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Shower faucet low water pressure

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Hi all. I had discussed my problem of very low water pressure at my shower faucet even with the faucet head removed on an earlier post. No issues at kitchen, outside faucet or toilet. I decided to share this on a separate post on how I fixed the problem since others might have this problem sometime. I bought the vinegar (see pic) at Home Depot and was planning on pumping it though the fresh water tank (bypassing the water heater) and decalcifying before my next trip. But meanwhile I had the idea of removing the faucet head, turn of water or pump and drain as much of the water out of the shower water line as I could. Then I took a syringe - see pic (no needle) and slowly over 1 hr. injected about 2 cups of the vinegar down the faucet hose (see pic) . Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection as the vinegar will burn. I hung the shower hose to the shower holder so I got max amount of vinegar down the hose.  Pics need to be rotated 90 degrees. After 1 hr. I went back and turned on the water pump and water pressure is back to normal.  👍



sringe1 (3).jpg

vinegar1 (2).jpg

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Good job Imelda. Sorry I missed your earlier question  about vinegar vs CLR but looks like you figured it out. I've never used CLR because white vinegar is always on hand and it works. It's also a lot cheaper with no worries about damaging seals.

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Ingenious,  @Imelda.  Great job.

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I had the same problem with my bath faucet and had to take the hoses loose and blow out the bath faucet and sure enough a small piece of plastic blew out the lime. I guess it had finally worked it's self down the line from construction.


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