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  1. Hello! When connected to shore power the fridge is on auto and switches over to AC. When not connected it runs on propane. I've been visiting friends during this trip so have had plenty of hook ups for electricity. When the opportunity arrives, I'll experiment on running it off the solar package.
  2. Update: As far as I know, IL_Travelers and I are the only ones with this relatively new GM rear trailer camera. Service did a great job installing it but not through the hull as I had anticipated. They ran it from the rear curbside channel between the hull and frame, alongside the propane line. If anyone is considering getting a GM product as a two vehicle, I highly recommend getting the trailering package which includes the software for the rear camera. It functions very well because it not only shows what's behind but also what's along the sides (from cameras in the vehicle side mirrors), the blind spots, which takes a lot of the stress out of trailering.
  3. I guess the code was as shown on this pic I sent to service, which works.
  4. Well, my fix for this problem was pretty darn simple, so I count myself very lucky. Or, it's possible that Oliver has done the work to resolve this problem for new trailers being picked up now. The service department told me to turn off the 300a breaker under the driver side bed access panel, wait 30 seconds then turn it back on. I did that and the problem was solved. I made sure that the remote was showing U3 01 06. When I continued pressing the battery button on the remote I saw other codes (U2 01 18 and U3 01 04) but stayed with that first code recommended by service.
  5. Hello conner77, Were you the other Oliver in the park that night? I was going to come over in the morning and say hello but you were up and out of there early. Beautiful park, no?
  6. Well, like I feel that I am now truly part of the Oliver family. We picked up the trailer on Monday afternoon and this morning after waking up in Green River WY, I discovered the dreaded error code 20. At first I panicked because I could not use my electric tea kettle to make water for coffee, and I'm no good without my coffee. But, I did get my AC power to work, had my coffee, red all of these threads, and now I will also be opening a ticket.
  7. For what it's worth, I am beginning to use my new trailer with the solar pro package, 390 amp hour lithionic batteries. Pulled into the campsite last night at 9:00 p.m., no hookups, batteries were 100%, according to the phone app. Used some lights, the water pump before calling it a night, and left the max fan on at about 40% all night long just to keep a little bit of fresh air flowing in the trailer. When I woke up, the phone app showed 91% on all three batteries
  8. I'm towing with a 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 diesel. The squat is 2 1/2 inches which puts my rear about a 1/2 inch lower than my front. I'm using a 2 inch drawbar turned up. The trailer is almost exactly level. Mileage so far is 16-17, but that's according to the computer. I'm going to do my own measurements with fill-ups an mileage because I think it will be one or two mpg better. I have been going the limit, whether it's 65 or 70, so far. When I get to Montana I don't think I'll go 80, but rather stay at 70. Otherwise mileage suffers.
  9. Hi No WDH needed. The truck is plenty big and heavy. Just a regular bulldog hitch. I've been at the limit (65 or 70) on the highways with no prob.
  10. It's a 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 ATF with the 3.0 diesel. With the Ollie I'm averaging 16-17 mpg. Getting onto the highway with the Ollie 0-60 takes 14 secs. Mike in service installed the GM trailer camera which syncs to the truck dash screen for the "invisible trailer" option. Jason in service took my trailer wheels over the Hohenwald Tire last week and Justin installed the four GM TTPMS sensors. After getting the trailer I went over to his shop and he helped connect tghem to the truck software. The Ollie pulls so smoothly, incredible. No stress or fatigue for me as the driver.
  11. It's hard to believe that I'm finally sitting in my own Oliver as I write this. Picked up yesterday with a fantastic walkthrough with Hanna. I had a long checklist of things to go over and questions to ask. Hanna anticipated everything and really impressed me with her knowledge and attention to detail. I told myself that I wasn't going to be one of those people who has to run over to Tractor Supply to get the right hitch, but I was! LOL. After about 300 miles on highways, winding country lanes, rainstorms and potholes, I can say that everything is great. No problems. What can I say? Great company. Great product. In coming days I'll add some posts on some specific components and Hanna's answers to some of my questions that you'll all find interesting.
  12. I've seen this issue of plastic bits in the tank mentioned in a few threads. I wonder if OTT has ever thought of completing a tank flush prior to delivery to reduce the likelihood of new owners having to deal with this.
  13. Wouldn't it be possible to fill the black tank with fresh water via the exterior rinse port and then drain it as needed with a clean hose for non-potable use?
  14. Hello IL Travelers You were the test case for the GMC camera. I'm picking up later this month and was in communication with service a few months ago about installing that camera. They said they weren't sure because they had to investigate some things. Then they gave me the thumbs up. So, I'm excited to see if it works as well as shown in the GMC videos. I also asked them if they could install the TPMS that I got with the truck but was told they don't have the equipment there. Are you going to install those so they sync with the truck's software? My TV is a 2020 Sierra 1500 AT4 diesel.
  15. I'll be registering in September in Northern California (don't know which office yet). I'll try the AAA, but if that doesn't work I'll go to the DMV. I'll let you know how it goes.
  16. Hi Kendra, I agree with the recommendation to rent first. My process started three years ago when I rented a Jayco for a three week trip around the West. I had a full size pickup so towing was no problem. I learned a lot! I went through Outdoorsy.com and everything went very smoothly. I repeated that process twice more with different size trailers and learned a lot more each time. So, when the time came to decide on the Oliver and put down my deposit, I felt very confident with my decision.
  17. Saw this one on I-80 near Sacramento in Sept 2019. VID_20190912_104202944.mp4
  18. Good News. I've got the 2020 GMC Sierra with the "invisible trailer" software. I talked to Mike in service and he said they've had a number of requests for an install of this GMC camera. The camera mounts on the rear tire cover so it's at the same level as the camera in the tailgate, then the cable runs through the hull and plugs into the rear bumper. Mike said they discussed it and now can do that install. My trailer is in production now, and will go straight over to service so they can install the camera. I already bought the camera at a GMC dealer and will FedEx it out to Mike.
  19. Hello I'm in the same boat. I've got my deposit down and my build starts in April. I've got a 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 with the trailer package. Rather than the wireless backup camera offered by Oliver, I'd rather use the GM camera so that it integrates into the existing software and screen. I'll see if Oliver would be willing to install it for me during the build. Otherwise I guess I'd have to run the wiring on the exterior of the Ollie which wouldn't look so hot.
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