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  1. I had to clean a rust stain this spring from outside the battery compartment hatch. Looking inside I had a good amount of that on the battery tray slides. Hmm. Also two of the straps were broken, for whatever reason the strap had come unsewn.
  2. With Bowdoin, Gardner, New Harbor, Edgecomb, Nobleboro, and two in Woolwich, we will have to have our own mini Rally. Plus those from "away" visiting...
  3. We know the "critical" choices oh so well. Just get everything? The solar impresses me every time I turn a light on. We have not had it plugged in, at home, since being it home in 2017. Not have we had a need too, and we use it there. We put our own decal on front in a CG in Alabama. Brought it with us from Bannana Banners. We found when gathering "stuff" for the Oliver that not to use a spare bedroom, there is more room in a garage , lol
  4. In a drawer. Fits with plenty of room for other items. The collapse part works surprisingly easy.
  5. We found a collapsible dish rack with a separate drainer. This allows full use of the sink. They both fit in a drawer when collapsed. We also found a cutting board fits on the drawer, which gives us more counter space when needed, and it moves quickly out of the way...
  6. Welcome. Does your 'avatar ', representing the new "historic" flag, going to be on the front of your new unit?
  7. Does Canada have a 4th of July?
  8. We usually stop in Monson too. Usually both coming and going, at Spring Creek BBQ. Think we might go back to Seboomock Wilderness CG at some point. Would like the NP to open up again, might be nice without the crowds.
  9. Hi we left there on the 19th. We looked for every back road there was to get home. May have gone through at least three towns that I am not even sure I knew existed. Was you in a "convoy"? Somebody told me the saw a EII and an DO traveling through Gardner about that time. Nice to meet you Michelle. Bob hull#211
  10. No. There are bins in the floor on each side, plus areas under the table that cover the hump. There is also quite a bit of storage back under where the seats were. Might depend on the model and how equiped?
  11. We like the fold UP rear seats in the Ram and that we can do it as a split.. But we love the storage under the seat base and the tool/storage boxes on either side. Raincoats, jumper cables, tow straps for those trucks with built in hooks on front, and some tools. Somethings just can't be left in the camper...
  12. A friend, who has a GMC, said that it was a good thing that Ford was coming out with a fold down seat. It would give the driver a place to take a nap, while waiting for the tow truck?
  13. Thank! Need something to go get ice cream in...
  14. 53 Mercury Monterey (?) maybe?
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