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  1. It's surprising that the Land Cruiser's capacity is so close to the Tundra's. My tire and loading sticker lists combined weight of cargo and passengers as 1320 pounds. That's closer to 1460, though, as I've removed the 40# roof basket and the 100# (by other owner's weight posting) 60% second row seating. The Heritage Edition already has the third row seats and running boards removed compared to the Base model. I'm not sure how the loading is calculated, though. Curb weight on the Heritage is listed at 5715 and GVWR at 7385, for a potential 1670 pound load capacity instead of the 1320 on the sticker. Since there are no options available, every truck should weigh right at curb weight. Color me confused... Deb and I consume about 350#, and Elite II tongue weight is listed at 490# before options. Figure tongue weight closer to 690# (12.5% of 5500 pound trailer), that leaves me about 420# of margin, less any other stuff I carry. So I'll need to take extra care to keep the trailer closer to 5000#.
  2. What a clever idea to add the QR code. I've seen these in magazines and on mailings, but never thought to create tone for personal links, els I'd have added one to the back of our handout card.
  3. After having reading comprehension issues with what was being generously offered, I’m passing on these extrusions. I mistakenly thought the brackets were also included (my error, not dewdev’s wording.) Since I’ll need to order the brackets too, I’ll just get everything at once. Thank you for offering these!
  4. If Hobo can't use these and no one else needs them sooner, I'd sure like to take advantage of your generous offer. I plan to make Overland's Lagun table setup over the winter so it is ready when our trailer is done in March. Let me know and we can make arrangements. Thank you!
  5. We did similar at a TearJerkers event last month, except Deb concocted her own teriyaki-ish sauce. Mmmmm!
  6. Me too! September 18, 1953. Happy belated birthday! (We were camping in PA with zero cellular service (wonderful!!!) or we could have celebrated together. We use the GCI Pico chairs which are similar but without the table. The best selling point of the Pico is that is fold super compact while still having a normal seat height. Folded, in its bag it is smaller than a brief case! This is important in our 5X8 squaredrop, and I expect storage to be at a premium with the Oliver when it arrives. https://gcioutdoor.com/products/pico-arm-chair-telescoping-directors-chair The GCI Compact Camp Table 25 is just the right height to be a dining table with them, and we have a no-name lower table to use as a side table around the fire pit. https://gcioutdoor.com/collections/tables/products/compact-camp-table-25
  7. That's our dilemma. Get the standard toilet and retrofit the AirHead, or get the Nature's Head, swap in the AirHead, and try selling the Nature's Head. A real seat instead of that tall uncomfortable lip is the big factor for Deb at just 5'2". I recall reading that someone tried getting Oliver to install the AirHead for them without success,
  8. In a recent post, Brian showed that the new Victon charge controller for 2023 is the SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 model. Does Oliver have their two solar panels in series or parallel configuration? For 2023 there are apparently two 210W panels. I have a portable 200W panel. I’d like to rewire the existing portable solar input that currently goes directly to the batteries, to go to the Victron charge controller instead, in parallel to the factory panel input. My panel does not have an inbuilt charge controller. I’m curious if the 100/50 Victron can handle 620W of input. If the two factory panels are in parallel, I’d be pushing the capabilities in perfect conditions. Any input from those more knowledgeable about solar? Thanks!
  9. Some of us more folically challenged men would prefer no mesh, too! 😁
  10. For our Hiker, I used parts from the Geyser and adapted them to our RoadShower. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/100064448631768/posts/pfbid0d17FDqu2asAWPkCPTgCCVpzjfdieerzrYpJ39JeXEgT8tB5Dskt2azTJWCNiWrpCl/?app=fbl
  11. This thread is very timely as we wait for our Oliver to be ready March 28th. I’ve been reading every thing I can, watched videos, asked questions, etc. but, having only camped in a 5x8 squaredrop with zero systems in it, I’m sure I’ll still be overwhelmed come delivery day. I already have a Dropbox folder with PDF files of brochures, manuals, diagrams, mods from the forums DIY folder and more. This forum and the Facebook group have been amazingly supportive and a wealth of experience and knowledge. A few of you have contacted me directly, and we’ve had wonderful phone conversations. I’m sure when the day arrives, we’ll be fine! Thank you all!
  12. Anita told us they a soft start option is not needed with the Truma, nor would one be offered as an option with the Truma package.
  13. Yep, but pretty common with Toyotas these days. I got my 2021 Land Cruiser $9000 under sticker. Three months later, they were selling ( not asking) for $30,000 over sticker, until every last one in the US was gone. Crazy time! Which is why used cars are going for more than they cost when new.
  14. w00t!! I just called and Lake Guntersville has a few sites reserved for situations like this. So, instead of one of the spots back in Section B, we will have a corner spot at site G23 (BINGO!) Thanks for the suggestion to call. I've been watching to reservation site every day to see if anyone has cancelled for some reason.
  15. Thanks gang. I knew some questions were probably a longshot since no one knows what the new Victron setup will be. I read through John’s Natures Head thread, so I knew some of the problems. But that was before wiring harness standardization. I’m sure hoping wires are where I’ll need them! Some of these questions *were* asked during our visit, which is why I’m asking here… Perhaps Jason will know when I call.
  16. Uh oh! The pile has already started! Yesterday FedEx delivered a TeakWorks4u shower mat, and tomorrow UPS is delivering a Redarc Tow Pro Elite brake controller. Monday a set of Firestone air bags will arrive. I know delivery isn't until March, but I don't want to be working under the truck in February in 10" of snow!
  17. Vent and power for composting toilet in standard model? What's there and not there if I want to switch to a composting toilet? Neither Deb nor I liked the seat on the Nature's Head, and think that we might get an AirHead instead. Currently, we have the standard toilet on our order. If, down the road, we decide to switch to an AirHead, is there power available nearby for the fan? I know I'd need to "T" into the vent, plus close off the drain for the OEM toilet and cap off the water feed line. I've searched a *lot*, and can't find where anyone has swapped toilets from the standard to composting, except John Davies' who's conversion was done by Oliver. What am I missing? And, that's four days worth of stupid questions, taken directly from my list of questions to ask Jason at Oliver if I can't find prior to contacting him.
  18. Is the trailer pre-wired for cell or WiFi boosters if I don't order one? Is the trailer wired for a rear camera if I want to put my own in, and are all the switches, fuses, etc. there and accessible? Technology changes so fast, that it doesn't make sense to me to order an expensive system that might be obsolete in a year or two. If I find down the road that I want to add my own WiFi or cellular booster, are the wires already installed and easy to get to? I know Oliver has changed to a standard wiring harness, but that doesn't necessarily mean that every option is prewired, or that I might have to drill somewhere to find a buried cable. Same question with the rear camera. I've read complaints about the quality of the OEM one, but according to Anita, I can't supply my own camera and have Oliver install it. So I either use the optional one, or add my own after the fact. Thanks for any input!
  19. Is there an external port for auxiliary solar panels that goes directly to the solar charge controller? If so, are there limitations? We've ordered the largest lithium package (which cost about as much as my first five cars combined!!) I know there's a Camp outlet, but I think with the current electrical package it goes directly to the batteries, so it assumes using a panel with an inbuilt charge controller. MY 200W panel does not have a charge controller, instead, using the MMPT controller in the Bluetti EB70S. I'm hoping that I can use the panel as is once my Oliver is ready. Thanks for any input.
  20. Is there an external 115V AC outlet at/near the front of the trailer? Is there an external 12V DC outlet at/near the front of the trailer? I keep my fridge/freezer in the back of my tow vehicle, with a 115V AC pigtail hanging under the rear bumper. At home, or when at a campsite with electricity, I keep the fridge plugged in via an extension cord. So, one cord from the trailer to the power post, and one from the truck. It sure would be nice if there was an outlet near the front to plug the fridge into. Same with 12V DC. I forgot to look when at the factory, and I haven't seen any mention of one on videos, so I'm assuming not. Am I going to have a problem adding a 115V AC and/or 12V DC outlet up front? Thanks!
  21. (Stolen directly from the Land Cruiser 200 subform over a iH8MUD, with regards to JamesC, the author) There are a lot of little things that I wonder about but I don't feel merit that I start a new thread. Still, I'm curious. Maybe this can serve as a repository for those misc questions that are still searchable but don't necessarily fit elsewhere? If no one else sees the value I'll just post mine here.
  22. I have no experience with this specific battery, but I have bought three different Mighty Max AGM 12V motorcycle sized batteries. All died within a year. They would take a charge and show as full, but wouldn't crank a small 150cc scooter, Honda generator, or 50cc scooter. I'll never buy one again. (Which begs the question as to why I bought three. I bought the two scooter ones at the same time in spring when the 6 and 8 year old OEM batteries finally croaked, and then the generator one that fall before the scooter batteries failed. All were maintained on Battery Tender Jr full time.)
  23. I have some experience with a portion of the Geyser System. I ordered a replacement hose, valve, and two sponges from them. Then I bought a 10 PSI pressure reducer and garden hose to 1/4” hose adaptor. I assembled these bits and use it on my RoadShower, with its 65 PSI water pressure. ( Remember, I’m still in my Hiker squaredrop, not an Oliver yet. ) We used it last week for the first time while doing dishes, and it worked great! One sponge for soap and scrubbing and the other for rinsing. Easier to get the dishes really clean, and used maybe 1/4 of the water that we’d normally use by washing in a sink of water and then spraying off to rinse. We haven’t used it to shower, as we use either a campground shower or 12” x 24” Shower Pouch body wipes. Here was my Instagram/Facebook post for the pieces. https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02gbFvTnmQ52vQxS12nonuVTLNJT7AZgRtaniH1ZGQr6Yujopv4B4PE3xNYn4FRGoNl&id=100064448631768
  24. We were there on a day visit in 2017, and thought the campground looked great, although absolutely zero shade. Definitely going back some day!
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