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  1. SeaDawg. You are correct those direction were not in the manual. Thanks to your search and posting, I printed the directions on my printer and it is now in my o&M manual.
  2. Badger: It would be helpful for others on the forum to learn that have similiar problems that you explained to indicate what was the resolution to you not have 110 v power to the outlets.
  3. Thanks SeaDawg. The ditection worked like a charm.
  4. SeaDawg - Yes the dahlias were still in bloom but in the last stages.
  5. While out this past week camping on the last day, the rotary control switch accidently got set to the Clean setting. Since I had just decalcified (cleaned) the unit last month, I tried to Interrupt the decalcification mode using the AquaGo owners manual. I followed the directions, but the control in the Ollie is still blinking its read light almost every second. I let it run over night thinking it would reset itself after 3 hourss (time it takes in the decalcification mode). If anyone has had this happen, how did you reset the unit?
  6. Lubec Maine, Sunset Point RV Park; Most Easterly Campground in the U.S. Great Campground. In town, there is a short bridge to Campobello Island in New Brunswick where FDR had his 34 room summer cottage. Very Interesting to hear the history of the Roosevelt House and the family. Sunset Point RV Park The Roosevelt 34 Room Summer Cottage
  7. Our Ollie has been outside year round since it was new. I do clean and wax in the spring (two coats) and fall because of the outside storage. But then again, we are up north where the UV is not as hard as in the south.
  8. I found that my TPMS would alarm without the transmitter after traveling about 1/2 hour. I cut off the alligator clips on the transmitter and sodder on a USB connector onto the wire that I can connect into the Ollie USB connectors. The transmitter, using velcro strips, is located above the dinnete table. Works pretty slick and no more false alarms.
  9. You could aways use a crawler to lay on (and save the T-Shirt) , but you would want to park on pavement.
  10. Welcome to the Forum. If your question is not answered here, you might be best off to contact Oliver Service.
  11. I never saw a list or number for how many guests were on-line. Is that only for a Moderator to see?
  12. Steve: When I went to step 3 using Windows 10, I had no place (pen/pencil icon) to click on at the top of that page. What did you click on?
  13. Bill: I got to step 3 and there was no "markup" icon. I was using my desktop computer that has Windows 10. I moved to my laptop computer that has Windows 11 and was able to follow all your directions and added the blue circle. Thanks for the computer lesson
  14. Mike also told me that the fuse for the CO-Propane detector was under the street side twin bed (not under the dinette). He was correct. Above, I posted the picture that Mike sent me. Since there is further confusion, I have posted a picture of that location in my 2018 Elite II. The fuse holder is black and is on the red wire in my picture. It is a 1 amp fuse. If I had the proper software I would have circled the fuse in red to show you but I do not have that capability. Hope this helps.
  15. Thanks Mossemi. After I posted my above response, I checked what OTT had sent me. As you stated there is a fuse in line to the detector. Attached is a picture that OTT sent me (for the Elite II), which is under the drivers side (bed) access panel.
  16. I could not find which fuse under the dinnette was for the CO/Propnae detector so I contact OTT. I was told by OTT that the CO/Propane detector is connected to the LP fuse in my 2018 Ollie.
  17. A couple of years ago, I attached a few picture fames to the inside of the Oliver using velcro strips. I must admit that the velcro strip to the back of the picture frame does not provide a good smooth surface for attachment. The velcro strips worked great for a time, but with the hot summer temperatures, the strips attached to the pciture frame come loose. I could probably supper glue the strips to the back of the picture frame (if the super glue would work on the sticky back of the velcro), but there must be a better attachment device other than velcro strips, without making holes in the fiberglass walls. What is others using to attach their picture frames to the inside fiberglass walls? Thanks
  18. I got a couple of questions when installing the new Dometic Freshjet AC. 1. Did you have to modify the fiberglass opening and how was the new AC sealed so there was no leaks? 2. How was the condenate line reconnected? Do you have to disconnect the old condensate line from the old AC and reconnect the condensate line to the new AC? 3. Was the temperstate control box inside the old AC unit? Did you have to relocated it? Thanks
  19. is your inverter turned off? Are your getting a error message on your incoming power Progressive Industries monitor in the attic?
  20. Rivernerd: Good description. But, only the newer Olivers have the "Jack Point" decals!
  21. I agree with Topgun2. I never have the inverter on unless I need to turn on something that need 110 V and am not connected to shore power. Do you have a switch to disconnect the solar panels from the system?
  22. Funny you should show the bags you brought. My wife can not pack light. I will have one bag and a backpack. My wife will have 3 bags, a backpack and a large canvas carry bag. We hope the hurricane does not cause a lot of hardship. Good Luck out there.
  23. I use a paper towel holder that has suction cups, The best kind of suction cup has a handle that you screw in to make the suction cups grip harder and makes them more secure. I bought the "Hasko Accessories - Suction Cup Paper Towel Holder" which is Chrome Plated Stainless Steel on Amazon.
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