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    Per Bill's (Topgun2) recommendation I just switched to Duragloss products this year. I just finished inside and out last week and the trailer looks great. Time will tell how it holds up. Mixed 4 parts 923 to 1 part 952 in a spray bottle and did the inside using a microfiber cloth. Only took 15 minutes for the inside. The outside 501 is just like waxing with any other wax except I did wipe everything down a second time just to get a polished look. So far I am very happy with it. [attachment file=20190318_114259(1).jpg]
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    My cheap telescopic ladder needs a crowbar to extend some of the rungs. One day I was cleaning the solar panels and the rung was not locked into place. I dropped like a rock and tore off the porch light. Funny thing is I checked or so I thought I did ensure it was locked... Wrong!
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    I am also now the proud owner of an Oliver Elite, after a 4 month gestation period Ollie #431 is officially out of the nest today!:Stage 1; Hohenwald TN to Culpepper VA. AM voyage 3/29/19 from Culpepper to a temporary roost in MD. Then north to the NY Finger lakes (Infinity and beyond!) for the spring/summer and early fall. The walk about begins! Thanks to all contributors on this great site! John Davies...love your posts and advice..thanks!
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    My wife and I have been enjoying our Casita for 5 years now taking an annual 3 week trip plus various long weekend trips. Our only complaint has been the bed size. Near the end of our most recent Casita trip we traveled through Hohenwald last week to take a look at the Oliver. My better half, who originally was not real happy when I surprised her 5 yrs ago with a camper (Casita) in the drive way insisted that we plop down a deposit. We are now scheduled to take delivery of a new LE2 in mid August. Probably the one driver that made us go ahead and commit was the quality of the plant tour lead by Phillip Andrews. He is extremely knowledgeable, showed a genuine passion for his product and was straight up and honest. Thanks Phil. My retirement should happen next year which will lead to a lot more camping/traveling time. We hope to see many of you down the road. Steve & Missy
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    I have to disagree again John. Being a contractor one of the most common accidents reported to OSHA are ladder accidents. Over my many years in the trade I have seen lots of serious ladder accidents many that were caused by cheap or overloaded ladders. I have a friend that fell 2' off the second step and shattered his foot and leg. One of my employees fell 20' on a extention ladder collapse and is disabled for life. Ladders are not the place I would suggest saving money. It only takes one time and you could be crippled for life.
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    I know this probably isn't what you meant, but if someone is going to get a telescoping ladder like many of us have, it's not something you'd want to cheap out on. What you're getting with a telescoping ladder is compactness rather than a bargain; and since the price of failure is rather high, absolutely buy the best quality one you can find. I went with the taller 12.5' Telesteps model for added rigidity, and also got the 300lb rated model. I'm happy with it - it weighs an extra 5 lbs over the 10' 250 lb model, but it barely deflects at all when I'm on it and feels very solid, so I think it's worth it. I wrapped some foam around the rungs that I don't use, which both protects the trailer and tells me where to start extending it. And of course like all the telescoping ladders, it takes up the awkward space in the back of the closet pretty efficiently.
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    Just to say I remain a HUGE fan of the Werner convertible ladders. If you will be on the road a lot and have room in the bed of the truck this is a great choice. I quit carrying mine when I switched from a pickup to an SUV. I replaced it with a less bulky cheap telescoping ladder in the closet. There is no comparison in quality, features and most importantly stability. I continue to use and enjoy the Werner around the house. You wouldn’t regret this one..... https://us.wernerco.com/products/ladders/multi-ladders/MTIAASeries/MTIAA-13 The box stores have them on sale for 20% off every now and then. Home Depot has it now for $115. If you decide to remove that pesky water seal under the awning, you can lash the extended ladder to the awning cover with rope, with a towel for padding, and it makes for a rock solid roof access. No more nagging worries about going up top and hearing your ladder fall over .... ! When used as a step ladder, the blue plastic knobs protect the side of the trailer from scratches. John Davies Spokane WA
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    Ok I promised an update on my Truma Instant hot water heater. First I want to acknowledge that Jason was instrumental in helping me get this issue resolved. Without his involvement i probably would still be fighting windmills. First, Oliver does I’m fact fill out the paperwork for the extended one more year of warranty so it’s covered for two years I only had mine at the time 14 month and thought I was out of warranty. ‘I explained to Jason that on the Truma official YouTube there was an video that explained the proper winterizing procedure and in fact it was explained by a Truma engineer. It said nothing about removing the filter and in fact the video has the engineer putting the filter back in. I also mentioned that their manual doesn’t say that you need to remove the filter or else the warranty is voided. It recommends that it should be removed. So with these facts Jason contacted Truma and the response that they gave was that because the video was outdated but it was on their YouTube channel they would honor the warranty and replace the unit with a new one. So I went to the authorized Truma dealer with my claim number to make sure he was aware that Truma was picking up the cost and installation. He couldn’t believe me and stated that he had replaces 4 units with the same issue and that Truma had not honored the warranty due to improper winterizing. A call to Truma confirmed to them that they were in fact picking up the cost. The morale of the story is that if you have as issue, read the manual watch the videos and then fight for your claim. And also it’s good to have Jason to help along the way. If I had just accepted the word from the Truma dealer, which I don’t doubt he was working on his knowledge from Truma, I would have paid over 1200.00 dollars for the repairs One last word.... You do need to remove the filter for winterizing the unit. Maybe Truma will remove the outdated video and put one up that explains it better.
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    I did this a couple of years ago when I bought the 3/4 ton diesel. It has a 2-1/2” receiver so I thought “why not?” The hitch I’m using now is rated at 20,000 pounds. That ought to handle my overweight Oliver nicely.
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    A sign from the past, I guess they didn't have stabilizers back in the old days to help with wind and trailer movement, trainman
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    RB: As a Professional Engineer, I can assure you that your wife's opinion is structurally correct. With each additional support point under the frame, the less flex the hull will have with variable loads. This is true all the way up to having the hull sitting on a concrete slab (An infinite number of support points). I'm 240 pounds and like Overland do not find the flex objectionable... probably due to my past boat life. However, if your wife feels it is, I recommend adding two additional supports. That said, I would not do it as pictured. Rather simply get two half ton screw jacks and don't attached them to the hull. This would provide the same amount of "domestic tranquility" and would not be a permanent eyesore.
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    I only extend a jack if I need to level the trailer, I try very hard to get it positioned flat so that isn't needed. The only time I have felt a need for extra support is when there are very gusty side winds, they will shake the trailer noticeably and it can be irritating. Try raising the trailer a couple of inches further all around (take more weight off the springs and tires). Make VERY sure your awning is retracted if it is windy. Or try a pair of these ... My best suggestion is get used to it, it is a 3 ton trailer not a house, it will never be rock steady. John Davies Spokane WA
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    It doesn't bother me - I notice it on occasion, but it's not something either of us have ever commented on to the other. But a few people have posted about it, so it can be an issue for some. I've seen one Ollie with scissor jacks installed at the front corners. To me, they looked like a disaster waiting to happen, but to each his own. If the rocking really bothers you and you're willing to be super careful, then I guess it's a potential solution. Personally, I'd lean toward something portable maybe, or at least something that couldn't damage the frame if it got hit. I'd suggest that you give it a few more trips before deciding. Over time you'll probably get used to it, sort of like being on a boat, if a few orders of magnitude less so.
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    I guess that I'm the wrong guy to ask - I rarely put down either of the two rear jacks. Of course, I am usually in there by myself but even when there is one or two additional people I've not noticed any objectionable movement. Bill p.s. I totally realize that the above comments don't mean a thing - if Mama ain't happy then nobody is happy!
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    After making my wife the first cutting board and shower mat for our Oliver over 2 years ago, I have made over 90 to date. I never thought so many of you would appreciate my craft and I thank you all. In that time, I have used 2,500 board feet of mahogany and with the need for another shipment of lumber I will be increasing my prices as the price of mahogany lumber has gone up. If you have an order in my queue you price will NOT increase, including those who ordered and are picking up their Olivers in 2020. New price for cutting boards increases from $75 to $85 plus shipping. New price for shower mats increases from $189 to $199 plus shipping. If I can craft a cutting board or shower mat for you, please email me at 48ocean@gmail.com
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    Dear Owners, On March 11th, we stated that we were looking into this and here's what we have come up with so far and there will be more to follow: First of all, we’d like to express how much we appreciate any owner who voluntarily shows their travel trailer to others who show an interest. We acknowledge your contribution as being a large part of our success. However, this is a voluntary program and if at anytime an owner feels there is too much risk, they should withdraw from the program. Regardless of whether you take part or not, we appreciate you. Both our attorney and our insurance agent have indicated to us that since we do not have any control over the owner, their trailer or their premises it is not a risk we can insure against. We are working to create a “hold harmless” agreement that we can put into the terms and conditions that folks agree to on our website when they request a field visit. The value of such an agreement will be limited in terms of how much protection it may provide due to the fact that there are so many variables in the potential circumstances and the laws governing liability vary from state to state. Once we have the hold harmless in place, we will post it here. Commercial insurance, which we carry, covers our employees and products but not our customers. We did ask if there was a rider available and were told not at this time. Regarding your personal liability there has already been a lot of discussion here so it doesn’t need repeating. You should check with your carrier to see what coverage you have if this is a concern as people come and go from your property every day for any number of reasons. Again, thank you for all of your contributions, we are looking forward to seeing you at the rally and we can discuss this further there if anyone comes up with anything else.
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    Corcomi, fwiw, I've never had a manufacturer give me a hard time about parts and warranty labor, and I have never filled in a warranty card for any if the equipment. Norcold, Dometic, Alterra, Fantastic, among others, simply asked for proof of the date the rv went into service. Including the second year from Norcold, Alterra, and Dometic. Some were parts only, but went beyond the one year that Oliver wraps. Truma could be different, but I would doubt it. I think the cards are more for people who buy assemblies as replacements. Even then, a receipt has been enough...in my experience. Hang in there. Most of these manufacturers really do care about their reputation and goodwill in the marketplace.
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    My wife and I have recently returned from Hohenwald to visit Oliver and participate in the factory tour with Phil Andrews. We had seen the many video reviews and tour video, but there was a great benefit in being there in person. We have a build date of May 24th, 2019, for our LEII. We will need to purchase a TV before we head to our summer home in PEI, Canada so we would be interested in feedback about your experiences with your TV, but will post our questions in the appropriate forum. We are happy to be part of the Oliver Family.
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