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Switching from twins to king size bed


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Has anyone modified their Ollie from the Twin bed to a king size bed.  We though the twins would work for us but we just don't like them.  From what I see removing the nightstand is just 4 bolts and some caulk.  The bed rails appear to be riveted as seen I the picture below.  Would the best approach be just drilling out the rivets?  I don't see anything below them that I would need to be concerned about.  Any experience would be appreciated.





John and Kim

2021 GMC Sierra 2500 AT4 6.6L Duramax 11350 GVWR  3048lb Payload

2021 Oliver Elite II.   Hull #887

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Foy is an Oliver owner and wood worker who makes many upgrades for our Ollies, here's a link to his catalog, if you scroll down to page 17 there is an option for you to consider to covert the twins to a king.




Albert & Terri Sterns

Paonia, Colorado

Elite II Hull #1125 Standard Floorplan / 2017 Ford F250 gas

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Other than what ANT says above - you are correct - you will need to drill out the rivets to remove the "side extensions" of the twin beds.  The night stand removes fairly easily too.  


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