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  1. just spent a couple days at the lava beds national monument, hardly anyone there, it's way out in the middle of nowhere, but very beautiful. $10 a night for beautiful flat campsites, water nearby and flush toilets. no hookups.
  2. thanks Patriot for letting me know that I'm not the only one still in warranty for another month just created a ticket regarding this
  3. hello, just noticed this after a camping trip, the exterior plastic panel (fridge) seems to have warped a bit, maybe it's picking up some of the wind which is pulling it out? I'd hate for this problem to continue and discover that I've lost the panel. Other than duct tape, I'm hoping someone has an idea of how I can make this flush again.
  4. here's what I've used for the past year. so far so good.
  5. I thought I had researched everything correctly and came with a receiver and ball that I thought were perfect. Of course I was wrong. Fortunately there's a Tractor Supply Co. about a quarter mile from OTT. I actually had to go back twice (!!) to get the correct set up. The folks at OTT were so patient with me and I don't blame them if they were amused by me. Anyway, that's a backup option to make sure you get on the road with the right setup.
  6. Thank you all for these ideas and suggestions. My great frustration is that I keep my Ollie three hours away at a friend's property, so I can't just run outside and work on the problem. I have to wait until the next time I go up, maybe in three or four weeks. I opened a ticket about the puck/touch lights and Jason believes they simply went bad. He'll send out five new puck lights that I can install. Unfortunately they're from another manufacturer and it sounds like they won't be touch activated. Regarding the inverter, I sent screenshots of the settings from the app, and Jason confirmed the settings are correct. So, no real answer yet to that inverter problem.
  7. Excellent question. Don't know. If it's there, I've never used it.
  8. I didn't have my voltage meter with me, so unknown on that question. Removing the lens covers didn't seem to affect the problem. I suppose that the touch lights, or puck lights, could have suddenly gone bad, but seems unlikely. There's one light above the sink, one above the stove, one below the curbside bed cabinet, one below the streetside bed, and one above the dinette table. Whether I was connected or not to shore power didn't affect the problem. Because my first problem was an unresponsive inverter (had to "jump start" it by connecting to shore power) I suspect that may have something to do with it. I've opened a ticket and hopefully the folks in service will have some answers. Unfortunately I keep my trailer about three hours away and won't be back to it for another month, so any instructions they give will have to wait till then. I'll post updates when I have them.
  9. I leave my Ollie for 4 to 8 weeks at a time, and always turn off my lithium batteries with the little on/off buttons on top of each battery. The solar panel is always receiving sunshine, but not converting it because the batteries are off. Then when I turn the batteries back on, the panels start putting power into the batteries.
  10. The batteries were at about 87% when I turned them off a few weeks ago, and kept that same charge when I turned them back on. I've been connected to shore power overnight now and the situation is the same.
  11. Hello Was away from the trailer for a few weeks. Came back, turned on the batteries and no inverter. Popped the breakers under the street side bed a couple times, but still no inverter. I remembered from my problem last summer that plugging in to shore power can "jump start" the inverter. So, I plugged in to a 110v outlet and, voila, the inverter came on and is working fine whether plugged into shore power or not. Now I have a new mystery. Three of the five touch lights are on with a very dim output. If I touch them they go to a slightly higher light output, but still dim. They do not turn off. The other two touch lights do not turn on. I took off the cover of one light that was on, and hit the coiled spring wire a few times but that didn't solve the problem. I took the cover off one of the touch lights that won't go on, but that didn't work either. The reading lights all go on and off, and all the other lights (interior and exterior) are fine. I pulled the 10a fuse in spot #13, and then replaced it, but no change. Whether I'm plugged into shore power or not doesn't make a difference. Turned the batteries off and on again, but that didn't make a difference. Never had this happen before. I'm going to pull the fuse again when I go to bed so the lights go off. Hopefully someone out there has a suggestion.Photos-001.zipPhotos-001.zipPhotos-001.zipPhotos-001.zip
  12. Here is the GMC trailer camera installed by Oliver service prior to pickup. They did a great job.
  13. I'm out in the eastern Sierra Nevada high desert for three days. I wanted to see how the Oliver does in these conditions. Cold temps and windy! I'm dry camping, running everything on propane. I put the fridge down to #1 and it's fine. I've set the furnace to run at 58 degrees or so, which keeps it comfy enough inside. When I got the site on Monday afternoon the lithiums were at about 85% SOC. Now on Wednesday morning they're at about 62%. I can feel some cold air coming in from the windows, but not too much. Benton Hot Springs is definitely off the beaten path. There are 11 campsites, each with it's own hot tub. Hot mineral water is piped in from a nearby spring. If I'm outside, I'm in the tub to stay warm.
  14. Hi Two Stooges, I also was going to wait until I retired to get the Oliver, but changed my mind and got it now. I was three years out from retirement when I bought it. I decided not to wait for a few reasons: 1. trailers keep getting more expensive 2. i'd rented a couple trailers on Outdoorsy and it killed me to pay that money when I knew I'd eventually have my own trailer 3. i wanted to stage it in the mountains at a friend's place and use it as a tiny home for weekend getaways One one hand, I can't use it nearly as much now when I'm still working vs. when I'm retired. On the other hand, I'm getting plenty of enjoyment even on my limited schedule.
  15. Just now saw this post, missed it the first time. Wow. Super cool. I'd bet that you are the only Oliver owner with a flag pole on your rig, and maybe even one of very few trailer owners anywhere with that setup!
  16. I keep my Ollie about 3 hours away up in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Last time I left it, the fresh water tank was half full and the batteries were turned off. I'm planning to go up in another week or 10 days and hopefully everything is okay, with no frozen or burst pipes or lithium battery malfunctions. I would have loved to have been in it during the snow storm, warm and cozy.
  17. congratulations! however much time do you have scheduled to pick up your trailer, plan on more time, slow everything down, ask lots of questions, and try to look at each and every component. turn all the switches on and off, and make sure everything works as it should. that includes turning the fridge on and off, putting it on natural gas and electricity, and also turning the furnace on and making sure hot air comes out of all of the vents.
  18. I love that this is always a popular topic of conversation. No squeamishness among Ollie owners! I picked up our trailer in late July this year and the two of us used the composting toilet every day for about 20 days. We were in western states in very hot temps. The pee bottle smelled sometimes when full but not the toilet. We then parked the trailer where we're storing it at a friend's property in northern California. Also a hot dry area. During storage we turn off the lithium batteries, so, no vent fan for the toilet. I've been to the trailer five times since then for 1-3 days each time, using the toilet. I'm no where near having to replace the medium. It's not stinky. It's not full. There's a big pine tree nearby which gets the contents of my pee bottle as needed. In the past when I rented SOB trailers, one of the chronic irritants was where to dump the black tank. Once, the campground dump station was closed for repairs. Once, we went to an RV park but had to wait for Joe to get back from errands with the key to unlock the dump station (and we had to give him $10). Often, the internet said some truck stop or gas station had a dump station, but they didn't. So, for me, it was a cost/benefit decision. I like to boondock or go to primitive camp sites without hookups. For me, the benefits of the composting toilet outweigh the negative aspects discussed above.
  19. Hi John, Seems like this original post went off in a fun direction but I wanted to throw my two cents in regarding the original question, and I'm looking at it from a different direction. The Oliver LEII is expensive, no question about it. It took me three years of delay before I finally laid down the money. The delay was to get confident that it was worth the money. I told myself that I could very easily get a Jayco for half the cost and be done with the whole matter. But, I was working hard at my job, saving my money, and continuing to look at other companies. When the time came to order, I went with the options I wanted (including the Lithium Pro) and tried to ignore the price. The way I figured it, I'd already decided to get one of the most expensive trailers on the market and didn't want to have any regrets down the road. So, if you want the Lithium Pro, go for it. I love my setup and it's worked very well.
  20. Welcome! Please be confident that you made the right decision. It's a big investment but a safe investment. On one hand if you have a sudden change in circumstance in future, you'll be able to sell your Oliver with very little depreciation. On the other hand, as you can see from many of the "seasoned owners" on the forum, you can use the heck out of the trailer and not worry about anything falling apart as it would on any other brand. Plus the excellent customer service from the factory. Plus this incredible resource on the owners forum. It's a win-win! All you have to do now is think of all the great places to take your Ollie.
  21. aluminum duct tape. https://www.lowes.com/pd/3M-2-5-in-x-30-ft-Pipe-Wrap-Tape/1002947426?cm_mmc=shp-_-c-_-prd-_-pnt-_-ggl-_-LIA_PNT_222_Applicators-Tape-Tools-Sprayers-_-1002947426-_-0-_-0-_-0&ds_rl=1286981&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnoqLBhD4ARIsAL5JedLDJJfSR561tDikPxT3o9hFO8zTMf0DXM5eANFFTNO9m4xVzjVuqWgaAjjcEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  22. I have to believe that some of these problems mentioned are random and one-off rather than a consistent failure to complete components correctly. For example, during delivery I did not catch that there was no caulking around my kitchen sink, and I did not catch that only one duct was connected to the furnace and the other duct was loose. Also, I didn't catch the big gap around my screen door until a week later when the trailer filled with mosquitoes! I think the people in the factory are doing a good job overall, but something is bound to slip by any given worker on any given day. In case the Oliver quality control process doesn't catch it, it's important to use this list and spend as much time as necessary at OTT before driving away so that you can catch anything that needs attention. The problem is that we're so excited and emotional to finally be picking up our trailer that our eyes are not as sharp as they might otherwise be. When I have a friend who wants to buy a car I always suggest they take me with them so that I can look at it with a more skeptical eye. Maybe I should have done that when I picked up the trailer.
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