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Camping humor!😂

Mike and Carol

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We have just the solution for deer and it’s the best homemade chili we have ever enjoyed. Blessed with an amazing season last year with a total of (5) in the deep freeze. That is our deer 🦌  story and we are sticking to it. 😄 



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On 10/16/2021 at 11:00 AM, Mike and Carol said:


This happened while camping at a State Park in Nebraska, guess this could be classified as meeting your neighbors. True story.

When we set up in a new campground, I like to go for a walk checking out the campground, restrooms, and laundry if the campground has one. The campground was about 1/2 full and had already been told there was also a national camping group meeting there, too.

When I tried to inspect the laundry room, the door was locked. After trying a couple times, saw a couple on the floor. They got up putting their clothes back on and opened the door apologizing to me. I told them no problem, sorry I bothered them.

  Told Debbie what happened and she said we wouldn't be using that  laundry room to wash anything, will wait until we find another one. 🙂


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2 hours ago, rideandfly said:

I told them no problem, sorry I bothered them.

Certainly better than trying to talk to a couple of deer doing the same thing in that laundry?

Speaking of which - does a male deer say, "yes, dear" to a female deer?😏

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I know this is a few weeks old, but I just had a read.  I'm literally laughing till I cry, what a great story (and an education)!  
Many thanks for the story.

It was nice to meet some of you folks at the Rally.  Chris/Duke, we're the Elite 1 folks that were next to you.  Hopefully see you next 
year too, we're planning to be in the same spot next year.  Looking forward to saying hello to the pups again.

Safe travels all.

Lee & LInda

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On 5/12/2022 at 4:21 PM, SeaDawg said:

NPS put this out on social media, in a humorous attempt to make more people aware of the dangers. Every year, we see reports of folks trying to interact or take selfies with wildlife, with disastrous and sometimes fatal results .

None of us, I'm sure. Screenshot_20220512-161807_Chrome.thumb.jpg.6dc031e1e2c4d3fc005a2681076fc993.jpg

This young woman obviously didn't read the rules, or heed the posters. Certainly not funny. 

I hope she survived.  Its every darn year. Photo ops don't trump life. 



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26 minutes ago, Mike and Carol said:

There’s another camping humor thread that has some of the same funnies.  Should we merge them?

Good idea!

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