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  1. To be on the safe side, check with Oliver. I believe if you have LIthium batteries, yes you need to make the adjustment on #28, and set it to 20 amp in your case.
  2. I wonder if a new onwer will be able to pick-up their new trailer in Hohenwald ? I also wonder if OTT will continue to provide service in Hohenwald?
  3. I think it is a good idea to partner with RV service centers. I do not like the idea of Oliver providing trailers to RV sales centers. They will just inflate the alreay high cost. A RV sales provider may not want to sell Oliver's if the factory is also selling them (at a lower cost) IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE IDEA, PROVIDE YOUR FEEDBACK ON THE EMAIL THEY SENT. OTT will not likely see any comments on this form post.
  4. Welcome to the forum. IT would be helpful if you filled out what your TV and Oliver TT is in your profile and/or your signature that appears below your text. It will help people to anwer questions you may have.
  5. All dogs hate mailmen for some reason, but same with FedEx and USPS delivery men. With time and further training by you, you should be able to control her when around other dogs. Google the problem and see what others are saying. Try a different trainer or at least talk to one if you have to. Do not put her down. That would be a waste.
  6. The factory shower rod is nice because it (curves around the side) covers two sides, the toilet side and the doorway side. We can leave the door open and no water hits the toilet area or gets out of the shower stall into the cabin. With the door open there is not as much steam moisture in that area.
  7. When I first bought my Oliver Used (which was winterized), I followed the Oliver University direction on de-winterizing the lines and tanks and disinfecting the fresh water system and tanks. When I went to drain the fresh water tank, no water came out. I check the level gauge and the tank was full. I then used my crawler board to easily get under the Ollie to where the drain line came out. By pushing air up into the drain pipe, it will disloge anything plugging the pipe. Apparently there was material in the tank blocking the outlet hose. Once I did that, the water drained out of the tank. I did that 3 years ago and have not had to repeat it.
  8. I like the Oliver shower curtain rod and the shower curtain. The shower curtain drys very fast. We have been camping lately at campgrounds that charge for the hot water and if they are clean and have a changing room we use the campground one. If not, we just use the Ollie shower. Yes a little cramped but always clean and we do not take long showers.
  9. I still wash and wax the Oliver and actually do not mind doing it even though I am old and retired. It is easier cleaning and waxing the Ollie than some of the boats I have had that had serious chalking Gelcoat. I use Boat Zoap by Sudbury Co. I started using it when I was washing my boat when it was in the water. It is a non-caustic cleaner and is safe to use when the boat is in fresh or slat water. It is biodegradable. A cap full of soap and a couple of gallons of water in a bucket is the formula. What makes the washing easier is I use and extendable pole with a soft bristle brush on the end. Had it from my boating days and bought it at West Marine. The extendable pole makes scrubbing down the Ollie very easy and gets the Ollie very clean. I can even get the brush under the solar collector. So that is my procedure along with using Maquires Professional wax after washing.
  10. JRK As previously stated you could take the Oliver back to OTT for resolving all your issues at once. As far as the kitchen cupboards, the new Olivers have drawer tracks (that hold the drawer in place) that have a "soft close" feature that keep the drawer closed (kinda of like a soft lock). If you are handy, you could replace the existing bottom drawer tracks with these new "soft close" tracks. I think you could buy them from Olliver or they sell them on Amazon. Good luck. You will fell better as each item is corrected.
  11. dmay56 Many Olliver Elite II owners use a 1/2 ton truck with the weight distribution hitch. If you are not going to travel in the western mountains, the 1/2 ton is sufficient, in my opinion.
  12. Welcome to the Forum. I agree with the above posts. You are smart going to the Oliver factory to see for yourself the quality of materials and workmanship that goes into manufacturing a Olliver. Here on the forum under Owner Resources, is a section call Oliver University. Check out all the information and videos in that section and you will start to get a feel for the Oliver Travel Trailer and what it takes to use the trailer. Good Luck. If you find you like camping, then you will appreciate the Oliver TT.
  13. These are great pictures. I am guessing they are from a camera. What kind-type? What do you have taped to the front of the Ollie? Are they a rock guard of some sort?
  14. Congradulations on your purchase. What is the year of the Elite II that you purchase? Twin or Standard Bed? If you have any questions on anything Oliver, feel free to ask on this forum.
  15. I believe this is Foy's email address (or it was 2 years ago): 48ocean@gmail.com You can probably PM on the forum here.
  16. George: Your best way to see an Oliver in your area is to contract Oliver Travel Trailer company sales department. They will set you up with the closes Ollie owner. You might want to mention if you want to see the twin bed model or the standard (full bed) model.
  17. Patriot: I use the GasBuddy app to find gas pricing when I travel. Works for me.
  18. jd1923: FYI, Oliver TT is now recommending 55 psi in the Oliver tires. The first year I owned the OTT, I ran at 80 psi. Things were a little stiff. I now have 60 psi in the Ollie tires and the ride is smooth as can be.
  19. Yes, I meant a winterizing hand pump. Mine is a Camco brand which can be found on Amazon.
  20. When I bought my Ollie used, it came with a winterizing hand pump but I am not sure if the previous owner bought it or Oliver provided it. Never-the-less, a hand pump is easy to buy at RV shop stores or on Amazon.
  21. If you have been connecting to the City Water Connections at campgrounds that have hard water you may need to do a vinegar flush as john Davies mentioned to clear the water lines. FYI, I believe this is something that OTT does as part of their yearly maintance service.
  22. jd1923 Chris & John: Instead of rerouting the plumbing under the beds, some people have cut in hatches on the side wall of the bed thereby allowing them to get to the plumbing without moving the mattresses.
  23. I like your Oliver name, Jolli Olli.
  24. Will the 5 sided Clam go over a picnic table?
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