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  1. Sully: Did you need reservations at the CG you have and will stay at? How busy were the campgrounds? Do the campgrounds have electricty and/or water at each camp site? Thanks and have a wonderful time.
  2. Thanks SeaDawgI It was fun meeting old friends from past mini-rallys and now new friends.
  3. The New England Mini-Rally was held from June 5 through June 11, 2023 at a 125 campsite campground in Boothbay Maine. 28 Oliver Owner's from all over New England were in attendence. Wednesday was a Oliver Trailer Open House and 8 couples visited the CG and were escorted to see the Olivers on site by Phil Anderson, OTT Sales Associate. There was scattered showers on 3 of the days but the other 4 days were generally partly cloudy. The campground was located on a river inlet to the Atlantic Ocean. Cast Iron Cooking Demostration - June Leslie, OTT Owner # 258 Pot Luck Supper Shore Line Hike at Porters Preserve - Walk Leader Jamie Rines, OTT Owner # 610 Bird Walk Leaders - William and Nancy Cormier, OTT Owner # 1265 PRESENTATIONS: Boondocking 101 - Presenter - Phil Andrews, OTT Sales and Daughter Charlie Cermanic Coating Presenters - Colin Rafferty & Galvin Luthringer, CGI Restoration of Fish Ladder at Damariscotta Miles Dam - Presenters Mark Becker & Deb Wilson, OTT Owners # 685 Optimizing the use of the WiFi Ranger & SkyPro - Presenter David Caswell - OTT Owner # 509 What's New at OTT and Questions and Answers - Presenter Phil Andrews, OTT Sales Presentation Audience: CornHole Tournament & Campers around the fire pit Lunch at Robinson Wharf Boothbay Craft Brewery Tap House Tour & Happy Hour New England Lobster Bake at the Campground More Olivers A Porsche can pull Elite II's
  4. ELGR: I had my RAM dealer install a soft bed cover. I like it as I can roll it up toward the cab and put stuff in the bed that is tall. The cover is not 100% water tight and sometimes get a little damp at the rear of the bed.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Prior to buyng my Elite II, I had 3 different types of pop-up campers over the years (Apache & Colemans), I was going from small to big. So I found there was a lot more storage in the Oliver than in the pop-ups. Your horse trailer must have had more space then you knew what to do with, when traveling with no horses. I think you will find when you buy an Oliver there is sufficent storage for things you really need and anything else you probably really to not need to take with you. Plus there is more storage in your truck.
  6. Probalby best to check with the campground you are thinking of going to.
  7. Thanks all for your input. I think I will not buy either and stay with the old school system as Seadawg and AlbertNTerri indicated..
  8. I want to be able to see how much propane I have in my 30 lb tanks (instead of guessing) and am looking at either buying an in-line gauge for each tank line or purchasing the BMPRO LP Tank Smartsense Sensors like OTT installs. For those that have either system, I would like to hear your comments/recommendations for each. Thanks
  9. MAX Burner I checked out the fan on-line and see that it comes with different height extensions. What extension did you use? Did you find the model number from the box?
  10. As an update to my previous post, after a email discussion with Frank C, we noted that the existing wall was too thick to accept the specified barrel nuts and let the thumb screws go in straight. I contacted McMaster and they did not really have any good option with a barrel nut that had a larger gap, I took the vanity cover apart and removed the barrel nuts. I then used a grinder on the inside of the wall to make the area where the barrel nuts touched thinner. Using new barrel nuts, the installation was a lot better with the thumb screws going in straight so that the washer set correctly to seal off the opening. Hope this helps anyone that will be making this modification.
  11. I find that the McMaster barrel nuts have a thinner gap (thickness) than the thicker panel they go on. Trying to force them on the thicker panel makes the nut portion not straight on. This does not let the Thumb screw go straight in and thereby going in at a slant and is also very hard to engage in the nut. It likely does not seal the hole as the washer does not seat flat. Any ideas on correcting this situation short of make the panel thinner? Is there another type of nut that could be used? Thanks
  12. A few questions for people that have this device. What different items does the system monitor? The device can be monitored with a blue tooth connection on a smart phone. Do you need a cell connection or a WiFi connection to monitor on your cell phone? Do you just power the device with 2 wires (+ and -?) and what size wiring is necessary? Thanks
  13. If you contact Oliver TT, they will get you in contact with an existing owner in your area so you view their trailer and ask them questions.
  14. Go to any marine store having the size of the porthole with you.. West Marine if one is near you. If all that fails contact OTT. Also it would be helpful to people responding to you to include in your signature area or in your profile what year and model trailer you have.
  15. I was reading on the internet that in 2024 RAM 1500 trucks are likely to be discontinuing the 5.7 Hemi engine. They are talking about replacing it with the Hurricane 3.0 liter twin turbo V-6 (400 hp, 500 ft lb) engine. What do people think of this change? Will this engine be sufficient to haul my Elite II? Thanks
  16. When drilling through fiberglass gel coat, drill slowly so you do not chip the gel coat along the sides of the hole. Maybe even use a smaller diameter bit to make a pilot hole first
  17. Steve: Can you send me a copy of the video or let me know if it gets posted on the forum (or bring it with you in June). Thanks
  18. Yes, many people only use a small generator to charge their batteries. I use the OTT 30 amp power cord plugged into the generator. I bought a 30 amp to 15 amp converter plug as the generator only had 15 amp receptacles. You will also need a ground plug that is connected into one of the other generator receptacle to get the power into the OTT. I do not have Lithium batteries so I do not know what the minimum size generator you will need to charge the batteries. Someone else on the forum could give you that advice, or you could call OTT and tell them you only want a generator sized to charge the batteries. The external solar panel connection is only for remote solar panels. That connection goes directly to the batteries. The solar panel and batteries are both DC power. The generator puts out AC power through a DC to AC converter (I believe) in the OTT to charge the batteries.
  19. Mike: OTT did indicate that the battery management system and the DC to Dc charger were only a option but not necessary. Also the fuse panel was suggested to be replaced only if the person was gong to run their AC off the lithium batteries. Please let me know what Jason has to say.
  20. Lithium batteries cost more but are lighter then lead acid batteries. To change to lithium batteries, you would need to replace your existing 2000 watt battery charger with something like a Xantran Freedom XC 3000 watt inverter-charger, upgrade your battery cable wiring, add a battery management system, and potentially other devices like a DC to DC charger so your TV can charge the batteries while traveling. If you wanted to run your AC off the lithium batteries you would need to replace your fuse panel. This information is from a discussion I had with OTT service. If you want to stay with lead acid batteries, then I recommend Trojan ACM batteries. The ACM batteries are a sealed battery so you do not have to add water.
  21. After you think you have charged them to 100%, you can take them to a automotive parts store (NAPA, etc.) where they can test them under a load to see what their health is.
  22. When I bought my Ollie used, the previous owner gave be the tire covers he bought. I use them all the time when the Ollie is in storage (outside). They fit over both tires and I use bungee cords on the back side of the tires to hold them in place since we have a lot of wind in the winter. They do a good job of protecting the tires. The tires are still in good shape with plenty of tread and no signs of deterioration.
  23. James: I think that the important point, that others here have indicated is how the awning rolls up (retracts). 1. When retracting does the canopy coil up onto itself and not spool to the left or right? 2. Does it retract ok using the motor? If the canopy is not coiling up onto itself then the canopy needs to be manually slide to the left or right (when fully opened) so it will coil up onto itself. Good luck. This can be a pain in the b..t
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