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Shower curtain solution


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I have found my solution for the awkward plastic shower curtain supplied by Oliver when you purchase the full curtain track.
I purchased a new fabric curtain, very thin and light weight.  Then this is what I did:

1.  Layer the new curtain flat on the floor with the plastic Oliver curtain on top.

2.  Then I made allowance for finishing the edges. It must be doubled to hold the grommet. (See last photo) and cut the new curtain using the plastic curtain as my pattern plus finished edge allowance.

3.  I used the existing little suction cups from the plastic curtain and attached them in the same position on the new curtain.

4.  Next I placed the position of the grommets and attached them.  (You can purchase a kit on line/practice first)

5.  The only thing to do was check the length and shorten if necessary then hang.  

They are not quite perfect  but they look better when not in use, they do the job and dry very quickly.










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I have thought that a curtain in there was unnecessary. A cumbersome thing to hang, move, c!ean, look at, and move around. However, after looking at these picture, I may have to change my mind. With this setup, one can leave the window open while running the vent. But, maybe most important, one can keep towels in the shower area, instead of on a book outside the door.

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We just used the stick on hooks and a Walmart inexpensive shower curtain, works great and we do not leave it up when not in use. We have found that taking showers in the campground facilities is much easier and I can stay in there for a long time, plus have more room to move around. I have found that using RV cramped showers are just too small to feel like I got clean and drying the shower was just work I didn't want to do. I believe in the KISS system.


2019 RAM 1500, 5.7 Hemi, 4X4, Crew Cab, 5'7" bed, Towing Package, 3.92 Gears.

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On 1/26/2020 at 6:39 PM, Naegele said:

Has anyone found a source for the little suction cups and clips?  One of ours got pulled out and the clip disappeared.  

I ordered the suction cups from Amazon they are called "Outus" clear plastic suction cups -22mm.  I also found the hairpin clip but will need to research again.

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