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Victron Multiplus II 3000 - Installation Xantrax Removal

Ty J

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Replacing xantrax on my Oliver Elite II 2021.

Can't beat power assist on Victron components (Uses battery to meet power requirements when specificed amount of current is set)

I have had Victron Multiplus in my old camper and I am crying for the first time , I hate drilling into this beautiful Elite but can't get wires from upper cabinet to lower components without drilling. 

Going to install Victron MPPT - 100 /30 for outside solar panels 400 watts of ground deployed solar panels 

Victron Orion 12 volt to 12 Volt charger for vehicle charging and for a Pecron 500 amp hour battery I have under the bed. 

Victron Smartshunt for monitoring batteries

Victron Cerbo GX for the brains of the operation all components plug into and are monitored by this device.

Victron small touch screen

Built wood support for Multiplus much heavier than xantrax probably double. (I did not lift or look at weights but had a friend put in place) (6 back surgeries lifting days are over)

Here are some pictures 

Had one heck of time getting hole centered perfect to drill. Went as far as I could in corner of cabinet . . . .  . .Little scary but turned out ok. 

Going to work on Battery box holes at same time and maybe add ventilation for batteries at same time. 

Thanks to everyone for posting information on ventilation 

Take care Montana Oliver









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Excellent job! Looks great! I would love to have that in our Oliver! 

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Kirk and Carrie Peterson

Twin Falls, Idaho

2018 Ram 3500, with overland conversion: Rooftop tent, water, stove, Battle Born batteries, lockers, onboard air, raised air intake, Warn winch. 

2023 Elite 2, twin beds, delivered December 5, 2022 Truma package, lithium platinum package.
Hull #1305

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I have concerns about cooling. That compartment is dead end and gets very hot in summer. How will you deal with that? Your unit is horizontal, which isn’t desirable, and it doesn’t appear to have the required 4” clearances all around it. Do you plan to add vents and a blower or fan?

Can you easily remove the black service cover for service or adjustments “in situ”, without taking the unit out?

Are you a “qualified electrical engineer” and do you think your warranty will be good? What does your warranty booklet say about this?

I would greatly appreciate some closeups of the wiring.



Here is a full article on installation.


Victron MultiPlus II intro video

I love some Victron components, others drive me completely nuts. Their batteries for example, have no onboard  Battery Management System, and they  cannot function without the full suite of their proprietary controls and chargers, and they have to ship by a trucking company as hazmat freight…. $$$$$. (Battle Borns ship by FedEx.)


John Davies

Spokane WA








"Mouse":  2017 Legacy Elite II NARV (Not An RV) Two Beds, Hull Number 218, See my HOW TO threads: https://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/john-e-davies-how-to-threads-and-tech-articles-links/

Tow Vehicle: 2013 Land Cruiser 200, 33" LT tires, airbags, Safari snorkel.

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2 hours ago, Ty J said:

Pecron 500 amp hour battery I have under the bed. 

Can you please start a new thread about that? Is it a portable power station?


John Davies

Spokane WA

"Mouse":  2017 Legacy Elite II NARV (Not An RV) Two Beds, Hull Number 218, See my HOW TO threads: https://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/john-e-davies-how-to-threads-and-tech-articles-links/

Tow Vehicle: 2013 Land Cruiser 200, 33" LT tires, airbags, Safari snorkel.

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Thanks for your concerns John,

No I do not have a electrical certification but have a electrical background, and I am working with a good friend who is a electrician. 

There is proper clearance on front and back , but time will tell with the heat , I have Govee thermostats that will monitor the space and alert me if its over 95 degrees.

Your right we may have to put more ventilation and fans to blow out into garage as necessary. I would like to find room for a small mini split that I installed in my last trailer

It was a 12 volt mini split. It was not efficient enough, It was a experiment and I would go with a 120 volt next time. It kept campers one room comfortable 75 degrees below 92 degrees outside. I am looking at upgrading the a/c this winter, have been looking for the best route to go with a heat pump.

Yes heat could be a issue. time will tell. 

That is not a recommended mounting (have looked at many other forums they mounted horizontal with no issues) I did mount my other unit that way and the fan ran full blast when charging the batteries, but never overheated in higher temps.

I could program the victron to charge at a slower rate and it was not a issue. I will definately keep eye on temps. 4 years of running my old unit never had a issue in same 

enclosed space, this unit is only charging 4 batteries and the other unit I had was charging six battleborns. I could run my ac approximately 6.5 hours stopping and starting every 7 to 10 minutes in 100 degree temps.

The cover on the bottom and top can be removed for service also. 

I agree with you on there batteries, thats why I went with battleborn. I trust the BMS in the system. There are smaller, more compact manageable Lithium Lifepo4 batteries out there Lion energy and even batteries that are half the price out there. The BMS is the proof in the pudding , I put my full trust in there technology of BattleBorn . I have 3 x friends with the same Victron system and love it. 

Warranty is not a concern. I am not retired quite yet another 5 years , we camp from 30 to 45 days a year and that is pushing my time off already.

Before I know it the system will be out of warranty. Yes safety should be my primary concern , mounting it that was is unfortunately only option in a oliver, cannot find another proper location that is high enough.

This is a learning process , I am learning the oliver Elite II ins and outs and appreciate all of you for posts.

Thanks for all your input. Time will tell. 

Here is a picture of my older first try system. Yes its messy. Definetely could open a can of worms here!Yikes.jpg.535e92fa16fa10bd2559ed1f070ac2b0.jpg


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