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Tire pressure confusion - Legacy Elite 2 POLL

John E Davies

LE2 Tire pressure   

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  1. 1. Please answer any or all that apply

    • Does your trailer have a Tire Pressure Placard that shows a DIFFERENT value from 80 psi? If so please post a picture here.
    • My tires are set to 80 psi
    • My tires are 60 to 79 psi
    • My tires are 50 to 59 psi
    • My tires are less than 50 psi

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On 8/20/2022 at 11:16 AM, John E Davies said:


Mine shows 65psi, but then again, it looks like my labels were made on a late Friday afternoon. Missing tire sizes and incorrect GVWR and GAWR ratings. Edit- And even "V.I.N" is spelled incorrectly. 😄



2010 Elite II, Hull #45

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On 8/22/2022 at 6:28 PM, John E Davies said:

Only by referring to the manufacturer’s load chart was he able to determine the ideal pressure for his new set of LT 10 ply tires. He decided on 67 psi for his 9000 pound AS.

Correct, and the best way to determine this is to WEIGH your trailer unloaded and fully loaded for travel. When I ran Goodyears on the Airstream I was happy to see they produce a comprehensive chart each year for their RV "Special Trailer" ST tires.

I recommend the CAT SCALES app for your phone. When you go to the scales, open the app, put in the number and drive on. Once your weight is taken, you will get a notice on the app and an email with your scale certificate. It will show total trailer weight, rear and front TV weight and combined weight. Compare these to what your tire chart states for your trailer and TV and adjust accordingly.  There is NO one-pressure-fits-all answer.  55 psi is probably a very good choice for the current tires given the "likely" loaded trailer weight.

GREAT CONVERSATION, this definitely needs to be understood by everyone who tows!





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Brian and Brandelyne

Paris, TN

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On our 2018 OE2, I run 50 PSI on highway and 30 PSI on unpaved roads.

It would be useful to know if others are doing something simular.

BTW, having a Dewalt 20V air compressor on board makes my life SOOOOO easy now.  


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9 hours ago, Geronimo John said:

On our 2018 OE2, I run 50 PSI on highway and 30 PSI on unpaved roads.

It would be useful to know if others are doing something simular.

BTW, having a Dewalt 20V air compressor on board makes my life SOOOOO easy now.  


I will air down to about 35 psi on the trailer if it is really nasty potholed rutted for a long distance. But folks need to be aware you have to air back up immediately when the speeds get back up to normal. Sometimes it may be hard to find a trailer sized pullout when you get back to a highway…. Keep that in mind too. 

John Davies

Spokane WA

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On 10/20/2022 at 10:30 AM, Hokieman said:

I just submitted a Service Ticket requesting a newer decal with 55 psi tire pressure recommendation.   I also recommended all previous owners be sent a decal, and a tech services bulletin to explain why.   Others might wish to do the same, perhaps OTT will respond to our request.

I finally got a response to my ticket from 10/20/22 yesterday.  The request for a replacement decal was denied with a polite note explaining that the tire pressure on the trailer at time of production met the production tire specifications.   They recommend I consult OEM tire manufacturers specifications for the loaded trailer weight.   Which is exactly what many of us have already done, and the reason I have been running 50 psi since Delivery Day.   The ticket was closed. 

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“Ramble” - 2021 Legacy Elite II #797;  2020 Ford F-250

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