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How Do You Clean and Protect the Exterior of Your Ollie?

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We are neophytes to both Ollie ownership and RVing itself. I don't know if this is the place to post this question. If it is not, I apologize, but I have tried searching this topic and have found little advice on the forums.


What I'd like to read is a description of the processes and products Oliver owners use to clean and protect the exterior of their trailers. We live in SE Arizona where the sun is intense and our Ollie will be exposed to the elements for quite sometime, even if we eventually get a protective cover for it, so I know we need to wax it well with a good product. I have considered paying to have the work of washing and waxing it done, but would like to know how you do-it-yourselfers go about it.


Could I get some Oliver owners to explain what products (from ladders, to soaps, to brushes, to wax, etc.) you use and what process (from washing, to drying, to waxing, etc.) you undergo to clean and protect the gel coat of your Ollie?

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When I was still working, we got a bonus quarterly, on how clean we kept our trucks. The company provided this soap/wax in 50 gallon drums, that mixed with water. We washed our trucks every week and it really kept the paint job shinny and new looking.


Since I retired and moved, I don't have access to this product, nor do I remember the name of it, but I think a like product is available in the auto parts stores. It does keep a nice shine on and it's easy to use. Just wash your trailer.



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Having lived in Sierra Vista I know what you're dealing with sun-wise. I bought an extendable pole with a microfiber blade at Lowes. I use regular car wash and a ladder with my pole to reach to top. I wash at the end of each trip. I haven't waxed yet, but just got a bottle of Rejexx off of Amazon based on recommendations from a few members of this forum. When we get back from our New Mexico trip at the end of the month I'm going to wash and wax. Will let you know how it goes. Mike

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We wash the Oliver whenever it's dirty, as dirt is damaging. Twice a year, minimum, often three, we wax with 3m Marine wax, the same paste wax we use on our 40 year old sailboat.

I also wax the interior fiberglass every year, or two. Makes indoor cleanup easier. Our trailer is in the sun, 24/7/365. And it's nine years old...

Marine grade gelcoat is tough, but extra uv protection from a quality wax is important. Both the Oliver, and the boat, still shine. don't let the surface get oxidized from the sun by skipping wax cycles. You'll regret it

Lately, our neighbors have been investing in the ceramic coatings for their boats. One neighbor paid $1200 for a 17 ft boat.... We'll see how it holds up.


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I have a 10' step ladder that I use to clean the roof and solar panels. Karen bought the Swiffer Sweaper wet dry kit and it works fine when boondocking. I use the wet pads to scrub the trailer and the panels every couple of weeks. I don't do the whole trailer with the Swiffer, I just remove the spots. The best part about it is when the mop is dirty, you just put on a new damp cloth. Usually it takes 2 to clean the panels, then I hit it with a wet towel.


We've paid to have it washed and waxed twice at truck stops while on the road and we clean it thoroughly every month. The truck washes have cost us $50 to wash and wax both the trailer and the car, a small price to pay to keep that sore back away.


Otherwise I will grab a bucket with a shammy cloth and some soap and go to town :) I spend a lot of time in a chair when removing the road spray from the lower front panel and propane cover. I carry a bucket full of assorted tools in the back of the car and I use it for the wash water.

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I just completed the ZEP Floor Finish / Polish treatment on our 2016 LE2.  Attached are instructions that I found on a fiberglass RV forum and updated a bit.  I have read that the ZEP looks streaky until the third coat, but I found that the first coat looked pretty good.  This treatment is highly recommended for bringing oxidized gel coat back to life and protecting it from the sun.   If anyone else is using ZEP on their Ollie, I would like to hear about your experience.




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I use a extendable RV brush to wash it and do my best to wash it after every trip. I have used Meguiars marine wax wax on all our fiberglass trailers once a year. I just finished waxing the Oliver for the first time. I did the roof and front one day and the sides the next day. Big job but it looks great.

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Ours is fairly new (Feb delivery) so not a lot of experience but we did ask a lot of questions at the plant and here on the forum.


We have been washing with a turtle wash/wax solutions when dirty and after the last wash I put the first coat of wax on it. Based on recommendations I plan to do at least yearly but possibly two times a year. We went to a West Marine and asked for recommendations and this is the product that they told us was best/most popular:




It goes on as a liquid with a microfiber towel and is polished off before it turns to haze....not terribly difficult to do but somewhat time consuming. Like other have suggested I think the key is to stay on top of the finish and not let it get oxidized.


We also are using the serious shine that they were using at the plant for the inside.

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I too used "serious shine" when I first got my Ollie.  Its OK stuff but virtually any of the auto detailers are just as good and even easier to mist on and wipe off.  However, to make it even easier there is an interior auto detailer available:




This stuff can be used on everything including glass.



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