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Sometimes Nature Comes to You


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17 hours ago, bugeyedriver said:

found this newborn fawn hunkered down in the corner.

That is amazing! We had an outdoor cat, so all we'd find at our front door are dead birds, chipmunks, and rabbits...


This Screech Owl tested out our old house, but didn't stay.


At our backyard feeder



We've had Green Herons nesting in a Linden tree for several years. These four fledglings were enjoying a day in the sun.



One of a zillion photos from our western travels.


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3 hours ago, topgun2 said:


That's one way to keep burglars away.

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They hung around for a few days feasting on the crab apple trees and creek bed . Kinda hard on the dog walks. Last week, I opened the front door at 9PM and looked up at mama three feet way. Sorry no pics....had to do laundry.


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