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Rear bumper pins


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I've used about 8 inches of picture frame wire to wire my bumper pins to the bolt that the bumper rotates on to so I don't lose them. Keeps them from falling in the dirt and handy when closing the bumper and doesn't seem to interfere with opening or closing it.

From a senior who forgets where he puts stuff..... :?

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Glad to hear that, Doug. The earlier models didn't have wires or chains for the pins. We used some Stainless Steel leader wire and crimp rings from the tackle box to secure our pins. Thanks for the update.


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Another note on the pins. The right side pin is on my rig was really tight, almost impossible to remove or insert some times. I ran a drill bit of the same size as the existing hole and it now works like a champ. This did give the pin a little more play, but it doesn't appear to be an issue.

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That's funny...my right side pin is also extremely tight. I've been able to get it out by pushing the bumper in tight with one hand while twisting the pin out with the other. I'm afraid to drill it out because I don't want to have the opposite problem...a rattling bumper. So for now, I'm leaving it as is.



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The reason your pins are so tight is because the spare tire cover is pressing down on the bumper and not allowing it to swing into its fully "up" position. It only takes a few thousands of misalignment to make the pins not fit well. Drilling them out is probably the only long term solution. You can, however, loosen the winged nut holding the spare tire cover on and lift the cover as much as possible and re-tighten the nut, really tight. This works, but probably only temporarily as travel will inevitably allow the cover to slip down and return to a position resting on the bumper and not allowing it to swing up fully again. You can always try slamming it into the closed position, but it makes a lot of noise when you do!



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I've struggled all day today to remove the bumper pins and drain the grey tank. No luck.


Then my daughter and family arrive for a visit. He stares at the structure for about a minute and then LIFTS the bumper UP near each pin and they just slide out effortlessly.

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Our Oliver is one of the early ones. Hull #39. Are the pins still the same?. I have lost one and wondered where I can go to replace it. I have put a safety chain on my existing one and will do the same when I find a replacement fo the other one.


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I have lost one and wondered where I can go to replace it.


I would check with Oliver first.  They may be able to help you.


If not you can go to McMaster-Carr.com and do a search for: T-Handle Locking Quick-Release Pins.


You will have to measure the size of your pin to get the correct one.


Good Luck!

Shirley Arrighi

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Had the same tight fit on our new Elite II, took my drill and drill index with me when I picked up our new trailer, sure enough the pins were tight and hard to remove, I could push on the rear bumper as someone said and it helped, but taking a 100/1000's off with a larger drill bit did the job and all works as it should now.  I have found that going camping without a drill and drill bits is becoming a necessity more and more.





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I just jiggle the bumper while pulling the pins, not a problem. Glad Oliver put a tether on the pins in the later editions, I'm sure I'd be looking for mine if not!!!



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