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Delivery day advice

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School is out forever! Today was my last day of teaching, and I’m beginning my retirement tomorrow. My husband and I purchased an Elite II, and will be picking it up on June 26. What advice do you have for us on delivery day? What items are must-haves for pick up day? I should mention we are new to camping so even basic advice is appreciated! Thanks! 

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Congratulations on retirement!! and welcome to the Oliver Family!! Going through the videos and literature in the Oliver University is a great place to start. A good set of rubber wheel chocks are a must and a set of X-chocks are helpful, nice pair of work gloves, a set of OX Blox, will all come in handy. Also getting some "dog bones" for the electrical hookup can come in handy so you can plug your power cord into sockets with different plug configurations. If you're getting the composting toilet then you'll need some coconut coir to get started


Otherwise, mostly less is better, you can always pick stuff up as you see the need for it, also there's a Walmart and Tractor Supply within a couple of miles of the OTT hatchery so most of the stuff you NEED can be picked up once you arrive. 

here's some links. Happy camping, hope to see you on the road!!


OX BLOX: https://myoxblox.com/products/ox-blox-trailer-jack-block?variant=40142725349582

X-Chock: https://www.amazon.com/X-Chock-Wheel-Stabilizer-Handle-28012/dp/B002XLHUQG

Chock blocks: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KBDXV5N/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?_encoding=UTF8&aaxitk=07fc3ca7ec09edf448ec676e284045a3&content-id=amzn1.sym.cd95889f-432f-43a7-8ec8-833616493f4a%3Aamzn1.sym.cd95889f-432f-43a7-8ec8-833616493f4a&hsa_cr_id=9916698050301&pd_rd_plhdr=t&pd_rd_r=1effbf6a-4da1-4856-86db-8988933de586&pd_rd_w=HBLd0&pd_rd_wg=CozHp&qid=1685674425&ref_=sbx_be_s_sparkle_mcd_asin_0_img&sr=1-1-9e67e56a-6f64-441f-a281-df67fc737124

Dog Bone addapters: (just an example, make sure to get the correct ends)


coconut coir: https://www.amazon.com/Harris-Coconut-Coir-Pith-Bricks/dp/B08ML1STTH/ref=sr_1_2?hvadid=580651732311&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9029069&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=7016637740682253726&hvtargid=kwd-438033878099&hydadcr=27824_14517113&keywords=coir+plants&qid=1685674704&sr=8-2





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Albert & Terri Sterns

Paonia, Colorado

Elite II Hull #1125 Standard Floorplan / 2017 Ford F250 gas

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This was our first travel trailer, had only tent camped many years ago with the kids. Being new to all this and alittle nervous when we actually picked it up and then out on our own I figured it might be a good idea to video the delivery. As they went over all the options and how things worked on the trailer I had my wife video all of it.

We stayed at the Oliver campground Friday and Saturday checking things out then went to spend a night at Davey Crockett with eventually ending up at a COE campground in Mississippi. 

During our initial trip(s) we would look at each other and ask, "what did he say about that" and would just go look at the video.


Don't be afraid to ask all the questions you have. The delivery folks at Oliver were very understanding.

Good Luck and Safe Travels !!

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Vincent, Ohio | 2022 Elite ll, Hull #1182, 2014 Ford F150 3.5L EcoBoost, Max Towing PKG


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Welcome to the OTT Family!  Be sure to refer to the forums for virtually anything Oliver-related - its simply a wealth of information, experience, and friendship.  Working with the folks at the factory and supplemented with support from the forum forms a base of knowledge for you to handle just about any conceivable issue.  Enjoy the ride... it will be a life-changer as you're entering into retirement!   😎

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Art, Diane, Magnus & Oscar (double-Aaarrf!)

  • 2022 TUNDRA
  • 2017 LE II; Hull #226 "Casablanca"
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Welcome to the forum.

My wife and I retired a couple years back (she was a teacher too) and bought an Oliver.

We created a blog to help our family see various campgrounds, trip logs and provide tips for them and other Oliver owners.

Here’s the link to Galway Girls (Hull 505) Blog:


At the top and bottom of the blog are links an Amazon "Oliver Outfitters Guide".  That guide is a list that’s been made for great Oliver gear along with comments from Oliver owners that describe how it fits or works in and Oliver.  

Oliver Outfitters Guide on Amazon

Craig & Rose

Hull 505 - Galway Girl

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2019 Elite II (Hull 505 - Galway Girl - August 7, 2019 Delivery) 
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Inverter/Charger: Xantrex 2000Pro 

Travel BLOG:  https://4-ever-hitched.com



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11 hours ago, Lori Engel said:

What advice do you have for us on delivery day?

Never disconnect the trailer from your tow vehicle unless the trailer wheels are well chocked first.  We use rubber chocks on the downhill side of the trailer tires, as well as X-chocks, before removing the trailer coupler from the hitch ball.

Don't ask me why this became such an important rule for us...

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Hull #1291

Central Idaho

2022 Elite II

Tow Vehicle:  2019 Tundra Double Cab 4x4, 5.7L with tow package


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Congratulations on your retirement! My wife and I will be right behind you, leaving the profession at the end of the first semester of 2023-24.

Make sure you bring the correct ball hitch and some wheel chocks. (Chocking before unhitching is critical, as @Rivernerd said.)

Some levelers. We use Lynx "Lego" blocks but you can usually buy Anderson levelers at Oliver (although they might be cheaper elsewhere).

Bed linens and pillows.



Some basic tools (Harbor Freight has a decent little toolkit for $34: https://www.harborfreight.com/hand-tools/tool-sets/tool-set-with-case-130-piece-64263.html).

You can leave the whiteboard markers and gradebook at home!

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Stephanie and Dudley from CT.  2022 LE2, Hull #1150: Eggcelsior.

Tow vehicle: 2016 GMC Sierra 6.0 gas dually 4x4.

Our Oliver journey: Steph and Dud B's RV Screed

Where we've been RVing since 1999:


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AAA batteries (some of our remotes were weak / dead upon delivery)

flashlights including a strap-on headlamp

charging cords to be dedicated to the Oliver

outdoor entry mat

multiporpose cleaning spray and microfiber cloths for cleaning / wiping (and a roll or two of paper towels)

spritz bottle and vinegar (if you use the compost toilet

If you purchase the Anderson hitch from the factory, they will install / set it up, (you'll not need the big wrenches)

tire pressure gauge and pump capable of 60 psi or more

torque wrench, 1/2 inch drive capable of 120 ft-lbs

13 or 18 gallon kitchen trash bags

small level such as a torpedo level (used to gauge level (until you install levelmate or similar)

spare breakaway cable (you ain't going anywhere if this breaks, is lost or damaged)

spare hitch pin

hot pad / insulators as the epoxy granite cannot tolerate high heat

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Elite I  Hull 1352  

2021 Jeep Gladiator

Northwestern NC (retired)

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All good advice here. One thing I can add would be to video tape your walk thru at delivery. I found myself watching it a year or two later and found info I missed.

Ask a lot of questions and enjoy the experience.



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Legacy Elite I


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Push every button on your Oliver on delivery day. Take a few days to test the systems prior to departing the Hohenwald area. There are places to camp. Ask all the questions you can possibly think of and then ask more. Most importantly enjoy your delivery day, Oliver goes to great lengths to make it a really special day!



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2020 OLEII - Hull #634 aka-  “XPLOR”

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North Carolina 🇺🇸



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The most important thing I had was my trusty notepad. As I thought of things I needed I'd jot them down. I stopped at Wal-Mart once (or even twice) a day as I was on the road. It was a constant for the first couple weeks. You'll also get great ideas from the forums. For other than daily use type things I would add them to my Amazon basket on a continuing basis, then make a purchase every month or so. After two years I feel that I'm finally getting things set up how I want, but I still have things in my Amazon basket that I need to order. Enjoy!

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2021 Elite II #841, 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4, 3.0 diesel

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16 hours ago, Lori Engel said:

School is out forever! Today was my last day of teaching, and I’m beginning my retirement tomorrow. My husband and I purchased an Elite II, and will be picking it up on June 26. What advice do you have for us on delivery day? What items are must-haves for pick up day? I should mention we are new to camping so even basic advice is appreciated! Thanks! 

Congrats on your retirement!  I am closing in on that myself!  This was a great question to ask, I'm picking up my LE2 on June 20th, picking up some good tips here.  I already have the Harbor Freight wheel chocks and some leveling blocks.  Got some plastic dishes, sheets, pillows.  I got a Froli system for under the bed.  The excitement grows!!!

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2023 Oliver Legacy Elite II, Hull #1405, "Rocinante"  TV: 2022 F-150 5.0 V8 4x4

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We are so excited for your upcoming delivery. We just picked up hull 1390 and are delighted with our trailer. The folks at oliver are extremely kind and very helpful. I would strongly recommend spending a night or two at Oliver. We did and found it to be very enjoyable.  If you do be sure to bring some camp chairs and especially bring some latex or nitrile disposable gloves if you will be emptying your tanks at Oliver bf you leave. We found these series of videos on storage options by Katjo on this forum or Kathy Adams to be extremely helpful for storage bins, baskets etc, but those things can be done at your leisure. Happy Trails. 

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Robert and Cheryl, Louisville, KY, Legacy Elite II Hull #1390 Oliphino, TV F250 Tremor

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Keep your carry list as short as possible,  as @AlbertNTerri suggested, imo.

Whatever you being, make sure you know how to use it. There's so much to learn about your new Oliver, you don't need another "learning curve" thrown into the mix. 

We camped one night near new owners. Their suv was so chockablock full, they couldn't find breakfast supplies, coffee maker, or paper plates. Way too much.

Label bins with contents. Pack the bins so stuff you'll need the first night is easily accessible.  (Bedding, clothes for a few days,towels, meds,  entry mat, rugs, bulldog collar lock, pot and pan, dishes/paper plates, silverware, bottle of champagne,  etc.)

If your TV is a pickup, as many of us use, carry a foldable two step footstool and a boathook or similar  to pull stuff forward. Saves some aggravation.

As @Patriotsaid, try EVERY button and system before you leave Oliver, or a close-by park . Even if it's 95, make sure you run the heater, and know how. If it's 32 degrees, don't skip the step of testing ac. 

You may want to just treat yourself to dinner out the first night. Most of the restaurants in Hohenwald are surprisingly good, for a little town. And Hohenwald people have been very friendly and nice to us, over the years.


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2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12

Florida and Western North Carolina, or wherever the truck goes....

400 watts solar. DC compressor fridge. No inverter. 2 x 105 ah agm batteries .  Life is good.




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All of the above is great advice. Recommend you have them fill your fresh water tank part way while it is still in the delivery area so you can run the pump and faucets before moving to the campground outside. Ask them to also remove and clean the water strainer near the pump as it will have accumulated plastic particles (ask them to show you how to do this yourself.  Pretty simple). They did this for me and there were a lot of particles that they removed which is better than you having to perform this task later down the road in a couple of days

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2021 Elite II, Hull# 898

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14 hours ago, Lori Engel said:

Thank you! Tomorrow is our delivery day and we are feeling underprepared, but your advice is reassuring! 

Its a piece of cake!

Relax and absorb all that you can.



2023 Ford F150 Lariat 3.5EB FX4 Max Towing, Max Payload, 2016 Oliver Elite II - Hull #117 "Twist"

Near Asheville, NC

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As you watch the Oliver videos before delivery date, jot down questions that you have according to category  (towing, fridge, quick connect, etc)  Bring your organized list of questions to delivery and ask them as each feature is explained to you on the day.

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"Creativity is the fun of putting together unexpected ideas."  Hazel Edwards

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