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What are you listening to? Video Thread


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4 hours ago, Patriot said:

Dickey Betts really does a fine job in this acoustic version.


Just saw Duane Betts and Devon Allman at the Ryman . Duane is his fathers clone lick for lick. It was a great concert.

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On 3/10/2021 at 8:01 AM, Airedales said:

Oh Yea!.... Nothing says long road trip like a little "Trombone choir"...😂...I'm Fired up now..ready to go!...Oh wait.. where's my vaccine?.. Man its been a long winter

Yeah I don’t know about trombone choir. Everyone knows that jazz flute is what gets you to the destination.


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Larry Carlton...A very underrated guitarist.  And Steely Dan was ahead of their time.  Lots of fantastic musicians played with them.  

Overland, I'm trying to find some stuff that's a little less "sleepy" which I posted a lot of yesterday.  I really like Neko Case by the way.  Spent a lot of time last night listening to her.  


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