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Basement storage container perfect fit.


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That looks pretty handy.. and got me wondering about what other folks stuff into the basement and what kind of storage solutions they have come up with…

Heres what we’ve got stashed away.. a tote with a couple 50’ water hoses and assorted “water gear”, a sort of spool I made with two 25’ cords wrapped around it and related testers and adapters in its center… a milk crate full of blocking of various sizes (6x6s, 2x6s 1x6s etc) and a box I made full for an assortment of tools and gear aimed at quick repairs and trouble shooting without getting into the “real toolbox” that lives in the truck.




the tote and spool go in first…


followed by the crate of blocking, and the tools.. the remaining space is where I stow the wheel chocks


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On 9/27/2021 at 9:20 AM, wolfdds said:

This storage container is a perfect fit for the back of the basement. Plano, 68 quart, medium storage trunk.





Curious what you store in the tote, and what you keep in the rest of the space in the basement.  We pick up in less than 2 months.  

Things I definitely want to store here: The trailer and bike tool boxes, Electric cords and hoses, and anderson levelers, orange blocks. Trying to think of things that we definitely need to bring, but don't necessarily use every trip - THAT is what I would store in the tote...


Boulder, CO

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