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    Nan, going to put my two cents in. I am a woman in my mid 60's. The past two years I towed a 1200 pound modified tear drop. About three weeks ago I took possession of my Elite. I have towed the Elite to the DMV for inspection, parked it in an RV lot after 6 inches of snow has fallen, and most recently moved it into indoor storage. The first week I had it I took it over to a church parking lot (during the day mid-week ) and practiced backing it up, pulling it around, parking it between parking lines, and took if off the Anderson Sway bar for about an hour. Once you get the confidence it is not that hard! Just be patient, take it slow, and don't be intimidated! If you have a friend that has some time and can go with you to help you during this learning curve, that will also help you get used to towing.
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    cmdmon286- The Oliver camper family is so proud of you! You asked questions, you listened, you practiced, apparently you are learning and you are gaining confidence. It appears to me that you are a virtual guidebook as to how to attack so many "issues" concerning RV's. Thanks for being here> Bill p.s. Keep your guard up - it is when we get rushed and/or complacent that bad things happen.
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    Great video that spells this out so that even I understand it, sorta. "Towing capacity, quite frankly, is the least important number..." https://youtu.be/qwFLOBrADBs Chris
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    During our build I had an interior switch placed for the electric aspect of the water heater. The switch controls 12VDC power to a relay which controls 120VAC power to the heater. An LED illuminates to tell me the system is in the mode to provide power to the electric element and reminds me if I have left the system activated. Sure does make it easier than fiddling with a breaker or having go outside to turn it off or on.
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    Fogo Island, Newfoundland - July, 2017 - with my own personal iceberg.
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    Philip, I need that hat. Plus a nice shirt.... When will we be able to buy Oliver branded merchandise? We have been asking for a very long time. Many of your owners are folically challenged and could put an Ollie hat to good use. Thanks. John Davies Spokane WA
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    Celia - While there ae many good waxes on the market, I believe that you will hear the most about either 3M products and/or a wax called Rejex. I used Rejex until a year ago when I tried Duragloss products. I use a 4 to one mix of their product 923 (4 parts) and 952 (1 part) on everything inside the Oliver. Yes, this includes the counters, mirrors and fiberglass. I simply can't say enough good things about it. On the exterior I use Duragloss product number 501 (Marine & RV Polish & Cleaner). Duragloss lasts as long as Rejex but is easier to apply and remove and leaves a "slicker" finish - in my opinion. Bill edit: John is correct - an enclosed storage facility certainly is much easier and one should be sure to only cover a clean surface. The CalMark cover has three straps that go all around the Oliver plus a "rope" in the hem that allows one to tighten the cover around the bottom. I've never had any of these straps loosen while in storage - but, I do check on them every 6 weeks or so just in case.
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    Nathan, add a signature so we can see what you drive. Are you planning to boondock and did you get the solar and Natures Head? There are so many cool things in Utah, but by mid May there will be a bunch of places you cannot reach yet because of snow, like the north rim of the GC and much of the National Forest high country. OTH the lower stuff will still be comfortable, Moab is worth a week at least. If you ride a dirt bike, being your gear and rent an ATV and go exploring. The White Rim Trail is stupendous but unfortunately you need a street legal motorcycle or 4wd truck and you can’t drag Ollie along. So if you want to do that drive, rent a Wrangler and be sure to make a reservation if you want to camp there, otherwise you just need a back country permit from the ranger station. The very best campsite is White Crack about half way along the 100 mile route. I love Moab, Canyonlands and Arches.... it is one of my favoritist areas ever. White Rim area pics: If you get there in June expect blistering 100 degree+ day time temps, you must either plug-in or bring a generator big enough to run your AC. Or head up high above 10,000 ft where it is cooler and there is some shade. If you like Overland style adventures, you could visit the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff starting May 17 .... https://www.overlandexpo.com/west/ but unfortunately they no longer allow “regular” travel trailers to camp there, just small offroad ones. Take lots of pics and please post them here! Finally, if you can borrow or rent a small travel trailer for at least a few days there in California, it will teach you an awful lot, and it will also make you appreciate how much better your Ollie is put together. It will also highlight accessories or equipment that you don’t have and can acquire before you head east. Like electrical adaptors, water filters, chairs, tools etc. https://rvshare.com/rv-rental/santa-cruz/ca John Davies Spokane WA
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    Matt, what you are suggesting has been discussed, but using the black tank for gray storage will just not work without some sort of positive displacement electrical transfer pump. The bottom of the black tank is several inches higher than the rest of the system, so the water will just sit in the drain pipe. You could drastically lower the tongue, but then the grey tank could not drain since its outlet is at the very rear.... Using the black tank to gravity feed extra FRESH water to the main tank will work, but I do not think anybody has actually done this yet. It is on my honey-do list, near the very bottom.... Use the black rinse port to fill the tank through the existing nozzles. Disconnect the big waste vent and block it off under the bathroom sink, and add a new overflow/ vent hose in the top of the tank, exiting out the floor. Access is easy under the Natures Head. Disconnect and cap the big waste discharge line forward of the slide valve. Add a custom 3 inch slip to 1/2” FPT adapter to the tank outlet,. install a 1/2” line and manual ball valve. Route the line to the right rear and tee the line to the tank fill system near the water heater. Voila. If you can figure out a simple and effective way to store gray water there, please let us know since I actually would rather have that capability. Finally, welcome to the forum. Your input is valued. John Davies Spokane WA
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    This year we have taken 2 - 5000 mile trips and during each we have had people tailgating us or riding in the left lane next to the trailer trying to figure out what brand the trailer is. Sometimes this has happened in major traffic like going through the Boston area and I find it very nerve racking. Since the rear Oliver sign is not lighted up during the daytime and our trailer has the older smaller graphics, I decided to add a "Oliver" and "Made in Tennessee" to the spare tire cover so hopefully people will stop tailgating. Had them made at a local sign shop. ?
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