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  1. John, you're right. We were parked on our hillside all hooked up. I had unplugged from the garage and the refrigerator was full so I ran it on propane for the night. To hook up, the nose goes down about a foot to 18 inches to hook up to the tv. No apparent damage. In the future should I just leave it plugged in if I am getting ready to go in the morning and not use propane at that angle? John
  2. Hi all, we're leaving in the morning and I am all hitched up. We're not level and I am running the refrigerator on propane. Is that a concern? We're currently nose down probably about a foot to a foot and a half down from level at the hitch. TIA John
  3. That's the one we use and it works great. John
  4. That makes sense to put it on the batteries. Good idea. John
  5. A tire pressure monitoring system was the first thing we bought to bring at delivery day. We have the TST and like the monitor on the dash. After you set the parameters, you don't have to watch it as it will alert you if the tire pressure or temperature goes outside of your settings. I think it's a must have item. John
  6. Steve, Did you use alligator clips on the battery terminals? John
  7. How is the booster installed? I haven't installed it yet. Any directions for doing that? TST phone number? John
  8. Sounds interesting. The main thing is to have a tpms with the trailer and you're doing that with this new product. 5-7 year battery life sounds great. John
  9. How long do your sensor batteries last? I bought a package of 12 CR2032 from Costco that were on sale for about $12. I think that I put them on when I picked up our trailer in November last year. Do you just put new batteries in every year or wait for a loss of signal message? If you're not on the road is it still draining the battery? My wife retires in 13 days, so we will be doing more traveling. You two are out a lot. John
  10. A TPMS is crucial to have. Check out TST and compare to the one you posted. It comes with a monitor that you can see on your dash and gives you pressure and temperature readings. We have that one and even though we haven't set up the booster, we have no problem getting the measurements from the Oliver LE 2. I have four sensors for the tv and four for the trailer. Tireminder is another brand. John
  11. I am sorry for the loss of your mom. The engine problems sound awful too. Hope the rest of your year is better. John
  12. I am sorry for the loss of your mom. The engine problems sound awful too. Hope the rest of your year is better. John
  13. I used the $16.99 one that has a screw on piece and external spring. There are three pieces that are inside the housing. Don't make the mistake that I did and unscrew the piece fully. I lost those three little pieces and had to reorder the piece. I have to finish the job still now that the replacement adapter came. They should warn people to not unscrew that, or maybe everyone except me just knew not to. I don't have experience with the cheaper adapter that you reference. Good luck. John
  14. I have the TST also and monitor all eight tires. Four on the TV and the four on the trailer. It came with the repeater, but it hasn't been necessary. It does take about five minutes to start registering on the display, but after it does, it cycles through all the tires. It gives great peace of mind. John
  15. #1290 will get their treatment in less than two months. John
  16. Thanks. I will run this by service to see if I need to buy this for the wiring job. John
  17. Yes please. OTT will be doing the work since they know a lot more than me about wiring. I am in the information gathering stage to hopefully get the best solution. John
  18. Does anyone have an idea how to form a flat four way connector from the licence plate light wires on the back of the Ollie? The tv has the four-way connector as well as the seven pin connector. We're going in for service on October 30 and I mounted the light kit on the Yakima Stage 2 bike rack. I am guessing that the license plate lighting would not have the capability to power the brake, turning, and hazard lights. OTT will look at the wiring needed. Somehow I am guessing they'll need to run a 4-way from the tv to the back of the trailer to enable the light kit to do all the normal functions. Has anyone else done something similar? Does the wire go underneath from the hitch to the bumper? Does it somehow go between the hulls? TIA, John
  19. Bill, I decided not to do the twice yearly waxing and will have our 10 month old LE2 ceramic coated in November by CGI. I hope it's a good decision. Our trailer is on a north facing hill in Oregon, so it doesn't get the intense sun that it might get in southern states. Time will tell. I wish I could have it under cover, but there's no room on the property for an Ollie barn. John
  20. Bill, we're having our 2022 LE2 done by CGI almost one year from delivery day. We picked up on November 7, 2022 and CGI will do their coating on November 1 and 2. I currently have a coat of Rejex on it, which they said was ok to do. I am looking forward to seeing how it looks after they're done. John
  21. I put in a service ticket to see if my wheels are aluminum on hull 1290 (I think they are), whether my lug nuts are aluminum clad (I think they are) and lastly if they know of what company to get stainless steel bulged acorn style lug nuts from for what I assume are aluminum wheels. I don't think the lug nuts that ScubaRx found are bulged acorn type. John
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