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Pickup storage solutions

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Banjo - 

Yes the bakflip does leak to a very minor extent.  Primarily at the rear corners where it mates with your tailgate.  But, this is minor and can be (somewhat) mitigated with the use of some additional weather striping in these corners.  I'm guessing that nearly all of these covers will leak to some extent under the right conditions.


2017 Ford F150 Lariat 3.5EB FX4 Max Towing 2016 Oliver Elite II - Hull #117 "Twist"

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I also have these bedside storage racks which are pretty handy - https://www.builtrightind.com/products/builtright-industries-mbrs-fseries-kit

Sold our 1/2 Ton short bed with an ARE bed cap. Bought a Duramax standard bed. Ordered an ARE bed cap for standard bed but it had a long lead time. In the meantime we used 3 Contico tool boxes for sto

The Diamondback covers are really nice. I know a number of contractors who have them and I almost got one myself. I ended up with a Leitner rack instead. I really like how I can attach pretty much any

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This lists approximate weights of the DB options.  Weight will be +- based on actual bed length too:



I didn't weigh mine separately, as it was part of my do-not-worry-about-payload-anymore HD truck upgrade

The DB doesn't leak, but my tailgate isn't sealed on the vertical or bottom seam so I get dust or driven water there. 

2019 LE2 #529.   Standard Floorplan.

2020 GMC Sierra 2500 Duramax



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As so many have said, getting the right product to meet one’s PRIMARY usage need is the issue.  We primarily needed 1600 lbs load carrying capacity for our SxS and secure storage for our generators and other gear so went with the heavy DB option.  As for leaks, we’ve been in many a torrential downpour without a problem BUT our Silverado 2500 HD truck bed rails are level and flat all around and the bedliner is sprayed on, insuring a level surface.  In contrast, one of our Ollie friends has a new Ram 1500 with the 400 lbs DB. his bed liner doesnt set flat on his rails and compresses under the the compression of the DB clamps ... creating a dip at the clamp, and thus a makes sealing more of a challenge.  With so many options, it’s a bit crazy-making, challenging and fun(?) to make THE perfect decision.  One of my college professors had a good line about making decisions amongst several good options, “go with the option that makes the most sense.” You can always change your mind if something comes along that makes more sense.

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