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  1. -23° and Winds Calm. Uff da AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR SPRING AND "OLLIE TIME".
  2. TV is in un🥶heated garage, that we need to remedy... Sny Sd Up is hibernating in a heated😛 Quonset. I have removed e-bike batts & the Garmin gps's just to be safe, and to begin 😀 to load 2021 routes. TV & non-tv have block heaters plugged in.
  3. We have had a very mild winter up to a few weeks ago. little to no snow, and temps in the 25-45 range. then winter arrived and you have all read about what it is doing east & south of ND. A lot of people do not think much about the cold in ND, because that is a given... If we do not get a lot more snow or spring rains, then the (dryland farmers) up here will be hurting. right now a number of them are down in AZ in their 2nd homes working on their golf games and evening out their "Farmer Tan's". So i only feel for those that winter over because they had to stay here and take care of the "Beef". To keep this comment "On Topic", when they start to head back up here to "Go to Work", we will be heading south, to "Start our Camping Season". 🤣
  4. I would have included a picture from western ND, however the camera "OPERATOR" does not work well when temps are -20° real and -32° with the wind chill. Yes, right now the sun is out, sky's are a slight overcast, and a balmy +2°. We too look forward to the spring and the start of OTT camping season and all the wonderment it will bring.
  5. Do you know, if the "RV as a second home, with all of the applicable tax benefits", contingent on the RV owner "Still" having a mortgage on the principle residence? This will be the first accounting year we are Ollie owners, and we just want to make sure we are aware of this niche of Ollie ownership. We meet with our accountant in a few weeks.
  6. Thank You for the Pic & post. i will add it to our reservation short list when we head south this spring.
  7. R & A, Greetings from North Dakota & Welcome to the Ollie Family.
  8. TG Bill, Thank You. do not let my sense of humor in any way dismiss your sincere response. We have a 2010 GMC 1500, and Wifey will have to be pretty comatose to agree that I need a new TV, just so i now have On-Board TPMS. I have been looking at upgrading to a (new or recent) 3/4 ton, and came close to committing to a used one on the forum a couple of months ago; However the planets were not quite aligned, for it to happen. I will go with the 8 (4+4) remotes & Monitor and continue to look to that elusive truck. And it gives me one more screen to monitor... Not really, Co-Pilot does all that.
  9. Does anyone run TPMS on the TV? Asking for SELF...
  10. John, As usual a most excellent article on something you have either for your TV or TT. And the image in the article you attached, reminds me of the fine line between Safety & sensory overload... Avoiding this, BUT I can relate to this..docx
  11. Our TV=2010 GMC 1500 ExtCab Sierra SLE, Bed Len = 6’-5” We currently have a soft/roll-able Tonneau Cover, but I am considering a Topper. We carry 2 e-Bikes (broken down to flat), as well as a small prop tbl top grill, some small totes & 5-gl pail containing things needed for setup and stabilization of the trailer, and some extra water if needed. Currently I would have room for a generator and I could throw in a 5# propane bttl for emergencies. All this fits under the soft cover. Which has catches that are protected when I remember to lock the tailgate. With the Tonneau we get some aerodynamic advantage compared to just an open bed. I am thinking with a topper there might be more of an aerodynamic advantage, as well as reducing bug count on the front of the Ollie. I would enjoy not have to breakdown the e-Bikes and would build a rack to stabilize them upright while in transit. Currently we have no dogs to travel with us; however if that were to change (insert Maggie w/smiley face here...), then obviously all the “Stuff” in the second seating area would be moved to the back bed, to accommodate the new occupants… I am interested in what you have and why you made your choice. Bryan,
  12. started new topic, "Topper vs. Soft Tonneau Cover Vs. Hard sectional Cover" Was not trying to hijack this one. Bryan,
  13. until those (Davies et.al.) more knowledgeable than I chime in, here is a thread i found. copy paste into Search Arg, and you will get a good read. Trailer Emergency Breakaway Cable - Original Factory Cable Not Long enough i want to say my cable is about 4' long. sorry i cannot give you an exact measurement, as #665 is across town hibernating. there once was a "Forum'r" who accidently "Stepped" on his, engaging it, he plugged it back in by hand, and drove down the road, with ppl waving at him, until he looked back and saw smoke coming out of wheel wells and realized his brakes were engaged... realizing he did not re-insert properly. i have been very careful not to step on mine. And i will be buying the red "Pig-Tail" type cable. I KNOW NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR, BUT SOMETHING YOU NEED TO BE CAUTIOUS ABOUT...
  14. At this time, ropes, hoses, electrical (I know not a good combo with Wet...) and other "Utility Stuff" all resides in the drivers’ rear basement. At this time, my only change would be to build a shelf to keep "Electrical" above the "Wet Stuff", maybe adding a slider below the shelf so I utilize more of the basement, and not have to reach in so far to get something that has shifted. Laundry in bag in basket in front closet, along with wash supplies, and we still have room on the closet floor for "Stuff". We have vowed not to let the Ollie become like the Home Based basement, where "Family Treasures" reside for the (adult) Kids to "Claim & Remove"... after we are gone.
  15. ShirMica, What Site # @ DCSP are you in? We were in #62 for our initial stay for factory pickup & "Read the Manual" time. Just trying to get my bearings based upon your pic's. Bryan
  16. If you no not mind, where are you located?
  17. David, I also see the following here , it has a cutter in addition to the crimper. did you already have a cutter, or was the pack w/cutter not available when you bought?? I have Wirsbo which is a PEX, throughout our home, so I have plenty of fittings.
  18. I hate to be the "Buzz Kill" here; When mounting add-ons to the Dash area of the TV, are "We All" being mindful of Air-Bag deployment?
  19. John, I thought you had a "NARV (Not An RV) "...
  20. Dennis, Welcome to the Ollie Family and Greetings from Western ND. Bryan
  21. SherMica, On your pick-up day, ask whoever gives you your walk thru if you can use their parking lot after your orientation to Maneuver, Backup, Make Turns, just to get a feel on how your entire package handles, especially stopping. Maybe ask them for a "Backing up lesson...with you as driver", just make sure your copilot is okay with a stranger in the cab with you... If you have never towed anything before, just take your time when you drive (i.e. no DRIVING FASTER than you can react) have your eyes sweep Straight ahead, Left & Right. And if no Topper on the TV, then you can have that view also. As I remember, the roads from Hohenwald to DCSP are not High Speed Interstate Rated. They are somewhat windy and meandering, so you can drive 35-55 or slower. Make sure you stay on your side of the yellow lines, and at the same time make sure you do not slip off the passenger side of the road. [When we are born, we cannot walk and chew gum at the same time, it is a learned process; I gave up gum years ago and my walking/driving has not suffered from it…] THE BEST THING I LIKE ABOUT TOWING AN OLIVER IS IT IS NOT WIDER THAN MY TOW VEHICLE, so I can see if the ZOMBIES are trying to get in that side access door I forgot to check/lock before I took off. I believe your "Ram 1500 Rebel 4x4" is about 82" wide, not sure if that includes the mirrors or not. I believe the LE I is 78" in width, so you should be able to see both sides of #731 (to be named later...) with a quick glance in each mirror. When making Right-Left turns, drive slow and do not cut them too tight. Practice your turning in the OTT Parking lot to get a feel for space/distance whilst looking in your mirrors. In addition, remember, you only get points for CURBIES when skateboarding… Concerning theft of your Vehicle or #731... Sometimes bad stuff happens to nice people thru no fault of their own. It is just stuff, as mentioned by others, and that is what insurance is for. Be SMART, Be AWARE, Be MINDFUL, but do not Be AFRAID. If you are going to live in fear of theft, then maybe, we should have had the "is this really for me" discussion months ago. Finally, “Stuff”, we went thru checklists of others, and made our own, bought some “stuff” before, and some additional “Stuff” after we picked up. I did order some “Stuff” we ended up not needing/using, but we did okay (Wifey was in charge of the “Stuff” list). Purchases of “Stuff” were minimal on the 3-week camping trip home, I believe we looked at “Stuff” at a Camping World, but no purchases. Christmas was a completely different story, Santa has a Workman’s Comp Claim against us for all the “STUFF” he brought us, but hey, we were home. And Wifey does not know it yet, but she is going to get a bunch more “STUFF” for Valentine’s Day… The best gift of all was a replacement set of those “Black Hard Rubber Chocks” I drove over and away from at a camp in AL. At the time, I thought our camping neighbors were being rude by laughing at us as we were driving away. Which reminds me, there is a “Towing Checklist” for when you are preparing to get underway, it does not hurt to review that each time. It is cheaper than replacing damaged or left behind “Stuff”. Enjoy the Adventure, Bryan (and Maggie),
  22. At 6'7" I resemble that remark, and we Love our LEII and all that it has to offer us.
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