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  1. SeaDawg: How do you get the forum members name (with blue shading) into a follow-up post, like you have in your post here? Thanks
  2. Very Impressive RAM. I did not see any solar panels on the RAM. Where are they located on the truck?
  3. Geronimo John: Thanks for Posting John Davies procedure.
  4. Sorry to bring this subject up again on the forum, but I want to find out what people are using to check the level in their LP tanks and if they use a measuring device. I myself initially decided to not get anything to measure the LP level in my tanks as I can just fill up the empty tank when I switch the valve over to the 2nd tank. But I keep coming back to this subject. (MaybeI I am a little bored over the winter.) There are tank gauges that you install in-line. There are also the devices you install on the bottom of the LP tank like from Mopeka. There are also hand held measuring devices that you scribe along the side of the tank to determine where the liquid level is inside the tank, such as: 1. Dometic makes a measuring device, model GC-100, $68.99 2. Truma also makes a similiar measuring device - $74.79 So my question is regarding only the two numbered devices above. For those that have used either of the devices, did they work ok and were you happy with the devices and would you recommend for purchase? Thanks
  5. I would suggest that only 150 lbs (including the box) be added. Same weight that OTT recommends for bikes and bike racks on the back.
  6. Toby I also have a 2018 Elite II. My procedure may not help you. But, after the Ollie wakes up from it winter's nap, I have trouble getting the Dometic refigerator started. I usually have to play with the on-off switch button, depressing the button multiple times and sometimes just holding the button in. So far, after a little time doing this the refrigerator finally starts and the lights on the control board come on. On another subject, in the future, you might want to add your year and hull # to the signature line, so people can see what Ollie you have and can help you better.
  7. What is the model of the PD Charger/Converter with the lithium ion charging profile with the remote display panel like you have (the drop in model you refer to)? I am guessing that you would need to buy both seperately. (I looked on the PD web site and there are a lot of different models available)
  8. Chukarhunter: Excellant explaination that hopefully everyone on this thread reads. Obviously you must have an electrical background and/or good working electrical knowledge. As far as the PROwatt SW2000 inverter wall panel in my 2018 Elite II, I have no inverter wall panel as you have described. The only PROwatt SW2000 inverter panel on the wall in my Ollie is the picture I have posted below. Could you post a picture of your PROwatt SW2000 wall panel in your 2020 Olilie, which may help others with that vintage inverter and how you described changing settings.
  9. @rich.dev I do not believe that for our 2018 Elite II (with my Hull 354) and Xantrex PROwatt SW2000 inverter and Wandering Sagebrush's (Hull 364) with the original Xantrex PROwatt SW2000 inverter (which he does not have now) has anyway to change the amp output. There is no Wifi type connection to that 2018 inverter to make that modification. This inverter was before Lithium batteries. If I am wrong, someone please correct me.
  10. SeaDawg uses a 1000 watt generator to charge their batteries. a neutral ground plug is REQUIRED. I use a 2000 watt generator (with the neutral ground plug) and I can run my AC. My AC has the reduced voltage starter installed. When using my generator, I need to shut off the circuit breaker to the inverter because it takes to much power when trying to run the AC. My hull # is 10 earlier than your hull #.
  11. I agree with Rivernerd. I bought a 30A female to 15 amp male adaptor. Have not used it in 3 years but good to have it and not need it. I also bought a 30 foot RV 30 amp cord so I can extend the Oliver provided cord for long distance to the power pedestal. You will need a adaptor in that case to plug both cords together. I use the extra cord at home because the distance from my OTT to the 30 amp plug at the house is a little longer than the Oliver provide cord will reach. Have not needed it yet at a campground but I take it camping just in case I need it.
  12. In comparision to other RV trailers I saw at the show and their (high) cost, the $100K for an Oliver is not that concerning to me. Glad I bought my Olllie 3 years ago though.
  13. Steph and Dud B If the sales person you talked to was a young guy (maybe 25-30 yo), that would be Tim's son, Nick. Tim and Nick are the sales people at Tim's RV, the new Massachusetts Oliver sales/service center.
  14. Hopefull the added insulation board is not a problem in keeping the area under the sink warm enough so the piping does not freeze.
  15. I do not have the type of Xantrex inverter/charger you have so I am not an expert. But what I have read on this Forum for quite awhile now is that it looks to me like you need to change the charger current setting. Tom and Doreen and rich.dev in the posts above explains what setting to change. if you have cell phone service where you are, I would download the app now and try changing the charger current setting as they suggest. Then try the generator again with the EMS turned on. Hopefully that will work. Do NOT forget to put the setting back to here it was when you are hooked up to shore power. Write down the existing setting before changing it so you do not forget the initial setting. If all else false, contat Xantrex (or Oliver) on Monday. Good luck and let us know how you make out.
  16. Yes to both. IMO the water pressure regulator is important as you never know what water pressure is going to be at a campground.
  17. I keep the Ollie outside in the winter here in Maine and the solar panels get sun most of the day (when the sun is out). The batteries are almost always at 100%. or close to it. If we get more than 3" of snow, I brush off the snow so the panels are always providing peak power. It seems that even with 3" of snow or ice on the panels, they are still providing some energy. When the sun is out, the panels warm up enough to melt the snow on the panels if it is not to deep on the panels. Even on cloudy days the panels are providing a small amount energy. Over the last 3 years of ownership, I have been very impressed with the solar panels on my Ollie. So much so that I am adding solar panels to the roof of my home.
  18. Being way up north, I always drain the Truma Water Heater, then shut of the valve to the Truma and add the RV antifreeze to the system. I use 2 gallons of antifreeze (have a compost toilet so do not add anything to the black tank) and use the procedure that Oliver University teaches us on how to winterize the system. The winterizing procedure only takes a hour or so and is the best insurance you can buy.
  19. Scott Oliver was at the Boston show, along with the locale dealer, Tim of Tim's RV. It was a great show and finding parking in Boston was not bad. Only had to park one short block away from the center. Tim will be at the Springfield RV show, but I do not know who else.
  20. Curious - If the Norcold is working fine, why did you replace it? i.e. What were the extra benefits that the Isotherm provided over the Norcold?
  21. Craig: Did you have to use new batttery cables when you did your upgrade or could you use use what was existing?
  22. Did you need to remove the door to get the old Dometic out of the trailer and to get the Nova Kool in? Did the new Nova Kool require the upper and lower vents on the OTT?
  23. Today I added two 4" vents in the closet (one low and one high) in the same locations that OTT is installing in the newer Olivers. Additionally, I added a 3" return air vent in the bathroom that vents into the underside of the forward dinette seat like OTT is now installing. I also added one 4" return air vent like Rivernerd recommended on the hall side of the forward dinette seat. I will be testing the heating system with these new vents later in the early spring, The real reason that I am adding to the post is becasue I wanted to share where I purchased these vents. I looked on Amazon for 4" vents, like some have suggested, to get a price. I then called OTT and got a price for their vents. The price that OTT is charging is substanitally less than Amazon's price. I purchased from OTT 3-4" vents and 1-3" vent for about the same cost as Amazon was charging for one 4" vent. IMO, for those with older Oliver's, that want to added return air vents, I recommend to purchase them from OTT and save youself some money. Plus my new vents now match what OTT is now installing.
  24. Hay Kirk: A couple pictures of your 2018 RAM 3500 conversion would be appreciated.
  25. Steve: I was referring to the return vents that OTT is now installing in the newer Ollie's. Any idea what the bathroom return air vent is on the wall between the bathroom and the dinette.
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