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Installing external ventilation fan for Norcold N51 refrigerator

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I am planning on installing a 12V external ventilation fan on our Norcold N51 3 way refrigerator.  I feel the refrigerator will benefit in higher temperatures that might experience out West when running our Norcold on LP.  I suspect that we would only use it in those conditions.  The unit is a Titan dual fan unit and it will attach very nicely on the inside of the ventilation bezel.  I am planning on installing on the main lighting panel inside the door.  I will use one of the unused switch locations as the power on/off for the unit.  The unit has an inline control that has speed control and manual and auto operation.  I had previously purchased an extra switch into the main lighting panel using one of the powered awning locations.  I believe I will be able to tap the 12V power that supplies power to all the switches using a red cable that runs from the fuse panel in the attic.  I will then attach a couple of push on connectors onto the wiring from the Tital remote.  I need to decide where to put the inline switch.  I really don't want to drill any holes until I know that fans work as desired.  The power cable and temperature sensor from the inline remote will need to run into the fans. 

Now my question for anyone in the group who has added or considered adding a ventilation fan, what were your considerations and ideas about doing the install? 

David Caswell and Paula Saltmarsh

Hull 509 "The Swallow"

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Hull #193 came factory equipped with a Dometic fridge and a single fan that is controlled from a switch in the main panel in the entryway.  My B+ power comes from the bottom of the fridge up to the thermostat and continues up to the switch.  The second switch wire completes the circuit back to the fan.  The negative wire also comes from the bottom of the,fridge and runs directly to the fan.  You may not have access to the bottom of your fridge, but I have two removable vent panels.  There may be additional DC power already at the switch panel, but it’s simple run from the attic to the entry switch panel if you need it.


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Mike and Krunch   Lutz, FL  
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Camping in the Texas heat I find direct sunlight on the outside vents is a problem, but keeps the sun off does let the fridge work properly. Usually the awning does the trick, but adding a fan couldn't hurt, but direct sunlight with a fan I would say, might not do the trick. 


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