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  1. Steve, I am not sure I want to meet you in person with a moniker like “carnivore.” Happy trailering with 512.
  2. Hopefully someone has let you know that the 2019 models, and maybe the 2018, have a way of preventing the drawers from opening during travel. We can’t verify because we don’t pick up hull 509 until September.
  3. John, Thanks for providing another and better reason to cross the chains under the trailer tongue. The drawing shows the concept perfectly too. David
  4. Keeping in mind that we haven't actually towed our Ollie, yet, we ended up deciding on a 2019 Ram 1500 4x4 with 5.7 Hemi gasoline engine, 3.92 differential, and air suspension. It is a Crew Cab, so we will have just the 5.7 foot cargo space. We toyed with getting a diesel too. The 3.92 was the accommodation to give us more low end torque and the e-torque option is on our Ram. There are many folks who have been towing the LEII with diesels. The towing section of the forum is very helpful. We were really concerned about insuring that we had at least 1000 lbs of payload over and above the tongue weight of the Ollie and passengers. We looked at all the vehicles that met the bill, and just preferred the Ram 1500.
  5. We looked at the Lance too. We were very interested and they were in the running, but we saw the Oliver the very next month and once we saw the factory tour and joined the forum, we were sold. We put our order in before we left TN. We attended the rally in Alabama this year even though we had just put our first deposit down and we are even more convinced after visiting with folks and hearing their experiences, good and bad, and realizing the strength of the Oliver Family. We can't wait to pick up our unit in September.
  6. Can anyone tell me the size of the standard Oliver front graphic? I am trying to design our own graphic and need an approximate size to tell the company. Thank you, Paula
  7. Hi Nan, We met at the Rally and had a chance to chat. We won't pick up our Ollie until Sept. Congratulations on making your decisions and ordering the trailer. It sure can be long, stressful process! When do you pick up the Ollie. Paula
  8. Paula and I were in Bastrop this spring for a wedding and we really liked the North, access to the water, but not too many sites. We liked the South too. One negative is that all campers pay a day use fee in addition too the campsite fee. We were checking out a few campgrounds near Austin and San Antonio because we have family in both cities and expect to visit there after we pick up our Ollie in August/September.
  9. I really like your graphics colors! Safe journey back home. Paula
  10. Thank you for the detailed reply. We will look into the Garmin inReach for sure. Having a way to contact people when out of reach or in an emergency is definitely a necessity. I hear you about not needing to know the latest political scandal. We are in Canada for a couple of months in the summer, have no TV, and don't miss it! Paula
  11. I tried to post this earlier today but must have done something wrong since I don't see it anywhere. My apologies if it shows up twice! We are close to making the final option decisions for our Ollie and have a few questions experienced owners might be able to help with. Our plan is to do extensive traveling in the US and Canada using a mix of boondocking spots and campgrounds, most likely NOT during the summer months. 1. Do any of you who have the extra awning on the street side use it much? It is a fairly expensive option but seems useful for sun control. Waffling on this one! 2. The Winegard Omni-directional Antenna (the $299 option) . We plan to use the TV mostly for DVDs/movie streaming on rainy days but would like to be able to occasionally watch local news. Useful or not so much? 3. Cell phone booster - we currently have Verizon which works well on the east coast. I've read on the forum about people who have a different service for each cell phone they have which seems like a good idea. Do you find the booster gets you much more useable service? Thank you for any thoughts you have on my questions. Now I just have to buckle down and choose flooring and cushion colors, the hardest part! I've been reading my way through the Forum postings and the amount of information is amazing although I confess there's a lot I don't understand! Paula
  12. This is very timely. We found a used 2016 Ram 2500 Mega with a 5.7L engine with the 6 speed transmission and 3.92 differential. We are also looking a new too. The truck has the 160 inch wheelbase. We did see the Rebel in the showroom, but my wife and I didn't really embrace the color scheme. We both like the Ram trucks.
  13. Our trailer is scheduled to be finished in August too, but we won’t pick it up until September due to our summer plans. David
  14. Mainiac, Gotta say we never thought of that! Paula
  15. Paula and I appreciate everyone’s comments. We have made progress too. We are favoring the Ram 1500 or 2500 depending on how much weight we will have in the bed or the GMC 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton. The GMC 1/2 ton would require the Anderson hitch. The third choice would be the Toyota Tundra. The ride on the Rams and GMC w/o trailer are better than the Tundra. We will take a break for a week or so and then begin working with the dealers to see who will give us the best deal on the vehicle that has the most features we feel are required. We have learned a lot about each vehicle as we have completed our research and appreciated the help everyone has provided. David
  16. David and I just signed up for the Rally and since we won't have our Oliver until Aug-Sept will be staying at the Lodge. Hoping to learn a lot and make the long wait until pick-up day seem a bit shorter! Looking forward to our first Rally. Paula
  17. My wife and I are going to test drive two TVs on Friday. I have asked about an F-150 EB 3,5 with 10 speed and a Ram 1500 or 2500. Would appreciate feedback on either vehicle. We definitely want powered seats, but other than than and a crew cab/Super cab with tow features, we are flexible. TIA
  18. Hi Mike, If you come to NH feel free to get in touch! Paula and David
  19. Pete, did you and Bosker make it to PEI? There are some very nice campgrounds in Eastern PEI, particularly a provincial park called Red Point.
  20. Hi Quoyle, Nice to hear from another New Englander. We won't be picking up our Ollie until late summer or early fall so we'll be looking to see how your experience is. It is going to be a long wait! Paula and David
  21. My wife and I have recently returned from Hohenwald to visit Oliver and participate in the factory tour with Phil Andrews. We had seen the many video reviews and tour video, but there was a great benefit in being there in person. We have a build date of May 24th, 2019, for our LEII. We will need to purchase a TV before we head to our summer home in PEI, Canada so we would be interested in feedback about your experiences with your TV, but will post our questions in the appropriate forum. We are happy to be part of the Oliver Family.
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