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  1. We store extra paper towels and TP in there, in a cloth bag, also an extra set of towels and washcloths in a nylon zippered packing cube. It is all soft and light weight so we haven't made any sort of platform. Seems to be working so far. Paula
  2. I installed the 500amp version of the Victron Shunt and they are everywhere for about $130.00. They are effectively 300amp units if you read the fine print. The Bluetooth is not a problem on this version. I actually connected the other terminal to monitor my parallel string of 6 volt AGM batteries so that I always know how each pair are performing.
  3. This is the URL for the new Wi-Fi Ranger firmware https://wifiranger.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/WFR-User-Manual-710b11-09152021.pdf
  4. One additional item to post about the WiFiranger configuration. Remember that if you leave your WiFiranger hardware on at night and are bothered by the status LEDs, there is a configuration option to turn off the LEDs in the Advanced Tab for the configuration. After you change the settings, you will need to reboot the device via the menu or power off/on the device before it takes effect. Warning, never power off the WiFiranger while the configuration is being saved.
  5. Bill, I couldn't agree more about realistic expectations for bandwidth availability of campground Wi-Fi. You know there is a "head end" issue when your performance from the Wi-Fi is better outside of peak hours. Our experience with the Cell booster has definitely been positive. Now on to my update. So here are my preliminary results. First and foremost, you will need to ticket opened with WiFiranger to allow them to evaluate whether the older units, 2019 and before, are able to be upgraded to 7.1... firmware. They will ask for the ID of the unit. This a six digit ID numbers in the top right hand corner of the WiFiranger control panel. They will let you know if you can proceed and point your "Check for Update" link to the correct location in their cloud infrastructure. From here, I can share my experience which was successful. First, when we have our Oliver at home, my WiFiranger will automatically connect via Wi-Fi to my home broadband. I can access the control panel using the local hostname in the URL of Firefox, mywifranger.com on my laptop while connected to the Wi-Fi network I created for my Oliver LEII. The URL mywifiranger.com resolves and redirects your browser to your WiFiranger IP address. If the WiFiranger is connected to a network, it will establish a connection to the WiFiranger cloud and prompt you to Check for Updates. When you select check for updates after WiFiranger support has made their changes, the Check for Update allow you to upgrade to the new firmware. Firefox screen pushed the old menu down the screen and after I pressed the Check for updates link. It reappeared showing the link to the new firmware. When you click on the upgrade, you will be prompted to permit the upgrade to continue. The SkyPro and Core will be upgraded. The upgrade of the SkyPro finished and I received an error when the Core upgrade was about 45 percent complete. The message indicated a version mismatch and the installation aborted. Sometimes mismatches are to be expected with two devices are involved so I tried several more times and finally started receiving an error saying insufficient internet bandwidth. I updated my ticket and then tried using my iPhone tethered to the Core. After about an hour of waiting for a response from support and a lot of wasted time trying to work with the tethered iPhone, I just took a break. About 30 minutes later I accessed the WiFiranger control panel and it showed the upgrade was completed successfully. I posted the update to the ticket and waited for support to respond. They haven’t. I spent some time testing and looking at the software menus. They have simplified the menus and removed some of the confusion. I haven’t noticed any speed improvements.
  6. Everyone, I received an email from Winegard indicating the availability of a new firmware version following an announcement in August. It is purported to improve the web user interface and enhance the SkyPro functionality. As many of you know, the WiFiRanger has limited use for most of us who don't have seasonal campsites at campgrounds that offer sufficient bandwidth to support potential users. I will be installing the update and will update this thread with my thoughts about the web user interface and any significant changes I discover.
  7. Below is the link to a flared connection that would be added to the Camp Chef. I opted for this or one similar to it. I also bought one that was flared, but also had a short hose with the 1/4 inch QC on it. This is handy too. It gets the fitting for the extension hose off the surface where you join it. I found many instances where I could barely keep the Camp Chef Ranger II on the picnic table and still make the connection to the QC female end of the hose running to the Oliver QC. https://www.amazon.com/DOZYANT-Fittings-Connecting-Pressure-Appliance/dp/B082683LGQ?pd_rd_w=vCZMJ&pf_rd_p=306cc3dd-f716-4afe-8aeb-47781d60c63f&pf_rd_r=3NT1235EMHXRS51JVAEG&pd_rd_r=e0f176e2-542e-44c6-aae7-61397b3cde27&pd_rd_wg=GdOjT&psc=1&ref_=pd_bap_d_csi_vtp_0_i
  8. On closer examination of the hose, you should be fine with the hose as is as suggested by the first reply.
  9. The adapter on the Camp Chef should be flared. So the 3/8 inch connector on the hose isn’t what I would use.
  10. We are fans of VT state parks too. Last summer we loved Button Bay State Park on Lake Champlain and Gifford Woods State Park in Killington. Paula
  11. We definitely had a problem with the rear exit window right after I opened it up on our spring trip right before we got back home. We were advised to check the caulking our our less than two year old trailer. We spent much time documenting the issue for Oliver Service. The water was leaking into the track behind the handle and filling and overtopping the screen channel. We suspected the top right corner of the window as viewed from within the LEII. Paula used paper towels stuffed into certain locations to identify the area of intrusion. We naturally followed Oliver’s recommendation to caulk all the windows. We still had the issue. There is a seal on the exit window that should prevent water from entering the interior track. There are also two mounting screws on the top of the window channel that secure the hinged window to the frame. Those should be caulked as well. Paula found two small shreds of plastic on the inner channel at the top of the window where the hinge is attached. She removed these shreds. We haven’t had any issues since except at the weep holes in the window channels that plague all the Oliver windows and require constant attention.
  12. We have a Tuson TPMS system with internal TPMS and it is installed in our LEII tires and spare and is very good. They provide a transmitter for the trailer if it is longer than 18 feet as I recollect. I installed it too. I was curious on how it reads the spare and was pleasantly surprised to get the info when the trailer is moving. I purchased the activation tool from them to ease the configuration for the spare’s TPMS which was purchased separately. The activator sends a signal to the TPMS that simulates a pressure drop. Alternatively without this tool, I would have had to bleed air from the tire. I opted for the tool. It ended up being important for me to use on the other TPMSes installed so I could get all the tires displayed in the right order.
  13. We have a 2019 LEII and we found that the antenna for radio wasn’t connected. Once that was done, reception was better. We have the Omni antenna and it works really well although we don’t really use it much. I have scanned channels in many places to see what are available and have found the quality of the image from the over the air signal to be excellent.
  14. As long as the pee bucket is emptied every couple of days and not allowed to "steep" it isn't bad. We do find that if you let it go longer it can be a little ripe when you empty it. The part that I thought would be nasty, emptying the used coco coir, isn't stinky at all. If you had the runs for several days you might need to add more coco coir, but a single case hasn't been an issue. I do think if I needed to vomit I'd choose a bowl rather than hang over the toilet! Luckily haven't had to test that yet! We are glad we chose the composting toilet. Paula
  15. We've replaced ours once and it needs it again. Seems to last about a year before the numbers area cracks. Kind of aggravating to keep replacing it but I worry about rain getting under the number plate. Paula
  16. I have attached pictures of my new strap with PVC tensioner. You can see I added a hold down piece of aluminum L shaped angle as opposed to a metal washer. Here is a close up view.
  17. We ordered ours in February of 2019 and took delivery in September 2019. We have never regretted our decision. We also benefitted from the forum and we were fortunate enough to attend the 2019 Oliver Rally at Lake Guntersville SP. We really enjoyed seeing the presentations and meeting many of the owners. We have been so pleased with our LEII and love to share with other people.
  18. I took some photos of our failure. This was the second occurrence. First failure pulled the strap from the screw connecting it to the aluminum base on the right side of the furnace facing the curb side. I just used another hole. I did have to bend the left side to ninety degrees to have enough strap to reconnect. This failure was after our trip last fall. This new failure probably occurred due to a very rough unpaved road, rutted, and with many potholes. We had our tire pressure at 70lbs this spring. We don’t have any strap on our Truma and it is solid. The furnace has a bit more give to it without the strap We are going to lower our tire pressure to 60lbs before our fall trip. I will go with a nylon strap secured with a aluminum u channel and two screws on each side The strap will a buckle on top. David
  19. I don't remember seeing a top screw on ours, will have to look again. We bought new metal strapping but haven't really decided whether to use that or to try another solution with a nylon strap. Still pondering! We've read much of the past discussions about tire pressure and have been running ours at 70 psi. Interesting to know Jason says 55. Paula
  20. I like the holder in the closet that holds your aluminum foil etc. What did you use to attach it to the inside of the closet door? Looks like something (wood?, plastic?) was glued (with what?) to the inside of the closet door, then the rack was attached by screws into the wood/plastic. Nice mods! TIA. Paula
  21. We just finished a trip on miles of gravel/dirt logging roads. When I was cleaning the dust out I lifted the panel under the curbside bed and noticed that the same strap is broken on our 2019 LEII. This is the second time it has broken. David is thinking about replacing it with a heavy duty nylon strap. What do you think? Paula
  22. We bought a Weber 1200 and did the mod to allow it to work off the Oliver QC. We also got a Camp Chef stove and put a 3/8 inch 1/4 inch QC male flared fitting on it to connect to the Oliver QC. I do enjoy like using QC connections front and rear.
  23. I find the KTT mattress a little too hard but David likes it. I am more of a side sleeper and he is more of a back sleeper. Paula
  24. Cindy, We ordered the denser foam cushion from Foam Source https://foamsource.com/. We bought the densest, heaviest (ridiculously expensive!) ones. We do like them a lot though! Paula
  25. We changed to denser and heavier foam cushions to prevent "bottoming out" when we sat at the dinette for a long time. One benefit was that they no longer slip, even without the nonskid mat. We have the ultrafabric. Paula
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