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I used most all of a bottle of Rejex a couple of years ago.  I found it hard to apply and even harder to wipe off.  The protection seemed okay and I was getting beading after washing or rain.  When it came time to wax again I went with Maguires Boat and RV wax.  Easy on/off.  So far I can’t tell much difference in protection.  For ease of application I’m going to stay with the Maguires.  Mike

Mike and Carol | Fair Oaks Ranch, TX | 2016 Elite II #135 | 2020 Ram 2500 Laramie 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel



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Here's a photo of what I was talking about.  Upper part waxed with Rejex, lower not waxed at all.  It's not like it's sheeting off either, just holding onto the water.



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I tend to agree about the superior protection you get with a quality marine paste wax.


I store my Ollie outdoors all year. Two or three washes and two waxes a year, one in the Spring and the other in the late Fall.

By the beginning of Spring, my trailer is a little green around the edges here in the NW. A month ago, after a quick wash before a future Oliver customer came by to have a look, the water still beaded up like it was just waxed after being out all Winter. Yes it's a bit more elbow grease to apply paste wax, but not that much. I have had no issue cleaning off bugs, tar, road grime, or whatever with a quality paste wax underneath. I personally really like Collinite Fleetwax, but I'm sure the others mentioned here are good as well. I also use a WHITE 3M scotch-brite pad, along with a sponge when I'm soaping down my trailer before I wax. The white pad is the equivalent of  1200 grit sandpaper. It has just enough tooth to cut through the tough stuff without affecting the natural shine of the gelcoat. It leaves the trailer smooth (no small embedded particles) and very clean, almost like it was clayed before a paint job. This has worked very well for me.








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My two cents,


I use the Meguiar's G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax and the Meguiar's G17220 Ultimate Compound on my truck. After a thorough clean and polish I put the Rejex on the Ollie this winter.  I've washed my truck 4-5 times since last wax,  and the Ollie 3 times since taking it out of the garage - 1500 road miles and a month or two outside.   Today I washed them both -   I cannot see any real difference on the water beading, cleaning, black streak removal, or otherwise.  Both look great.


Given that, I'll probably use up the remaining bottle of Rejex on the Ollie, and go from there. It is harder to apply - that is for certain, I may experiment with the  Duragloss products when the Rejex is done. In the areas where  I know I've probably put two or more coats of Rejex on the Ollie, the product is performing very well. (the front areas).



Cindy,  Russell and  "Harley dog" . Home is our little farm near Winchester TN

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Having picked up our Ollie on 6/24 and spend a week heading home to Michigan I spend a great deal of time cleaning the Ollie and removing the bugs. I have been a fan of the Starbrite Marine polish for years. After getting it clean I applied a coat of this product to the trailer and was extremely pleased with the results. This stuff removed any stains left from the trees and leaves on the fiberglass, and shines as well as any of the other products in this post.


Here are some pictures but its overcast here. I think this is as good as the other products in this post and it just give you another option. The application is easier than paste wax. sorry about the pictures











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Elite 11 delivered  June 24, 2019.  TV 2019 Chevy 2500 Duramax.  First fiberglass hull that does not float, swapping white wake for a black ribbon. Hull number 482. We are happy campers

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We've had our travel trailer since January 2019.

Other than taking it home (Northern Kentucky, near Augusta) we've never taken it on a camping trip due to illness.

We've left it outside since early Spring and we were dismayed to discover black stripes all over, just like Overland showed.

We've run through the gamut of detailers, finally settling on Duragloss 923, which removed most of the stripes but still left a feint black shadow.

As BackofBeyound reported, none of the detailers were effective in removing these stripes from the white plastic window trim.

In desperation I read this thread again and noticed a suggestion by Underdug to use a product called "Roll-Off".

I ordered a bottle and it effortlessly removed the black stripes from both the gelcoat and the plastic window trim.

I mean effortlessly: squirt, wipe, done.

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