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Weight of Our Oliver Elite II


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During our recent 3 month 10,000 mile trip to the North East, we stopped in Raphine Virginia at the Pilot Travel Store and weighted our rig.  The procedure is to weight the total rig (3 zones), steer axle, drive axle, and trailer axle.  Then weigh again with the rig disconnected so the trailer axle zone is the trailer disconnected and the axles and front jack are all on the 3rd zone.  Then, you will have almost all the information you could ask for, including the tongue weight using a little math.  FYI, my cost was $11.00 for the first weigh session, the $2.00 for the second.


There was an discrepancy of 40 pounds between the two sessions, which is probably within the tolerances of the scales.


Session One:


Steer Axle          4,520


Drive Axle          5,180


Trailer Axles     5,880


Gross Weight  15,580


Session Two - Trailer disconnected:


Steer Axle          4,800


Drive Axle          4,260


Trailer Axles      6,560


Gross Weight    15,620


So, bottom line, total trailer weight loaded is about 6,560, the tongue weight is about 680 lbs, and the axle weight is about 5,880.  The easy way to calculate the tongue weight is the subtract the two different trailer axle weights.  You can also examine how much weight is added to the rear tires of the tow and subtract the amount reduced on the front axle of the tow.  (That calculates to 640 lbs, but remember the difference is weights due to tolerances.  So a safe guess is about 660 lbs if we split the differences.


This is fully loaded E2 with 4 flooded golf cart batteries, solar, extended twin beds, Honda generator in the basket, etc.  Fresh water tank full, black and grey empty.  So the tongue weight is about 10% of the total trailer weight.  The rig tows beautifully with no sway without any equalizing or sway controls.  The tow vehicle is a Dodge Ram 3500 diesel with the bed loaded.


Brad - Santa Fe, NM



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Thanks for posting. I have not weighed my trailer yet but intend to, sooner or later.


However I do have a 1000 pound hydraulic tongue scale and recorded similar numbers to yours, with much better accuracy, I am sure.


720 pounds with three full jerry cans on the cargo tray. (2 steel gas, 1 plastic water)


600 pounds with jerry cans empty.


This is for a II loaded for travel with full fresh tank only, no generator or other extra heavy cargo.


I do encourage owners towing with light duty vehicles to buy and use a tongue scale, this stuff is worth knowing. Those with HD trucks should not bother unless you tow other heavy trailers.


Caution: a tongue scale does not include the weight of your hitch coupler, be sure to weigh that separately and add it to the scale value! A big WD hitch with steel bars is darned heavy! ... But some of that weight is carried by the front axle.


Truck scales are not especially precise, they are good enough for commercial rigs weighing 20 tons....


Also, the type and number of batteries you have will have almost no effect on tongue weight since they are directly between the axles. Stuff loaded on the back bumper or tongue will, in a huge way.


John Davies


Spokane WA



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"Mouse":  2017 Legacy Elite II NARV (Not An RV) Two Beds, Hull Number 218, See my HOW TO threads: https://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/john-e-davies-how-to-threads-and-tech-articles-links/

Tow Vehicle: 2013 Land Cruiser 200, 33" LT tires, airbags, Safari snorkel.

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Brad, Thanks for posting weights.  Agree, like how Oliver balanced the Ollie.


Hope you don't mind me posting our rig weights, too!


We will carry up to 150 additional pounds of gear in the Tundra and 20 to 30 additional pounds of gear in the Ollie when heading out on a camping trip:


Here's results for our Ollie E2/Tundra rig without water in tanks and Tundra with two souls on board over 1/2 tank of fuel (38 gallon fuel tank):


Steer Axle: 3340 Pounds


Drive Axle: 3200 Pounds


Trailer Axles: 4480 Pounds


Gross Weight: 11,020 Pounds






Tundra with two souls on board with 20 additional pounds of gear and 72 additional pounds of gas compared to Tundra's weight with Ollie. Tundra was about 6088 pounds when weighed with Ollie on previous day:


Steer Axle: 3560 Pounds


Drive Axle: 2620 Pounds


Gross Weight: 6180 Pounds






Ollie weight 4932 pounds


Tundra weight 6088 pounds


Backed into tongue weight of 452 pounds from above weights, plan to order a tongue scale next.





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Tundra LE2


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