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Broken frame crossbeam?

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Tali and I have been around and under the trailer all day installing the new Alcan springs. While under there, I counted eight cross members behind the rear axle with one doubled.

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Steve, Tali and our dog Rocky plus our beloved Storm, Maggie, Lucy and Reacher (all waiting at the Rainbow Bridge)

2008 Legacy Elite I - Outlaw Oliver, Hull #026 | 2014 Legacy Elite II - Outlaw Oliver, Hull #050 | 2022 Silverado High Country 3500HD SRW Diesel 4x4 





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7 hours ago, ScubaRx said:

Tali and I have been around and under the trailer all day installing the new Alcan springs.

Steve, how'd y'all like the thickness of the bronze bushings and the larger diameter of the Alcan eyelets?  

You've got the OEM 5-packs, if I'm remembering correctly (but I've slept a few times since we chatted about it), right?  Just curious, were the Alcans heavier with the longer 2nd spring than your OEMs?

D and I look forward to sharing more war stories with you and Tali next week - OBTW: I've informed the Knuckleheads that they'll be playing with Rocky soon!  WOOF!

Travel safe, amigo...

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Art, Diane, Magnus & Oscar (double-Aaarrf!)

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Hull #85 2015 LE 2.

In August 2018 we had to take our Oliver back to the factory because three welds on the rear bumper failed.  The factory replaced the rear bumper at that time, added some gussets on the frame and repaired welds that needed attention.  One of the cross beam welds does currently have a small crack.  Definitely something to monitor.

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Ed and Marsha

Legacy Elite II, Hull #85

Ford F150 Lariat


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Posted (edited)

wow, thanks for all the conversation regarding "sagging crossbeams". We have been off the grid and it's raining. I will get some images of the under-side of my frame posted and count the crossbeams when I'm in a dry clean place get on the ground.  I discovered the beams were sagging when I was making a drilling template for installing a mid-trailer mud-flap per John Davies design. I clamped my drilling template (1" wide flat bar of aluminum) to the crossbeam in front of the axle and it clearly was sagging..    

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 2016 Legacy Elite II, Twin Beds, Hull #124

Tow Vehicle: 2019 Ford F250 4x4  / Short Bed / Crew Cab / 6.7 Diesel

Fieldbrook, Ca


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