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Water hook up question


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Greetings folks, Never owned a travel trailer and have a simple question to ask. When you leave your Oliver at a camp sight is it recommended to shut off the water spigot while gone?





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I always turn the water supply off to the trailer when we leave.  This is something we have done for years.



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Just in case. While it can be overly cautious that doesn't necessarily make it unnecessary.


With all the horror stories of unregulated pressures out there, if you are gone for the day and have a bad fitting let go, I'm pretty sure the weeps in the belly would be overcome and it would fill up. Lots of good stuff down there and these would retain water faster than a ....


So it's just an easy thing to turn off and on. At least that's my thinking and doing.

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On an early camping trip with My Elite II, I walked into the office of a campground in Utah where there was a sign warning campers of the high water pressure at the spigots. They sold pressure regulators and I bought one. I keep it on the end of my water hose and always use it as well as a filter. It makes sense to turn off the water when you leave your campsite to hike, etc.




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One of the first things I bought before picking up our Oliver was a water pressure regulator. They are not expensive and, well, simple to use. When I remember I do turn the water off. I don't always remember, so I'm glad I have the pressure regulator! Mike

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We don't often have the occasion to use city water. We fill and work from the tank. But, I turn off the water pump when we leave the trailer during the day, just in case. Just as you would turn off the spigot when leaving a full hook-up site....

Just a thought. I know it's a Max 30 gallons sprayed around if something breaks, but it would be a mess, anyway.


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Like Mike and Carol I try to remember to turn off the water when I leave, but ..... Thank goodness I'm seldom hooked up to city water.

Another reason for a water pressure regulator that I don't think was mentioned above is caused by the sun. If your water hose is in the sun during the day, water pressure will build in that hose as the sun heats up the water inside it. With a pressure regulator installed this additional pressure caused by the sun will be limited to the water supply hose and NOT the camper. While it could cause the supply hose to either blister or burst this added pressure will not cause a problem inside the camper. Obviously this is another reason to remember to turn off the water at the source and even bleed off a bit of the pressure prior to leaving.


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We use a brass pressure regulator. We have heard stories of the plastic ones breaking or failing in some way. We put the regulator on, then a wye and then the hose. We also cross tie two zip ties across the threads between the regulator and wye and wye and hose. This is so that when unhooking we don't forget the regulator, we only unscrew at the faucet. We have found 5 or 6 regulators over the years because folks unscrewed the hose and forgot their regulator.

If at a high water pressure facility and a couple of folks were to shut off their faucets at the same time; the pressure could multiply tremendously at your line. And this could happen multiple times say at bed time, meal times and so forth. Also, we believe, there is a built in one in the camper, which should protect hose pressure caused by the sun, or someone stepping on the warm hose.

All said and done, the safest bet is to shut off the hose. My guess it is cheaper than the deductible to do so...

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All of ours are on quick disconnects because it makes everything uniform and easy. If the water pressure is high, I will use an adjustable regulator at the faucet, then I also have the simple brass regulator with quick connects that I can add in later. I've found that the large blue filter pictured, with the carbon filter replacement, really works best when the water has a bad taste. But it also really reduces the pressure a lot on its own. So when using it, I put the regulator after this filter on low flowing water systems. I have 3 different regulators and I have left the water on all the time when hooked up for decades... Until now... :)

I've had broken water pipes in my motorhome and seeing the water spraying made it easy to find the leak... Lol. But now that I have the Oliver Boat, I would hate to come home to see a waterfall coming out under the door... :)







Our dog Riffles loves the water too :)



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Happy Camping,


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