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Anderson Jack Blocks (The red buckets)

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I purchased three of the Anderson Jack Blocks thinking the reduced time (jack travels much less), reduces stress on the jack ( not extended so far, better for resisting side loads) and clean off with a rinse when used on dirt.  So they work as advertised but I have discovered a basic weakness of the product when used on anything other than concrete. See the pictures.  When used as sold the bucket goes flange side/hollow side down.  The issue is all the weight is on the flange portion that calculates roughly 28 square inches.  So given say a say “650” lb tongue weight that equates to 23 PSI.  The result is the flange settles into both dirt and asphalt.  By comparison a 2x12 board cut square 11.25x11.25 is 127.6 square inches and 5.14 PSI with the same load.  I may try them upside down but they will collect some rain water.  Bottom line I need to put a flat surface of lumber or other plastic block to prevent the bucket from sinking in.  At the last campsite we were at the settled in about 1/2 in per day.  I store the Ollie at a new RV storage yard and the owner wasn’t too pleased with the rings I left in his asphalt.  




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Thanks for that insight. My wife an I were literally Just talking about these and I logged in to find a picture . . . 
I think for the price I can do better!

David and Vicky
2017 Ford F-250 4x4 6.2L
2020 LEII #686 (under construction)

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At the Oliver Trailer Rally, Anderson is one of our primary sponsors.  I got a set of the red buckets from the Anderson Reps.  When I ask about what side is up, they told me, definitely do not put the jack stands inside the bucket.  It is a engineering design.  

I carry a 3/4 " piece of plywood a bit larger than my buckets.  That works great with the jack on top !

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We use the Andersen buckets, seem to work fine.  I purchased an Andresen "kit" with buckets, banana levelers, and door entry mud mat.  All bright orange color.  Easy to store and keep clean. Likely same or better options out there, just keeping it same with Andersen (also have Andersen hitch system).  

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2019 Oliver Legacy Elite II, Hull#444

2019 GMC Sierra 2500HD Crew Cab, 4WD, Denali, Duramax 6.6L Turbo Diesel V8 Engine with Allison 6-speed transmission

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