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  1. We have dry camped at several HH locations and have really enjoyed the experience. In fact, we stayed at a winery just down the road from the factory after we picked up our trailer and it was awesome. I recommend.
  2. Thanks John and Bill, really appreciate the help!
  3. Getting set to do my first lube of the zerks and found this from Oliver. It does show the placement of the 16 zerk fittings (8 per side). Pretty helpful for a newbie like myself: https://support.olivertraveltrailers.com/portal/en/kb/articles/dexter-ez-flex-overview-maintenance Is there a favorite grease? From what I've read elsewhere it seems Dexter recommends a lithium complex red grease, but I haven't seen that directly in the Dexter manual.
  4. Service Park COE campground on the Tombigbee river in AL. Nice COE campground but pretty remote.
  5. We had the same issue. At our delivery in March 2022 the right hand aluminum block fell off in front of us. Oliver tech attempted reattachment and we were told all was good to go. Two days later when we arrived home in FL, I took off the propane cover to discover the aluminum block was missing. I could only hope it had not damaged a vehicle behind us, that piece of aluminum could be a nasty projectile. I need to do a thorough inspection of the underside of the trailer. I sent pictures to Oliver and they sent me a new block and instructed me to use JB Weld for the reattach. I wonder how prevalent this issue might be and if JB Weld is the fix why are they using the clear glue at the factory?
  6. Picked up our trailer March 2022 and we received hard copies of all three manuals on delivery.
  7. That is awesome IL-travelers….we’re you able to conduct a speed test to see the up and down speeds?
  8. We picked up in March…Girard with led lighting across the front and a remote and wind sensor. Very nice.
  9. We picked up last Thursday and our fridge was not on and the trailer was still winterized, even though we requested it be flushed and ready. I would just give them a call the day prior and make sure they are aware of your requests.
  10. Thanks Topgun2 for flipping the pic! Steph and Dud--hope I never end up getting it to fly or float! 😁
  11. It was Amber Falls Winery...very good wine and nice people. Narrow road going up and coming down, but we had a great time. Thanks for flipping my pic SeaDawg!!
  12. Pulled Tail #1052 out of the Ollie hangar on 17 March, stayed on the OTT ramp that night. Day 2 we departed for a Harvest Host winery about 15 miles east where we spent the night, then a Harvest Host brewery on night 3 in Alabaster AL, before landing back in the FL panhandle on Sunday. Trip went well, love the camper. Thanks to all the awesome forum members whose knowledgeable contributions went a long way in helping us prepare for our delivery. Still much to learn, but so far so good! BTW, I'm not smart enough to figure out how to rotate the pics left or right...
  13. I know there has been discussion on the forum about Space X Starlink and how it is tied to a location. According to the attached article, there will now be a new premium service that allows mobility of their service….if you have the cash. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/02/02/spacex-starlink-premium-satellite-internet-tier-at-500-per-month.html
  14. I have lived in the deep south for 22 years and it is common to see rapidly changing speed limits on main routes transiting small towns, just anticipate and slow accordingly and you will typically avoid any hassles. There are legit reasons for this, you are moving at 55 but once in the small town need to be at 35 for cars exiting/entering the main transportation corridor. However, the practices outlined in the attached article have nothing to do with public safety. This police chief and his force are simply "policing for profit". Whenever a public entity can abuse their authority to enrich their particular department without any checks, you have set the stage for corrupt practices. Let's not even get into the unconstitutional aspects of civil asset forfeiture. A dashcam is your friend and video of any unauthorized stops may limit your exposure to this type of malfeasance.
  15. I successfully use my phone without cell coverage as a navigation device via GAIA GPS while riding my adventure motorcycle in unconnected parts of the country. You can download the maps onto your phone and use the gps within the phone to navigate. You can also download rudimentary maps from Google Maps for the same purpose and I have had good luck with that as well. I also use a Garmin XT on the bike which is awesome. Bottom line: If you’re traveling in non-cell areas you can still get great utilization from your phone’s GPS, it just takes a bit of planning. Google Maps download: https://support.google.com/maps/answer/6291838?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&oco=1 GAIA GPS: https://www.gaiagps.com/
  16. As we patiently wait for our March delivery, I noticed that the 2022 Owner's and Component Manuals are now available in Oliver University. I have downloaded and used Adobe to link the Table of Contents to the document to avoid scrolling. Hope some find this useful, I intend to do this with the component manuals as well. Please let me know if you discover any errors. Cheers, Pat 1276727297_2022-OTT-Owners-Manual-11-04-2021-linkedTOC.pdf
  17. Thanks John for the quick reply...that makes total sense. Cheers.
  18. As we patiently wait for our March delivery I have also wondered which way to go on the tanks....my question is: Can you easily swap between 20# and 30# tanks or is there some sort of elevated holder/shelf that moves the 20# tank higher inside the propane box at the front which would prevent swapping them regularly? Thanks for any help, great discussion.
  19. Hi All, We have a 2022 on order but I have been perusing the 2021 Owner’s Manual and noticed the Table of Contents is not linked. I have tried to accomplish this with Adobe and attached a copy. I know the page numbers as listed get a bit wonky after the blank Electrical Diagrams, so hopefully this helps to quickly get to the topic of interest. Let me know if you see any glaring omissions. Cheers. Wolfie OTT-2021-Owners-Manual-LINKED.pdf
  20. Looks like Oliver design is inspiring some new fiberglass RV competitors. https://www.cortescampers.com/
  21. We ordered our 2022 in May 2021 for a March 2022 delivery. We were told at the time of our tour and order that the main reason for the price increase was due to the increased cost of fiberglass in 2022. And yes, the standard equipment list now includes several items that were previously options.
  22. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! We are definitely looking forward to the adventures as well as the challenges. I agree and hope that once COVID gets behind us that we will hopefully see a reduction in the current saturation of the RV environment.
  23. Thanks Gents! That Oliver University is really an incredible resource in addition to the forum. Looking forward to learning a lot from ya’ll.
  24. Thanks BackofBeyond! March is a long time away for sure…..but I’m not the most adept planner so that works out. Interestingly I asked during the factory tour how Oliver was dealing with the increased demand in the industry and the potential for reduced quality. Jason told us they only moderately increased output (going from 5 up to 6 trailers per week). He shared that the result was going to be longer wait times…and he wasn’t kidding. Looking forward to delivery only 9 short months away, but actually it works good for us. Cheers!
  25. Hello Oliver Folks! We have been researching trailers and other RVs for a long while and this forum is a great resource. Finally went up to Hoehnwald to check out an LEII and saw the quality first hand. The Ollie really seems to fit the type of traveling we want to do. We are now in the queue for an LEII with delivery in March 2022 (ordered about two weeks ago). We are told we will be #1051 and are stoked about our future travels. Thanks for all the awesome info in this forum, your contributions really answer loads of questions. Looking forward to being a part of the Ollie community! Cheers, Pat and Danielle
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