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  1. For others that may experience this same problem, on my previous Chevrolet 1500 LT I was getting intermittent but often trailer brake disconnected warnings in the cab. Replaced the OEM brake controller. Never had the issue again. The issue has not resurfaced in my GMC 2500HD with about 3500 miles towing leading me to believe it was a faulty brake controller switch and not the trailer.
  2. I’ll pile on here, had my trailer done at their shop in July in Murfreesboro and hung out in Nashville for a couple days while they did the work. Everything is true, these guys are polite and hard working Americans who take great pride in their craft. Shop was immaculate. Washed the trailer this weekend and was amazed how easy the grime just rolled off the trailer. It’s like magic, super shine. It was expensive, but not that expensive to protect a $80k+ trailer IMO. Highly recommend.
  3. I had a 2016 Silverado 5.3 1500 with the tow package. Towing in mountains here on the east coast wasn’t a problem (Blue Ridge for me). I didn’t use it out west in the Rockies. I did use the Andersen WD / AS hitch and would recommend. You know the trailer is back there but the truck handled it no problem.
  4. We use a Travel Berkey and filter our tank water for drinking. Lots of varied opinions on the internet about the Berkey, but I can only comment on my experiences. I have used it in remote parts of Africa, Southwest Asia, Central and South America, and have never had water issues. I have seen some pretty sketch water through these things and I have never gotten sick or had ill effects. We like the travel size and it sits on the dining table while camping until we need the table. Not for everyone, expensive, but it also doubles as our emergency water supply in Florida which is prone to hurricanes. https://www.berkeyfilters.com/products/travel-berkey
  5. So here’s my setup and I like it a lot. REI metal roll up table (Apparently they are green now) which I’ve had for over 20 years. Weber Q 1200. Torjik converter for the Weber. All works flawlessly from quick connect at front of trailer. If I want to convert back to using an unregulated propane tank I just use the adapter for the propane tank. All links below pic. https://www.rei.com/product/217993/rei-co-op-dining-table https://torjik.com/weber-q-grill-compatible-rv-quick-connect-conversion-kit-12-m-f-qc-hose/ https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B095YDZMH4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Jjnps that looks awesome and I’m impressed you made it fit. Looking at your suggestion and CRMs track method. Thanks for posting!
  7. Hi Bill and Nancy, I cross load it into the bed of my truck so I can close the tailgate. I had to watch the payload weight, but have since purchased a GMC2500 which should resolve those worries. 1200GSA may be a tough load-out, I'm riding a DRZ400 which only weighs 320lbs. Use to have an Africa Twin Adventure Sports, it was too big and heavy to load single handedly into the bed. Really love having the smaller bike combo with the Ollie since I no longer need to ride the long distances to the ADV spots. Very happy with the setup.
  8. Be advised the Crash Detection feature was enabled to the "Call after severe crash" on my phone iPhone 14 when i received it. How do I know? I went riding on my dirt bike outside of cell service for several hours while camping with my phone secured in my jacket. Upon returning to the camper I had multiple calls and texts from both the Florida Highway Patrol and Okaloosa County Sheriff. They had been notified via 911 that I had crashed and they were looking for me. The off road riding had triggered the crash detection which automatically, and without my knowledge, had started notifying 911. I made a couple calls to let the police know I was fine, and told them my phone had done this on its own because iPhone doesn't know how awesome I can ride. 😂 Anyway, I turned off this setting to prevent this in the future, it can be found under "Settings->Emergency SOS->Crash Detection". It probably makes sense to have this enabled for most folks, just not me. Just be aware that on my phone this setting was defaulted to the "Call after severe crash" position...my wife's phone was also triggered while she was running and fell. She was fine and didn't require 911. Be safe out there.
  9. Thanks bhncb and CRM for the replies! I know I had seen your responses, but I am obviously no internet sleuth. Those are some very good mods and definitely worth considering. This will def help in my consideration for this mod. Cheers!
  10. Hi Everybody! Has anyone successfully installed a 32 in TV in place of the 24in standard? If so, any issues? Thanks for any assistance. Cheers, Pat
  11. Karick Lake South, Baker FL in the Blackwater River State Forest about an hour from my house. Was able to load the bike and close the tailgate to take it camping. Great trails and perfect time of year for this part of the world.
  12. We have dry camped at several HH locations and have really enjoyed the experience. In fact, we stayed at a winery just down the road from the factory after we picked up our trailer and it was awesome. I recommend.
  13. Thanks John and Bill, really appreciate the help!
  14. Getting set to do my first lube of the zerks and found this from Oliver. It does show the placement of the 16 zerk fittings (8 per side). Pretty helpful for a newbie like myself: https://support.olivertraveltrailers.com/portal/en/kb/articles/dexter-ez-flex-overview-maintenance Is there a favorite grease? From what I've read elsewhere it seems Dexter recommends a lithium complex red grease, but I haven't seen that directly in the Dexter manual.
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