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Rookie - Dewinterized and Prepping for First (albeit short) Trip


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I picked up my trailer from storage today and followed the de-winterization process, described in the recent post from the service dept. 

Trailer is brand new 2021 Elite 1.  This is our first RV of any kind (we are RV rookies). I took delivery the first week of February and spent 3 nights on my way back home to central TX and a couple of more days parked in front of my house trying to learn the systems.

 In preparation for the winter storm, I winterized the trailer.  I drained all of my lines and tanks the best I could.  I added the pink RV antifreeze, turned off all components drawing a current, and - certain that I had forgotten something - prayed for the best.  The trailer is stored in a Boat & RV storage facility, covered, but open air.  No hookups.

After 3 full weeks in storage (including a full week of below freezing temps), I picked up the trailer this morning.

My batteries were at 12.4V (is this about a 50% charge on my 2 AGMs?) .  After a day in the direct sun, the solar had charged the batteries to 13.8V.  I plugged in at my house (20A service) for tonight.  I assume the batteries are still healthy?

I flushed the fresh tank, and ran enough water through to the plumbing to fill a and drain a couple of gray tanks, and I reconnected and tested my water heater.
No visible signs of leaks.  No water leaking through the metal drain holes.  While running the water, I took a flashlight and looked for any signs of water or leaks under the rear seats.  (Finger crossed) I think my little Ollie survived!

I am taking my wife on our maiden voyage this weekend.  We are staying very close to home - on a nearby ranch the first night and at a Harvest Host the second night.  We are visiting family and friends each night and will never be more than 1 hour from our house or more than 5 minutes from a town.  The weather is forecast to be beautiful.  I am trying to do the easiset trip possible to ease into this RV camping.  Wish us luck!
Again, thanks so much for all of your advice and patience with the first-timers.


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Enjoy your first camping trip! Please post a review and pictures of the HH location either here in the Boondocking thread or in the Oliver Trailer Owners Facebook group. We also live in north central Texas so I’m curious where you’ll be staying. We did our first HH at a plantation in Louisiana on our return trip from picking up our Oliver. 

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After the arctic blast the weather this week has been great and you should have good weather this weekend!

Your batteries should be okay.  If you’re going to store under cover with no electrical for long periods you might consider disconnecting your batteries or installing a cut off switch.  If you’ve got 2 AGM’s there should be room in the battery tray to mount a switch, it’s fairly easy to do.  Mike

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Enjoy your first trip. Post some pictures please. When you have time at home, consider sterilizing the water system with bleach, I do it every spring to make sure nothing bad has started growing. My friend has a junky trailer and he complained about stinky water from the taps. I asked him how often he sterilized it, and he said “never!” This is on a five year old trailer..... I told him that his fresh tank was probably grey by now.... yuck. We have been having record warm temperatures the last week, but the cold will be returning. I plan to hitch up  add bleach, and go for a long test drive before flushing the system and parking “Mouse”  for a few more weeks. I definitely have cabin fever.....

Those Harvest Hosts can be nice or mediocre, the problem we have is that the wineries we like end up costing us way more in their products that if we stayed in a commercial place. 

John Davies

Spokane WA

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BillATX - 

12 hours ago, BillATX said:

My batteries were at 12.4V (is this about a 50% charge on my 2 AGMs?) .  After a day in the direct sun, the solar had charged the batteries to 13.8V.

After only three weeks in storage I'm guessing that you did not disconnect (flip the main circuit breakers to off) your batteries and that is what caused your batteries to get down to 12.4 V.  Yes, there would still be a drain from other items that are not affected by those two breakers but assuming that the batteries were at full charge when you put it in storage you might want to keep an eye on how the batteries are working for a couple of days.  The 13.8V that you are seeing is basically the voltage coming into the batteries as they are being charged by either (or both) your solar panels and/or your shore power.  Having said all of this - I believe that your batteries are fine.


12 hours ago, BillATX said:

I drained all of my lines and tanks the best I could.

Assuming that this included your fresh water tank then even though three weeks doesn't sound like very much time and it was cold for most of that time, it really doesn't take much time for your fresh water tank to become stale at the minimum and very unsanitary at the maximum.  It really doesn't take long to sanitize it and you'll feel better as will your tank.

Have fun!  Relax!  Enjoy the heck out of that new Ollie and send pics!


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UPDATE - Returned home after first trip with wife and teenage daughter.  It was intentionally an easy trip.  Drive about 200 miles total over 3 days.  I highly recommend an easy first trip for rookie RVers (like us).  This was a great way to get my (semi-reluctant spouse) to enjoy a weekend in the Ollie.

The first night we visited our family at their ranch near Llano, TX. The second night we stayed at a Harvest Host in the middle of Johnson City, TX and we met up with old friends.  Great food and conversation all weekend.

Overall, the trailer is great.  Today, I will work to repair 3 minor "issues" with the trailer, but I will search the forums and start new threads if I have questions: (1) need to check the electric AC connection on my Norcold fridge (won't work on AC power when plugged in; does fine on propane); (2)aAutomatic gate closed on the trailer scratching the fiberglass (need to try to buff it out; and (3) mirrored bathroom door has a crack.  I don't think any of these are major repairs, but if I have questions, I'll post on the forum.

@John E Davies & @topgun2 - thanks for the advice about sterilizing the fresh tank.  I will do that today.   We don't use the fresh tank for drinking water, but, obviously, want the fresh tank to remain "fresh".

@Mike and Carol - I will defintely disconnect my batteries before storage.  Thank you.

@Time2Go! - Our HH was the 290 Vinery in Johnson City, TX.  This is a historic hill country town on HW 290 (the TX wine country trail).  Overall, our stay was great.   The owners and their adult kids were very casual and relaxed.  They have a large variety of wines, including many from outside the region.  There are no hookups.  It was a busy winery on Saturday afternoon, but after it closed (around 6 pm), we were there alone.  The best part about this HH is the location.  You are a short 3 blocks from the town square.  This would be a great stop during the holidays with the courthouse and surrounding grounds lit and decorated.  We would stay there again.

I don't have any great pics of a beautiful hill country sunset or perfectly ripe grapes, but, because you asked, here is the rig at the 290 Vinery.



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Yes -

De wintered today! It is always a mystery - what will go wrong ??????? 

All systems are a GO!

Blastoff  - T minus and 6 days,  plus a few hours.


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@BillATX, I'd encourage you to open a service ticket on the fridge and door, if you haven't already. Even though you plan to fix it yourself, Oliver should be made aware if your problems.  

At that time, you could also ask best practices on battery disconnect,  for your system and equipment. 

Glad you had a fun first trip!

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