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    Could be a lethal combination for someone following that dude up a steep gradient. Ouch. Nice pick.
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    Hi All - We just placed our order for an Elite II for a completion date of March 26. I was about to give up looking for a replacement for our Scamp that we have had for years, then came across Oliver. Somehow Oliver stayed below my radar screen, which was too bad since it is basically what I've been looking for. The resources on this forum and on youtube are great. A special shout out to DavidS who agreed to have us look at his Oliver. (It never happened because of the weather events before and after Thanksgiving.) He also provided some great insight on what add-ons he liked. Can wait to put it to use here and around western Wyoming. Best, Jason and Sonja
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    The AC is loud. We avoid using it whenever we can. If the temperature isn’t too high we open windows and use the fan. We also avoid camping in Texas and other hot locations in the summer unless we’re on our way to cooler and higher locations. I don’t recall any injuries due to sharp edges on doors or cabinets. We don’t full time but are out for a month or two at a time. We spend a lot of time outside and generally haven’t felt cramped for space. There have been a few times over the past few years when we’ve been stuck in bad weather and got a little anxious for more space. But, in general, it’s plenty big enough for us!
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    Hi guys and gals! Over the years in my career at Oliver Travel Trailers I have had the pleasure of meeting most of you. I read the forum and the owners Facebook page often and it is amazing to see so many of our veteran owners helping our "newbies" with their questions and concerns. I absolutely love this group of people and appreciate each and every one of you. We get so wrapped up in the business end of things here at the sales office and I don't know if we show our appreciation often enough for the many field visits that resulted in our clients buying Ollies or the expert advice given to the novice campers. So today, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you all a happy holiday season and prosperous new year! - Phil
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    We've been in ours fulltime for over 2 years and it's fine. The ac noise is cut almost in half when using the micro air easy start option. Other trailers with slide outs have a lot more room but they also come with a lot more problems and will not go into places as quickly or easily that our Oliver will. We love our Olli because it's a boondockers dream with the twin axles.
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    When I was a kid, the family car was a big Ford LTD, so I have a soft spot for land yachts. That car was a little bigger than our Ollie of course.
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