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New generator Champion 3500 duel fuel

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I’m hull 1139, Vic Shumate, purchased generator 2 days to help with running appliances etc,.,,,generator works great but Oliver says I need to change AC input settings from 25 to 15 on the Xantrex inverter remote panel while using generator as power source…..,,how do I change this setting on the xantrex?!  I’m suppose to change it back when plugged into AC 30 for power!  So I need to know how to set it!?  Can’t seem to get batteries back to 12.5 -14 volts?!  I turned the xantrex off! Will that help or hurt while running generator?  I’m at a bluegrass festival in Okeechobee Florida through Sunday morning……..

my batteries dropped to 9.6 volts in 2 days while boon docking with roof solar panel, wanted to use generator to bring batteries back up but I’m not doing something right!  Help! Got batteries back to 11.6 V today but do t know if it was solar panel or generator doing it!? Refrigerator says code C and Ice melting…not good!



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Hi Vic and Wanda!!

I hope you're playing and singing at the festival....believe it or not we are at the mother ship having our a/c retrofitted with a Truma and leaving tomorrow for Mississippi.  Seems like yesterday we were pickin and grinnin in Oliver's parking lot.   Anyway, sorry to hear your problems.  Here is a link for the error codes for your Norcold.  Looks like the "C" indicates low dc voltage to the fridges control panel.  https://100refrigerator.com/norcold-refrigerator-error-codes/

Did you get the lithium or agm batteries?

Here is a link to some info from Jason E. at Oliver.  Hope this helps :)  

Hi to Wanda,

John and Wendy

#28 - AC Input Breaker: This setting is set to 25 at the factory because the breaker size for the inverter is 25a and the main power supply is 30a which is greater than the breaker size.  There may be times when you choose to connect to a generator that supplies a lower amount of power and/or a standard house receptacle by using an adapter. If you choose to connect to a power source other than the 30a shore connection then you may need to adjust this setting down to match the current incoming power supply. Example: A 2200w Generator will need to have the breaker input size changed to 15a for it to properly operate the camper.

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The "Code C" on the fridge suggests you are running it on DC power.  The first thing to do when boondocking is to switch the fridge to propane to reduce your power demand.

It will be helpful to know what battery package you have (wet cell, AGM or LiFePO4) and how many amp hours of capacity.  It will also be helpful to know if you are running your Champion 3500W Dual Fuel generator on gas or propane.  This because it generates only 2880 continuous running watts on propane, which at 120V is 24A.  24A should still be enough power to run your trailer without changing the Xantrex settings, so I am at a loss to understand why you are not getting battery charge when running the generator.  Are you trying to run other appliances, such as the AC?

With 24A, you should not need to change inverter settings.  But, if you still want to try changing the settings, you must have the Xantrex "FXC Control" app to do so.  Once the app recognizes your Xantrex inverter, go to the "Settings" page (by tapping on the gear icon).  On that page, scroll down to the "Breaker" setting.  It should be set at the factory default, with is 25A.  One thing to try is to scroll down to "15A," and tap "Apply".  This tells your inverter that it only has 15A of incoming power to work with (even though you should have 24A, even if running on propane).

To verify if you are getting solar battery charging, check the Zamp solar charge panel mounted just aft of the pantry.  What voltage does it read during daylight hours?

Good luck!  And, please report how you solved your issues, so readers can learn what worked.

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I think error C will come up in any mode if the batteries drop low enough. Also, with a 3500 watt generator it shouldn’t be necessary to change the inverter setting. Something else is going on. 


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Are you using a neutral ground plug?

Do you actually have 110 anywhere in the trailer, running the generator with the inverter turned off? (Lights, fans, furnace, fridge, etc. will run off 12v, if you don't have 110, and you won't notice the difference til your battery is too low.)

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Vic and Wanda:

Please also update your signature line with your trailer and tow vehicle info.  This makes it less time consuming in answering questions.  

See mine below, or Mike and Carrol's:  image.png.8c2b041ea1758e2ce22b145b1bf9544e.png

Thank you and great to have you on board!


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