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When you see another Ollie on the highway - proper etiquette.

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We are traveling north toward Canada and we passed a southbound Elite II being towed by a white Land Cruiser or Sequoia, a mile south of Okanogan, WA on US 97. I pulled over at the next turnout, hoping the other one would do a u turn and rendezvous with us. Nope....


We need a standard set of rules for head-on passing encounters. On a narrow mountain forest road, uphill vehicles have right of way and downhill vehicles should pull over and give them room. Maybe we could adopt something like this.....


If one of the owners wants to meet, flash your headlights rapidly.


North or east bound Ollies have “right of way”, and should  proceed, then pull over and wait when possible, or exit the next off ramp from a freeway.


South or west bound Ollies should do a u-turn when possible and safe, and go back to meet the other.


Obviously this has limitations when traveling on the Interstates, especially when the exits are thirty miles apart. But it could work OK on secondary highways and county roads.....


For situations where you overtake an Ollie on a freeway, the passing Ollie should exit at the next offramp or rest area and the other should follow. That would be simple....


We waited ten minutes but never saw that other Ollie, but he may have pulled over to wait for us..... LOL.


Comments? Please discuss. We could post an article with these “rules” in the Newsletter for those who don’t hang out here.


John Davies


Spokane WA



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Most of us, going down the road are attempting to get somewhere and may not be able to read the mind of a passerby as to rendezvous spot.  And I would also think many Ollie owners are not on the forum at all.   Over the last eleven years, whenever I see a fellow fiberglass trailer (we're all in a very small community of travelers) in the opposing lane, I flash the lights, roll down the window, toss out my arm and wave like a madman.  I think I get about a 20% return wave and it feels grand.


My most unique encounter with a fellow Ollie owner was when there were only about 20 Ollies in existence. I stopped into an RV park just to dump and put on fresh water, in California.  While I was in process, a couple pulled up in their rig, pulling another Elite.  The driver hopped out and we both simultaneously exclaimed "Who the HE** are YOU?"  Well they owned a hull number well before my #14 and invited me to camp in their yard and get acquainted.


It's a wonderful world . . .



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I'm in the habit of waiving, or flashing the lights, or having a quick conversation with all fiberglass trailer owners.  Especially Oliver owners.


Some folks flash me first and some are oblivious as I acknowledge them.


So, here is the newest problem:  As we begin to travel with the new HQ19, and continue to see Olivers and Casitas, etc, waving at them will just cause confusion.   They are unlikely to know why I'm giving them the thumbs-up!  So I guess I'll just smile, or comment "nice trailer!"


Wait till we are camped with 100 of them at the next rally!  Or we attend the evening ceremonies!  Of course, we have decided to name the new trailer "Ollie", so maybe nobody will notice.

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I like the idea of flashing lights and waving!!  Maybe one day, there will be an OTT chat app for phones/computers where you can text (perhaps OTTrig # would be username) and touch base (NOT while driving!).  If owners want a meet-up, one could be arranged.

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[postquote quote=178536][/postquote]

That’s against the law in Florida.  But just call and I’ll come and get you out.



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