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  1. I brought my dog when I took delivery. The Oliver folks were adamant that I bring my dog inside the showroom and delivery area with me when filling out paperwork and doing my inspection. They are obviously dog lovers. I stayed at the Oliver campsites the night of delivery. Nothing was said to me to indicate that dogs were not allowed.
  2. I have a 100w panel on my truck topper, linked to a 20W mppt controller and two 12v agms. Controller and batteries reside in the truck bed, are not linked to truck batteries and support a dometic compressor fridge/ freezer. Works great! You have a great idea. Best of luck and let us know as you proceed with the build
  3. Welcome and Congrats! I tow with a 2018 Tundra 4x4 longbed. Andersen hitch and firestone airbags filled to 25-30 lbs). Tows great in all conditions (uphill, flat and downhill). Andersen chains are not taught and easy to hook up. Very, very little jouncing underway. If you already have a Tundra you accept the gas mileage. Towing my Elite II I get between 10-12 mpg. Usually around 10.5-11 but I did get just over 12 towing from Phoenix to Tucson last month (must have been a decent tailwind). I also have a Dodge 3500 longbed Cummins with dually delete. Have not towed with it yet but will in the Spring. Likely wont even know it is there.
  4. I am height advantaged so can get the wand and brush up pretty high. 😀
  5. There is a tall self serve wash in Deming across from the McDonalds. I have washed my Ollie there twice this Season
  6. Melitta Thermos Filter Cone into good ole Stanley Thermos. Makes great coffee and very little mess. for a single cup I use the Aeropress
  7. I too showed up at Oliver in my home built overlanding trailer to see the Elite II in person. Rodney Lomax was who showed the Olivers to me and spend over two hours answering questions without any pressure. While My overlanding rig was quite capable it was also very “Fringe” but I was treated the same as I expect had I rolled in with a Class A or Airstream. The Oliver team has class.
  8. We also have two agms in the truck bed powered by a 100w solar panel and controller on the truck topper roof rack. Stand alone system not hooked to truck electrical. Powers a dometic chest fridge nicely.
  9. I just use my hand to sense the temp difference between gas and liquid. Hasnt let me down yet. Also have a ir light temp guage which I would think would work too.
  10. Saw my first 2022 Tundra in person today. Cement, Limited crew. Owner tows a 27’ Airstream and says it handles well both on flat and in Mtns (lives near Big Bear). Have to admit that it is not as butt ugly in person as it was in print. Grill not as billboard-ish in person.
  11. Quartzsite iss filling up in preparation for the RV Show, but its still possible to find solitude in the desert amongst thousands of other boondockers. Near Dome Rock
  12. CONGRATS! We took delivery of Hull #898 on Sept 21. 100 trailers delivered in 4 months time! Not bad enjoy your new Ollie.
  13. Maybe check with the local lowrider club. They do make 16” lowrider wheels in 6 lug. 😆
  14. Boondocking in Quartzsite, AZ. Found a nice spot at Hi Jolly and a open mic session broke out on the rear deck of the neighbor’s RV. Its amazing the things you can find away from hookups.
  15. UPDATE: After having been on the road now since Dec 12, first in NM and now AZ I am happy to report that there still seem to be open spots for those of us who like to fly by the seat of our pants, not making reservations far in advance. We have camped in NM And AZ State Parks, private campgrounds, National Parks and boondocked at our usual spots without having yet been turned away. Asking the Rangers and Camp Hosts about cancellations, group sites, overflow and Un-used camp volunteer sites has worked for us the few times where there were not vacant sites available. Glad to see that at least in the SW the campgrounds do not seem to packed solid this year.
  16. Lost Dutchman State Park, AZ. What a beautiful park
  17. What a surprise to find four other Ollies at our favorite AZ State Park the day after we arrived. Great to meet new Ollie owners and reconnect with some we met last year, before we had our Ollie. Ollie owners are really nice people.
  18. The Bigfoot 25b25fb has a queen bed, dinette that makes into a queen and a jackknife couch as another bed. This was the trailer which I would have bought, save for tje fack I am 6’6” tall and the bigfoots have max headroom of 6’4”. Before COVID hit this could have been purchased new from the dealer in Denver for $50k. Now, it seems a lot of other dealers are selling these at MSRP+ ($75k). If they can find a used one or work with Trailer World in Denver they might get one closer to the $55k mark. Bigfoot is a nicely built trailer and they will work with you on some customizations (per Grant, the owner). Absent Bigfoot, Lance makes a nice camper, but most have slides. best wishes to them in their search, just stay away from the big three (Thor, Forest River and Heartland) unless they get a screaming deal and treat it as a disposable asset.
  19. If you go the route of a truck topper, I recommend getting the awning side window option. One of my trucks toppers has the option and the other does not. One makes it simple to access items in the middle or front of the bed without either unloading everything or crawling in the bed and over everything.
  20. We love the design of the Oliver and being able to back into some great views. What is the view out of your rear window? Please post your pics! Elephant Butte State Park, NM
  21. Love the idea and location. Lack of cell signal not an issue. Timing for us is not good as we will not be back in CO then. Have fun!
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