of the miles were towing Ollie OEII. GJ
  10. My 2005 Toyota Sequuoia 4.7 did not have the power to tow my OEII out west. But flatlands it was fine. GJ
  11. Please keep us posted down the road when you go the BPC's. I would like to do so as well on my 2019 F-150 EcoBoost. GJ
  12. Pardon the sort of off topic nature of this post, but the above was such a great segway that I could not resist. Here are three easy suggestions to make stealing our trailer a PITA: I use a high security lock on a bulldog coupler lock as others have suggested. This forces them to use our cables/chains as a connection method. I use a second lock to lock the cable hooks to the storage box. This makes them shorter and more difficult to use to attach Ollie to their tow vehicle. I pull the 30 amp fuse at the jack to again cause them to strain their back by having to lift our 600 + tongue weight. Combined so far they have not bothered with my trailer. ๐Ÿ™‚ GJ
  13. Certainly. At the below web site just scroll down to the 9/16" Hex Bolt for the size. They fit perfectly. Concerning the HDG: It has to be removed in the area of the Capture Washer only and about an inch further around the hex head capture washer. This extra space is to eliminate any HDG migration to the weld area. Be sure to clean and re coat the weld as indicated above. This will likely need to be re coated every 2 or 3 years as the zink in the Cold Galvanize Spray Paint is sacrificial. Concerning the worry about the tang rusting enough to fail: I accept that risk as very minor compared to the damage that would be caused by having this critical bolt walking out as has happened at least four times that I was made aware of on our forum. GJ
  14. Yes sort of, but from a different angle than you may be thinking. To instruement Ollie for such a test would be a challenge. A far simpler "seat of the pants" approach to compare Ollie to Brand X would be to monitor the A/C or heat power consumption over time at a set temperture. To normalize the result between trailers would be to divide the power consumed/cubic feet of interior. This would not meet any "Scientific" standard, but sure would be helpful.... especially if the tests were done in a full sun/shade and side by side with other trailers. GJ
  15. Over the past 3+ years I have been researching solutions to the "walk out" of the Ez-Flex Center Bolt due to failure of the "fixing" splines on the bolthead site. This issue has occurred to at least three owners that I am aware of. But first before spilling the beans on what I believe to be a permanent fix, have two administrative tasks: First, I want to thank James Ussery and Mike who have been my sounding board for at least half a dozen half baked solution possibilities. Each of those solutions were either not robust enough or would greatly impact "side of the road" repairs. Secondly, for legal reasons, the below solution is not currently endorsed by OTT or Dexter. Ultimately I stumbled on to a product called a "Hex Head Capture Washer". They are used by off road suspension modification shops to keep bolts from turning. The cost of the washers was $1.31. I have installed two of them (one on each Center Bolt) and am totally confortable with this solution. Geronimo John DEXTER Ez-Flex Center Bolt โ€œWalking Outโ€ Fix.docx
  16. I keep my Ollie in a dark barn. She gets used three or four months a year tops. When stored, about 50% of the weight is on the jacks. When my 5 year "Expiration Date" comes to pass, I will do a careful inspection of all five tires. If they have cracking or any signs of anormal wear, I'll get new tires. If not, I'll run them for another year. That said, if the tread wear gets to 2/3 used, they are replaced regardless of my inspections efforts. But then I will eat a can of beans that has an expired Best if Used date too. Our Michelin Tires are exceptionally long life tires. Way beyond 5 years if properly maintained. Just my two cents. GJ
  17. A good option for sure! Do consider that most generators do lose capacity due to the energy content decrease between gas and propane. Something to run to ground so that you "know before you go" that path.
  18. I would not have a problem with this for water storage. But for gasoline, when I saw the below, all I could think of is some jerk with an axe to grind. Giving a perfect opportunity to torch your beautiful trailer. Twist the cap, light it off and go.
  19. Interesting for sure. From your sketch, it looks as if having a OTT tongue storage box could provide some installation challenges though.
  20. Any wet tank will corrode. Just a matter of time and the rate. My industrial water treatment background taught me that the best way to prevent corrosion in a tank that was not is use is to drain and air dry it. Hence, at the end of the season, with a cold hot water tank, I close off the bypass valve, relieve the pressure at the Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve, remove the anode to drain the tank, and flush the tank with my home made flushing wand. I do not re-install the anode to let the tank air dry. No water, no corrosion, no anode oxidizing away for no purpose. Next season I briefly flush the hot water tank, reinstall the anode, open the bypass valve to fill the tank (With the Pressure/Temperature Relief valve open, and flush out all air. Then reset the valves and move on to having fun.
  21. For grins have you talked to the EZ-Start gentleman that has installed a bunch of them at the Rally's? Maybe he has already fried a Houghton and has since figured out the for sure THE ONE way to meet your goal of not "Frying your new unit". My approach comes from being a Mechanical Engineer. For electrical matters my wife June is about 50 years ahead of me and my slide rule. ๐Ÿ™‚
  22. An update from Jason. Apparently in 2016, OTT was instructed by the rim mfg to increase the torque from 90 to 120 ft-lbs. He is going to check back with the MFG on this. More to follow....... GJ
  23. This is not the first time our foot prints have been on their door step. Recall the 80 PSI tire pressure? I think sending them the Michelin recommended Tire Pressure Guide for our trailers did the trick. This time they now have their MFG recommendation that runs counter to their Owner's Rep I sent it to Jason moments after I posted it here. I also asked him to bump it up to Engineering and QC. GJ
  24. This is not the first time our foot prints have been on their door step. Recall the 80 PSI tire pressure? I think sending them the Michelin recommended Tire Pressure Guide for our trailers did the trick. This time they now have their MFG recommendation that runs counter to their Owner's Rep I sent it to Jason moments after I posted it here. I also asked him to bump it up to Engineering and QC. GJ
  25. Got a response back from SenDel. It is below. Personally, I'm going to go with 90 ft-lb of torque. Looks like JD was spot on! GJ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ From: Vanessa Allar <vanessa@recstuff.com> Sent: Friday, April 29, 2022 9:02 AM To: John P. Russell, Jr. <jprredhorse@gmail.com> Subject: Re: Offline Message from John Russell: I am asking on behalf of several Oliver Tr We recommend between 90-110 ft-lb torque when mounting these wheels, you are right, 120 is a little too high. You gave me a good laugh with that message, thank you. I hope you have an excellent weekend! Vanessa Allar Customer Service Team Member www.RecStuff.com (321) 872-8473
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