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I am planning on purchasing a Honda EU2200i inverter generator for our Elite I and am interested in how best to secure the generator.  I am ordering the tongue box and plan to transport it there.  I was interested in your thoughts on how best to secure it there as well as when you are using it in camp.



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We added a locking cross-bed tool box to our pickup.  It's actually one that sits down in the bed, flush with the bed rails (not resting on top of them.  It's roomy enough to carry our BBQ grill, portable generator, fuel and a small propane tank in it as well as other gear that we don't want to worry about "walking off".  

Ray and Susan Huff

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Yes, that does look a bunch better than having some cables or chains with big old padlocks.  Certainly it will draw less attention.  It will be interesting to hear how it works in the real world.


2017 Ford F150 Lariat 3.5EB FX4 Max Towing 2016 Oliver Elite II - Hull #117 "Twist"

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8 hours ago, Townesw said:

Look at a LowPro LockDown.


I don’t have one yet but this is what another forum member uses and it looks like the best solution to me.


This does seem like a great way to secure a generator but I don’t think this company is still in business.


Andrew, Carianne and Buffy | San Diego, CA

2019 Legacy Elite II Hull #468 "California Burrito" | 2018 BMW x5 35d 

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6 minutes ago, AndrewK said:

I don’t think this company is still in business.

The facebook page hasn't been updated in ages. http://perfectcasita.com/ was updated in early 2019 but the e-commerce pages are broken on both http://perfectcasita.com/  and http://lowprolockdown.com   

Really cool product. Maybe the 2020 RV madness will open them back up for business.

(469) 312-1222 if anyone wants to give their listed number a try.

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Actually, if they aren't in business anymore, I  think there are some highly skilled metal shop folks here who could build something similar, from the photos....


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I called Orbital Machine Works, the company that makes this item. The lady that returned my call said that they are still being made, but you put your name on a waiting list and the wait time is currently 1 year. 

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Bill and Martha

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