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  1. I just ordered from Oliver, what they call the Bulb seal (18 ft ~ $66). That large rubber-like material that goes directly under the awning mount/housing. My bulb seal has been leaking in some areas, especially over the entry door; and since the door needs resealing to the hull it's time to replace. However..... I'm still not convinced I want the bulb seal there at all. Someone on the forums mentioned they removed it due to the gathering of tree junk. I'm considering taking my old one off and seeing what I think of it. Yesterday I did place a small EZE Gutter Guard strip over my door frame, to divert heavy rain water from hitting the top of the door frame. Not sure I'll get to resealing the door frame before the rally. I'm not retired, dang it.
  2. Well, my tire shop also just recommended the Michelin Agilis Cross Climate LT (225/75R/16) quoted at $261 each. Man, I HATE to get rid of what I have (Michelin LT), they look BRAND NEW! But they do have a year date of 15 on them. What a shame, and waste. I just don't want to take a chance though. I'm going to have to put way more mileage on them then the previous owner. I promise myself! LOL Michelin-Agilis-CrossClimate-tires.pdf
  3. Now I need to dig deeper for dirt. I just need to get a "Go" and not a "No-Go" at this station. LOL
  4. Also, I don't see any email from Matt Duncan in regards to the rally. Did everyone receive something after registering with Oliver? Thanks,
  5. I'm coming from Augusta, Georgia and leaving for Alabama on the 16th of May, but I'm considering MAYBE leaving the 15th to potentially stay at CR Orchards via Harvest Hosts. That way I knock off 1.5 hours on my 5 hour trip to Guntersville from Augusta. Is anyone going down I-20 either of those days? Maybe we can caravan some of the trip for safety.
  6. I will be at the rally, yes! I'm looking forward to it. I was on the fence about it (maybe nervous), but then I took the Oliver out two weekends ago and had a great time, even with a 3.7% slope to park on. Ah, bring on the adventures. I'm trying to ensure my Ollie is not too embarrassing. I'm afraid there's a secret "barracks inspection" for all new-comers to the rally. So I'm basically doing a "GI party" on it (Army slang for deep clean). There are a few things I still need to do, like, as mentioned in the video, order new blinds, but also remove the walk-in door to reseal it, and replace an electrical plug by the bed. But other than that, everything was working out great while camping. * I just realized I failed to test the A/C while at the camp ground. Well, I know the heater works at least. LOL I better inspect the A/C unit for bird nests, even though I have magnets holding up a screen blocking the large openings.
  7. This is neither Mechanical nor Technical, but more maintenance. Not sure what other channel to place this. Hope it helps our new-comers. Someone on the Oliver Owners Facebook page saw my first video and asked me if I could video record actually how to clean the tracks under the windows. So, it was a beautiful day and I figured I'd see if I can clean and record at the same time. This is kind of new to me. https://youtu.be/-oEpon3iaPc
  8. Thanks @topgun2! I had just posted a simple video and linked it on the Oliver Owners Facebook page. I'm still getting people saying they didn't know about cleaning both tracks in the windows. There's always something to learn, just gotta come across the right subject at the right time, for sure. Hopefully I did okay with the video and didn't steer anyone too far off course. Chris
  9. @csevelthanks for the confirmation. I was considering getting a rapid jack, but I will also be upgrading to the EZ Flex system too. That was a close one. 😉
  10. I was going to try to make a recommendation for EZE RV Gutter Guard, but it looks to be very difficult to find these days. And their web site is blank. I'm glad I have left overs. Has anyone needed to find a replacement for this and been happy with it? Thanks, Chris
  11. Maybe this needs to be a separate thread, but what tire is Oliver putting on new trailers today? Anyone know. Also, just to confirm, are we saying the Michelin Defender LTX M/S should also work well? I'm trying to see what max PSI they go up to. My current Michelin LX goes up to 80 PSI max. Naturally they should never go that high for the Oliver. EDIT: Well, I did find your'alls older tire discussion. Still, too many choices. Dang it I have my heart set on Michelin. And for no good logical reason either. That's stupid too, I know. LOL https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/7437-wheels-and-tires/
  12. Thanks @Geronimo John. That's funny that you linked THAT video. I watched that one just the other day. eTrailer does a pretty good job with the vids. I'm wondering how many curse words that job will entail. LOL Take care!
  13. From what I'm seeing from the Michelin LTs, I love 'em. If they hold up this well for seven years, then I'll get them again. Granted, they've always been covered or in a fully enclosed storage unit. Frankly, would venture to guess the trailer has less than 10,000 miles on it. Difficult to say. I've not put more than 2,000 miles on it myself yet. I wonder if my tire shop, 2 blocks down, would come over to inspect. They've got a really small parking area.
  14. I wonder if someone will someday rip out some of the complexity having solar, batteries, inverters, etc, and put in place a Jackery 3000 Pro, or something similar. Where everything is built in to the power unit. If it goes bad, just replace entire unit. Bam, done! I thought I had posted here back in 2021, but could not find my thread, but I once left the fridge on DC over night and it drained my four 81 AH batteries to just under 50% state of charge. The sun was not yet up so I placed my Jackery 1000 on the tail gate of the truck and using a dog-bone directly plugged the Oliver into the Jackery using the front 30amp receptacle. Worked like a charm and quickly got my house batteries to around 70% charge by the time the sun came up and my solar panels could take over. I'm envisioning an easy plug & play system where the Jackery (or other good system) has everything built-in. The 3000 pro now has bluetooth app to manage the system and a 30 AMP RV receptacle. Heck, no more need for a generator, place Jackery inside, run 30 amp cable thru window screen to plug in trailer. LOL. Sure, a bit redneck, but that's what made America. 🙂 Maybe some day. Hey Oliver, call Jackery. Make a new cutting edge industry first system. It goes nicely with Oliver quality. IMHO. 🙂
  15. Actually, and I know mileage will vary, no pun intended, but my #110 still has the Michelin LTs on them and they are dated 2016. Like some of you said, if they've been protected well and not all the wait was on them and moved periodically, they hopefully look good, on both sides. Before I leave for the Rally next month I am going to have my neighborhood tire shop take a peak at mine. Frankly, I've looked hard at them, and you could tell them as new. But, we'll hopefully get an honest pro tire-guy. Also @LindaShields I have hull #110. Very cool that you have #111. Mine came with twin beds and 320W solar along with Microwave. It was a demo unit back then from what @Anita Johnston told me. I'm sure you found your checklists, but here is what I've been using, and recently updated since last weekend's trip. Still a work in progress. I've provided both PDF format and Excel spreadsheet, but they were all created in Google Sheets (spreadsheets), so they will import perfectly, well, they should. Naturally we all have our own way of doing things and we all bring slightly different stuff. Good luck, Chris Scarff Oliver Camping - Weekend Packing List.xlsx Oliver Camping - Weekend Packing List - To do.pdf Oliver Camping - Wayfinder Setup List - To do.pdf Oliver Camping - Wayfinder Setup List.xlsx Oliver Camping - Wayfinder Breakdown List.xlsx Oliver Camping - Wayfinder Breakdown List - To do.pdf
  16. Welcome @HDRider. I took approximately 8 years to make my first RV purchase. And even though I knew of and dreamt of owning an Oliver, I accidentally found one at a North Caroline RV dealer. They purchased two used Oliver E-IIs from Florida. Mine, hull #110 was in the best shape and, from what @Anita Johnston said, was a demo model back in 2016. Anita is the one who helped the original owner get it all setup (via Oliver purchase). She is a wealth of historic information. I hope to meet her someday. Anita and others at Oliver (service) have been good to work with when I had questions or inquiries. And this forum, WITHOUT A DOUBT, is superb. So many resources and experience here. Next month I will be attending my first ever rally of any sorts, and it will be an Oliver rally to boot. At first I was nervous, but after getting my "Wayfinder" out for the weekend last weekend, I'm really excited now. I even had to setup the Ollie on a 3.7 degree slope, first time ever. That was scary. But, it never moved, with lots of chocks and common sense, or luck. It's been a very long 18 months in this family, and now hoping to get back on track with fun. I "hope" my first ever RV purchase is also the last, unless.... it's another Oliver? Hmmmm. Actually, I'm torn between new tech and keeping everything original on #110 as long as possible. We'll see which side of the brain wins that battle. Good luck. Take your time, create and USE your checklists every time. Cheers, Chris
  17. I'm terribly sorry to hear this new about @Anita Johnston. She help me setup new profile info when I purchased #110 second hand. She is so sweet. I expect she will be back at her desk soonest kicking butt. Quick recovery Anita! Chris Scarff
  18. Sorry @Geronimo John, which video are you referring to? Maybe I'm blind and I don't see the link. thanks Chris
  19. I wish I had the confidence to upgrade the charge controller, batteries, and other electrical components. I wish I could find someone relatively near me to assist me to upgrade parts. Even though I've watched many MANY YouTube videos over the years, I don't want to cause any issues. And yet, I hate the idea of paying outrageous prices for some unknown "scrub" to do it for me. Frustrating to me. 😞 Roadtrip? 🙂
  20. Well, it took me a bit to reply to my emergency brake pulling exercise. Man, let me tell you what, that pin was in there tight. It took quite a bit muscle to get it to pull out of the box. From the signs of it, the pin has never been pulled before today. I inspected the box, pin, and pin cable for any signs of wear and tear. Everything looks good. I took pictures of my battery voltage/amps before and after pulling the ping. Looks like with the brakes activated they're pulling -10.7 amps. Also, and I'm sure it's in these forums somewhere, can someone, who still has a Blue Sky ProRemote Solar/Charger remind me what the difference is, or the relationship is between the INPUT -vs- CHG OUT is? (also pictures below). I can't find that info anywhere on the Internet or any of the old BlueSky videos. Thanks, Chris
  21. Thanks @rideandfly I had finally JUST discovered this page too explaining how to measure the current equalizers, which I have not done yet as it's dark out. LOL I just needed some reassurance on size. I'm looking at your suggestion on Amazon now.
  22. @rideandfly @Mike and Carol I'm trying to find in these forums which size EZ Flex system goes on the Elite II. Looks like there's a 33" and a 35". When I measure from the center of my hubs, both sides, one side I get approx 33.5" and on the other size I get 34", probably another issue there, but that's later. I'm not certain which size I need. I'm right in the middle. Any ideas or a better thread than this one? I'm still searching. Thanks.
  23. content moved to #what-does-happen-when-pulling-break-cable. (should be brake cable). LOL
  24. Also, I'd like name this month as "Pull & test your emergency brake pin month". In honor of no floating Olivers..... yet! Going out right this second to do it. I'm afraid of the results. LOL
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