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  1. Peggy, I like your plan to flip the door. I understand your desire to find a permanent solution to hold it open. Interim to finding your final solution, something like a command strip toggle hanger might work. The toggle can swing down to 90 degrees from its point of attachment on the ceiling and may be able to hook to the cabinet door loop handle. Command strips are strong (these hold 2 lbs) and most importantly, remove without damage to the gelcoat once you find your final solution. This is what I would use until the final result is found. Good luck. FYI...I have seen them in blister packs at Walmart. https://www.amazon.com/Command-Medium-Hanging-Adhesive-Organizational/dp/B00U82D03O/ref=sr_1_8?crid=HX2SMGYE8E7Z&keywords=command+strip+large+toggle+hooks&qid=1701652055&sprefix=command+strip+large+toggle+hooks%2Caps%2C164&sr=8-8
  2. Same here. I had a similar concern to what many have over the description given on the website when ordering. Upon receipt I was happy to see that the seat on the new solid SS nuts was that of the expanded, continuous style (like a bulge acorn) and not the scalloped style of a regular acorn. I see no reason why these lug nuts would not seat and perform the same as the OEM lug nuts. The only issue I had during installation was that the new nuts are larger, forcing me to buy a larger 6-pt socket for my torque wrench and breaker bar.
  3. Before you re-apply the GE silicone, I would contact Oliver service and find out the exact sealant they use. The sealant they use returns to bright white after a light scrubbing with Roll Off and a microfiber cloth. I don't have the exact brand and product they sent me when I replaced the bathroom window or I would send you a pic.
  4. I do the same, using a number 6 paper filter into a stanley thermos. Makes even better tasting coffee than my 70's 1500W Norelco or vintage W. German-made Krups
  5. Dates for 2024 as posted to the Casita forum on the fiberglassrv.com site: 2024, Feb 5-11: 2024 Quartzsite Gathering The annual Quartzsite Gathering will be February 5th thru 11th, 2024 at Dome Rock! Once again this will be a "No Host" get together and everyone can do as they please, visit with friends, make new friends, ask questions, see mods, sit around a campfire, tell jokes, sing whatever you want to do! The town of Quartzsite is only 3 miles away and has pretty much all you need, gas, food, places to eat, dump facility, trash dump station, and lots of RV vendors. Come when you want and leave when you want, find a spot you like and set up camp. This is a total dry camping get together so come test out your boon docking skills! Best of all it is on BLM land and totally FREE and the most gorgeous sunrises and sunsets you will see anywhere! The 2023 Gathering was a great success after the pandemic with about 125 trailers attending so 2024 should be even better. See you all there! Location-- GPS: 33.643617,-114.304752 Last year was my first year and I met and camped with several other great Oliver Owners as well as many Casita, Scamp, Escape and Bigfoot owners, I am hoping to attend again. Anyone else planning to be there this year?
  6. My 3500 is a bit newer than yours (next gen( as it has 17" wheels. I would not go to a larger wheel on mine as I like taller sidewalls than most new trucks have. I find that a taller sidewall rides better and handles better when towing. If I had your truck I would stay with the 16's. Keepin it old school, Man!
  7. I have installed this 4 four pin accessory connector in-line and just before the 7pin socket. I don't have a part number but I bought it at a local trailer supply. It is unplug, plug and play. This modification gives you a additional flat 4 pin connector on a pigtail which can be used when the 7pin socket is occupied (since the use of the 7pin often blocks the access to the integrated 4pin socket). As I recall it was less than $30
  8. The switch could have been turned off and just not turned back one when the new batteries were installed as the panels would need to have their power feed to the controller interrupted to avoid damage to the controller when the batteries were removed and new ones installed.
  9. I just got around to doing my annual bearing maintenance and switched out all lug nuts to the ones recommended above by ScubaRx. They are super high quality and fit perfect. As a side note, I did not find any cracked sheathing on my old lug nuts. Likely had to do with spending most of the year out West and use of a 6 point socket. Thanks Steve!
  10. Seqaucker suction cups are really secure and have a strong hold. I have the suction rooftop rack for my car. Ended up using it on the dent in the fender of my Tundra to successfully perform paintless dent removal, the suction is that strong. I will look for the waste band as it ould be great to be able to move it outside/inside as needed.
  11. That is a handsome looking combo you have there. 😃 Have Firestone airbags on my Tundra as well, also set at 25 lbs. Reduced jouncing a lot. I think you will like the way the rig rides now.
  12. Like many others here, I don't have a dog in this hunt as I already have my Oliver and do my own maintenance. I wish Oliver the best with this change as avoidance of "slick" dealers was a big deciding factor in making my initial purchase directly from Oliver.
  13. I have great results using Roll Off cleaner on black streaks. It also works well for removing grime and dust from the caulking at joints and around windows, returning it to a bright white https://www.amazon.com/Roll-ROQT-Amazing-Roll-Off-Quarts/dp/B00144CXY2/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?crid=3I1F6RTMQUKTO&keywords=rolloff+spray&qid=1693018634&sprefix=rolloff%2Caps%2C1355&sr=8-4
  14. When in the Southwest I stock up on packets of these from the local Walmart. They are under $3/packet when buying from the store. Very tasty and you can either make as a side or as a soup by adding extra water. https://www.amazon.com/Mexicali-Rose-Instant-Mexican-Homestyle/dp/B00FD7EFWY/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?crid=1LHV4DWGY7DOZ&keywords=refried+beans+freeze+dried&qid=1692298981&sprefix=refried+beans+freeze%2Caps%2C1220&sr=8-4
  15. I just covered the leading edge of each front corner from the doghouse to just around the corner to the side and only below the belly band. From my experience, this is where I have found most of the rocks escaping my rock tamers and hitting whatever I tow. Did not cover the doghouse and have had no rock hits as of yet after two years of towing. I am not with my trailer currently but will try and remember to take pics and circle back and update my reply here in a couple weeks.
  16. I covered both front corners with 3M Clearbra, from the belly band on down, for less than $50 DIY (including the purchase of two plastic squeegees and spray bottles for both the soapy slip and alcohol grip mixtures). Mine is a foot wide. Simple and easy to install if you take your time. No rock issues have reached the gelcoat yet.
  17. Many of us use rock tamers and/or have covered part or the entire front of our Ollies with 3m or Xpel clear bra. I have rock tamers and 3m clearbra. The combo has worked well but I only drive gravel roads on the way into a camping site, nothing hardcore like the Yukon Highway. For the Yukon etc, I would tape yoga mats on the front and behind the rear wheels as some on here have done.
  18. Yes! Accessing the battery compartment with a tire iron or pry bar is a simple feat, regardless of the keying of the latch. Fiberglass pops and cracks with minimal stress. I am thinking of doing exactly what you describe above (locking the tray slide). If anyone has done this already please post your solution.
  19. Agreed. If I were a thief and wanted in to either our battery or basement hatches a simple wonder bar or large flat blade screwdriver would suffice, no matter the keying of the latch. Luckily for us, Oliver battery placement is not industry standard and most people would not expect batteries to be housed there. However, I am toying with the idea of placing a static cling label on my battery compartment which states, "Sewage Dump Access".
  20. Watched the video. If you focus only on his hands and arms, there is a lot being said which is not spoken. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  21. My bike has fenders and a rear rack with collapsable side basket. The rack works. Let us know which route you go and how it works for you
  22. This is the rack I have and it works well for my needs. When researching for a rack, the Let's go aero was the only rack I could find which has 1 1/4" AND was rated for use on the back of. travel trailer (not just the back of a RV, which is a different rating). You will notice that the Lets go Aero rack is also the rack used in Oliver literature when shown hauling bikes. Good luckj with whatever you decide https://www.amazon.com/Lets-Go-Aero-BikeWing-2-V-Rack/dp/B09JGTYKDG/ref=sr_1_8?crid=1W9247BM44XEC&keywords=lets+go+aero+bike+rack&qid=1689030499&sprefix=lets+go+aero+bike+rack%2Caps%2C372&sr=8-8&ufe=app_do%3Aamzn1.fos.f5122f16-c3e8-4386-bf32-63e904010ad0
  23. I camped near a Living Vehicle last year. The LV has two levels of solar. One which slides under the other so there is charging capability while underway. When you set up at a site, the lower array slides out on rails from underneath the fixed array to form a shade structure over the fold down deck. This would be interesting for someone to do with their Oliver https://www.livingvehicle.com/2024-options#solar-awning-option-open-2
  24. All of the above is great advice. Recommend you have them fill your fresh water tank part way while it is still in the delivery area so you can run the pump and faucets before moving to the campground outside. Ask them to also remove and clean the water strainer near the pump as it will have accumulated plastic particles (ask them to show you how to do this yourself. Pretty simple). They did this for me and there were a lot of particles that they removed which is better than you having to perform this task later down the road in a couple of days
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