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Tow Mirrors


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I tow with a VW Touareg TDI and would not be comfortable towing without towing mirrors.  Without them, you really can't see behind the camper.  The ones I've used successfully for a number of years are Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand Aero3 Towing Mirrors.  You can purchase on Amazon and other places.  They are easy to attach and give you a good field of vision.



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I tow with a 2013 Land Cruiser and don’t need extra mirrors. However I think a trailer backup camera that is NOT wired into your backup lights is mandatory. I turn it on when in heavy traffic to watch for tailgaters or idiots. It is extremely helpful!


When I towed with a Ram 3500 with wide mirrors it was certainly nice, but I don’t have a problem with the 200’s stock ones. I suspect your Tundra is a few inches wider, so no worries.


Since you are getting an Elite II, I hope you have the 5.7 engine. If so you definitely have the needed power and those wonderful 4.30 axles. My 200 has 3.90 axles and with my Plus 2 tires it struggles a little at high altitude. I may regear them, eventually, maybe go all the way to 4.88.... so I can tow in fifth instead of forth. If you have stock tires or up to 33” ones you should have no difficulties.


John Davies


Spokane WA

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Our tow vehicle is a Toyota Tundra with the standard mirrors and we have no issues with towing the Elite II.  The Tundra has the 5.7 L engine with a 4.30 axle and have had no problems towing anywhere in the country.


Good luck and safe travels.



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Horace & Dianne

Chesapeake, Virginia

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When I towed with vehicles other than a 1/2 ton truck I felt the need for rear side-view mirrors.  But, since the Oliver is just about the same width as my F-150, I can see behind it just fine.  Like John, I too turn on my rear camera when I'm in heavy traffic and/or am backing up - think safety here. That camera also helps avoid the bozo who is right on your bumper and just about the time you decide to move right, they jump out trying to get one car ahead.


If you decide to get the mirrors anyway, don't get the kind that "strap" onto your existing mirrors.  Those rubber straps are difficult to deal with and do not last more than a couple of years.  Nor would I purchase the type that just "clips" onto the existing mirrors.  This type that "slides" over the existing mirrors is better:




Of course, mirrors that can be "tilted" back alongside your vehicle are great in that you can swing them back when getting into tight spaces and then back out when the area opens back up.  I've never owned a vehicle that had mirrors that can be extended while towing since I've always thought that most of these were a bit ugly.


Hope this helps.





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Near Asheville, NC

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Agree with the above.  I had planned to swap out tow mirrors on our Raptor, since they're not available from the factory, but found the stock mirrors to be perfectly fine.  Tow mirrors are really only necessary when what you're towing is wider than your truck.


Having said that, bigger mirrors are always nicer.


I also agree with John D.  An always-on rear view camera (I use a wired system from RVS) is a big asset, for backing up as well as keeping an eye on what's coming up behind you.

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Thanks Y'all. John I do have the 5.7 L engine. Thinking I will hold of for a while and maybe upgrade to proper towing mirrors if I feel they would be really beneficial, but seems like a number of y'all have had success with standard 150 mirrors. Bill, I decided to go ahead and get the back mirror installed for traffic, bozos, backing up etc. Y'all are the best! Thanks!

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We have just standard mirrors on our Ram 2500. We can see down both sides of the Oliver without a problem. We use the rear Oliver camera when passing another vehicle. With a reach over to turn on the camera we know when it is safe to pull back in. We also turn it on in heavier traffic to watch the 'zip zips' trying to gain an extra foot in the right lane, or the tailgaters.  We do find to leave the camera on all the time is a distraction.

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We too tow with a Tundra. I bought the extended snap-on mirrors but took them off. They are unnecessary, and I found that they blocked too much of the view to the sides of the truck.



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