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  1. Two more pics. I will do what has been discussed. This is commentary, 1) lowered TP to 55, 2) drove paved roads to next (NOVA SCOTIA) CG, a few bumps in the road along the way. 3) arrived at CG, went in trailer television had come loose from catch and dropped. 4) when I turned on water pump, water sprayed out of red hose connection out of WH (under CS bed) as it had loosened up. This has happened before and I had hand tightened that up just a few days before. I will drop TT TP TO 50 psi in the morning. B- out
  2. OTT Tire pressure is 65 psi. I do not have TPMS as of yet. I suppose I could drop it to 55 until I get a TPMS.
  3. This is something that has probably been developing every time we hit a pothole in the road. Which is something I really try to avoid. Currently out camping so picture is not loading i know a couple of owners have cut and attached “pool noodles” to outside bottom of attic to act as “shock absorbers” to reduce bounce and keep from dropping TV while OTT is being towed. "I edited in this photo for Bryan. This is the back of the TV where the cracks are. Seadawg."
  4. JD, I believe we did because Maggie is Canadian and it would make sense to ask for that feature. Problem is how does one test that feature while down in the lower 48. I think we have this one resolved. Our phones have an ATT SIM card HOWEVER we were informed that it does not have coverage in Canada. When we ordered them I asked that they be UNLOCKED which was good for this exercise. we were able to get to civilization and to a Canada Bell subsidiary and we were able to get a monthly plan that puts us back in working order for the next 2 months while up here. thanks to all for replies.
  5. We have CC and now we find that our phones do not work up here in Canada. we have been in contact wit what we believe to be a human or a really good bot. they said sorry, we can mail you a SIM card, but that is not going to work. any suggestions? do we buy a travel phone at Walmart thanks, B
  6. Did you have an opportunity to partake in the “Pitchfork Fondue” whilst there???
  7. If you do put down front jack to tilt tanks for dumping…. MAKE SURE YOU BLOCK UP AND LIFT OFF THAT BLOCK. That way if you forget and drive away JACKED UP hopefully you will not bend your front jack post.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a propane shutoff between the tanks and the WH. I Am not seeing/finding one under C/S bed. And have found no reference in “manuals” as to shutoff between tanks & WH. BTW - furnace (refrigerator & stove) also function with propane. Only Truma WH is impacted.
  9. JD, where is the valve to shut off WH gas flow. near unit under CS bed.
  10. Sounds like an opportunity for Oliver to set you up for a demonstration at next year’s rally.
  11. “Limited bandwidth” here up in NE Maine looking to enter Canada. HOWEVER Truma WH has stopped working. WH ISSUE (stove & refrigerator work just fine on Gas) I did an exchange at local Blue Rhino last night. When we returned to the trlr I hooked up full tank. Went thru the process of firing off WH. I could hear it go thru 3 (electronic ignition click) cycles of trying to ignite, but no Flame. The error code displayed is 7 shorts 1 long, which is "flame not detected" error because flame was not detected after release of gas and ignition. Earlier in our trip all worked as required. Up here in Maine we did smell a bit of gas when firing off WH a couple of times, however when we looked for the source it had dissipated, and WH did fire off. Now we get no flame at all. Recommendation is to contact Truma Service near me. 1) Is there anything under C/S bed that I can look for that would be part of user due diligence? We are hesitant to go into and across Canada with WH not working. And we are not happy with the prospect of having to gimp back home without it. Heating water on the stove as we need it is not a big deal, just a PITR. Not defeated just challenged and we will work thru it. Bryan (Scrambled), Maggie (SNYSDUP) & Willis (Kamper Kat)
  12. Thanks to all for your input. Moderators - if you wish to move to "General Discussion" or something more appropriate, please do so.
  13. Has anyone experienced this before? We are in the FL Keys where Temp & RH are both quite high. We had it a few nights ago, then nothing for a few days. We ran AC last night, and no drips/water on the floor, and exterior AC drain hose was dripping nicely. Ran the AC today when we left pet inside, and came home to a substantial puddle again, went outside and AC drain hose was not dripping. Anyone experienced this before? Do I remove exterior AC cowling to access anything that would show what the issue is? Do I remove interior Plastic pieces to expose where the water was dripping from? Where is drip pan that collects the condensation from the unit located? The supplied Dometic Thermostat & AC pages in manuals do not address anything like this. Any feedback would be appreciated, Bryan, Out
  14. for purpose of any common denominator, SNYSDUP was spawned 8/2020 as OE II Twin Bed Hull # 665 We too have had occasional/random issues with our Puck/Touch Lights located over the "kitchen sink & stove". As I remember it has happened under shore or battery power. 1. Ours do not always turn on/off with a slight tap of the lens, sometimes requiring multiple taps to turn on/off. 2. Or they would auto-magically turn on (very dim) or they would start to pulse/strobe in the middle of the night. Whichever one of us was awaken by this annoyance would remove the plastic lens, issue resolved. Sometimes we would just remove the lens before going to bed for the night, issue avoided. I did mention it to Oliver last year when in for service (hooked to their shore). They were unable to reproduce it, so it was not resolved. I was told I may have a bad puck/touch light, I said it happens to more than just one. The response was "Oh"! So now I am thinking both may be bad, or the circuit has issues. I have removed the lens cover and tried to adjust the pigtail actuator spring, but that has not appeared to resolve the issue. I have looked in from the cabinets above and did not see any wiring/connector issue, but I was limited in what I could see, so I will do that again soon. As soon as we get SNYSDUP out of the heated Quonset (we are predicted 3' of heavy snow falling in today's storm blocking that entrance), and then on the driveway for our trip (as in Rally) prep, I will have another look and try to resolve the issue. In the meantime, I will follow (and re-read) this thread closely as others contribute their experiences & knowledge. I'll open a ticket so it is noted and if something is discovered, hopefully I will be notified. B-Out
  15. OH COME ON JD... Surely you would find additional projects/mods to utilize the remaining 8'... My guess is I was probably not the only one with this thought when we read your comments. Respectfully, Bryan
  16. JD's ver. IM-PEX_01/20/21 Bill's ver. IM-PEX_11/30/17 I did not do a doc scan compare to see what specifically changed.
  17. Ours is relatively new (2020 pick up). No noise/chatter as of yet. It looks like these are fairly easy to pick up on the road if we suffer a failure.
  18. We were not able to get fuel early this morning. The fact that we had 3-4 ' of snow surrounding the pumps at our local station may have had something to do with it. We are scheduled for at least 10k miles this camping season.
  19. John, Did you replace because of issues or age? Will you rebuild the one you removed and take with you (or keep on the shelf) as a spare?
  20. JD... Thanks, I was looking up what was used for our 2020 LE II, a "Pentair Shurflo 4008 RV revolution by-pass pump 4008-101-E65", and before i sorted-out all that popped up on AMAZON, you provided the link. in case i wanted to make another purchase "before" our next outing.
  21. I agree with Bill. with one additional step. 4 - You may want to do again after a couple of water fill-ups, on the road. After (new) pick-up, and after reading about the same topic in a different thread we found plastic bits in the inline filter basket. After a few weeks on the road and some additional fill-ups i checked it again and had fewer plastic bits. After the third check, we were good. I will continue check again every 3-5 fill-ups. B- Out.
  22. Albert, Where will you camp in your Ollie when you visit within the City?
  23. Yes of course, Ultimatecampgrounds, Rvparky Allstays, Campendium, Harvesthost, i know there are more. others do not appear to address Canada.
  24. We have our route (reservations confirmed) planned up thru Maine (July 25). We are now looking at Canada (Nova Scotia, PIE, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario) but not sure if we will drop down to eastern ND from Manitoba or western ND from Saskatchewan. We have not started with the usual/recommended camping apps with regards to camping in Canada and are wondering if any of you have any additional recommendations as to "Canada" camping/planning APPS, other than those mentioned in previous threads. B, Out
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